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NME Magazine (U.K.)
May 1998

    There is an Album Review in NME Magazine from 3rd May 1998.

    An interesting interview with Tori also appeared in NME magazine in May 1998. Read it here.

Dutch Television Magazine 'Veronica'
May 23-29, 1998

See a Tori photo feature that appeared in the Dutch Television Magazine 'Veronica' in the May 23-29, 1998 issue.

Orange County Register
May 8, 1998

Salt Lake Tribune
May 29, 1998
    An interesting article by the respectable J.D. Considine from the Baltimore Sun has been appearing in several newspapers across the country. For example, the article appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune on May 29, 1998, and appeared later in the Cincinnati Enquirer on July 17, 1998. Thanks to Kelly Stitzel and Kim for telling me.

Rochdale Observer newspaper (U.K.)
May 30, 1998
    Emma Taylor + Andy Tebbutt have kindly sent to me a review of Tori's May 21 concert in Manchester, U.K. that was printed in the "Rochdale Observer" newspaper on 30th May 1998. Read it on my Manchester Page.

Telegraph newspaper (U.K.)
May 22, 1998

Manchester Evening News (U.K.)
May 22, 1998

San Jose Mercury News
May 12, 1998

Visions Magazine
May 1998

    Toriphile Sabrina translated into English a Tori article that appeared in the May 1998 issue of Visions Magazine. At the moment, I forget what country this magazine is published in, though I believe it is Germany. Two photos of Tori were printed with the article, one was a full page of Tori sitting at the piano with longer and frizzier hair and her head thrown back slightly. The other pic is smaller with just her face, and is a more recent picture. I don't have these photos on the Dent.

    Read the Visions article.

The Observer (U.K.)
May 24, 1998
    Peter Bevan sent me a Tori article that appeared in the May 24, 1998 edition of The Observer newspaper in the U.K. The article includes a really nice photo of Tori.

    See the photo and read the article.

Entertainment Weekly
May 29, 1998

    Tori appeared twice in the May 29, 1998 issue of Entertainment Weekly Magazine (The issue had Frank Sinatra on the cover.) I would like to thank Toriphiles Nick Raafe, Rebecca, Bret Borgeson, Benjamin Mobley, Sariah Cumming, Nicole, Justin John, Anna Wolk, Turtlhead1, Kathy Martinez, Metrojoe, Katrianna and BrandNew2U, who also sent me a photo of Tori that appeared in that issue.

    The first is a quote from Tori in the lead article -- a tribute to Frank Sinatra. They have short quotes from a variety of artists, and Tori's says,

    "I played those songs in piano bars. You'd have people sitting around singing 'My Funny Valentine' and 'New York, New York.' [But] nobody could sing a song like him."

    Also, in the music section on page 75 there's a little column called My First Concert. It includes a short interview with Tori about her first concert experience seeing Elton John. There is a picture of Tori onstage performing with the caption "Key Moment: Amos took a piano lesson from John." The article is called "Really Big Shoe":

    Tori Amos will soon hit the road to support her rich, trip-hop-laced new album, from the choirgirl hotel, and inevitably the audience will contain more than a few awed kids taking in their first-ever show. Twenty-four years ago it was Amos -- then 11 -- who was the wide-eyed first timer when a friend took her to see Elton John at the Capitol Center in Landover, Md. --- Rob Brunner.

    "We were pretty little in those years, so we snuck down in front. I tried to get as close as I possibly could to watch his hands at the keyboard. I really loved it. It felt like I could just pull up a sleeping bag and sleep right there under his piano. I was a huge Zeppelin fan at the time, and it took me a while to get into Elton, just because 'Your Song' wasn't really my thing. I was into Jimmy Page. I wanted to be Jimmy Page. Elton was one of the few players I really, really, really spent a lot of time listening to. When you think about it, songs written like that on the piano were really unique; it didn't sound like anybody else. It wasn't copied or rehearsed. But my favorite thing about the concert was his shoes. He was wearing some ridiculous platform extravagance, something only a queen could wear. I have a love for shoes. I collect them. Race cars, paintings -- those aren't my thing. I just hang shoes on the wall. They're architecture, you know?"

The Daily Post (U.K.)
May 21, 1998

    A review of Tori's May 20, 1998 concert in Liverpool, U.K. appeared in The Daily Post in Liverpool on May 21, 1998.

    Read the concert review.

Italian Magazine Max
May 1998

Night Moves Magazine
May 1998

    Kim H. sent me this photo of the cover of the May 1998 issue of Night Moves magazine. This is a very thin, People-magazine sized free magazine outside of the Virgin Megastore's front door in Los Angeles. It's made of newsprint. Inside is a one-page article, again your basic Tori article of late, with the two black and white pix (one of which is the pic used when she was in People magazine's Most Beautiful People issue a while back). The magazine is about music and what's going on around town. The articles are mostly about people who've just released a new cd, and the ads are for local concerts.

British Airways Highlife Magazine
May 1998

The Sunday Times (U.K.)
May 24, 1998

    On May 24, 1998, an article about Tori and her mom appeared in The Sunday Times in the U.K. This is an incredible article where Tori talks about her mom and her mom talks about Tori. I found this really interesting reading. This is the first time that Tori's relationship with her mother has been detailed in such a manner. It is very honest and touching. In addition to reading the article on the Dent, you can also see the photo to the right larger, and a second photo from this article as well.

    Read the article and see 2 photos that were printed with the article.

The War Against Silence
May 21, 1998
    You can read a really wonderful album review by Glenn McDonald at the The War Against Silence web site. This review shows why so many other Tori reviews are lacking. This reviewer really gets into the heart and soul of the album before he reviews them. Included here is a good evaluation of how the mainstram media will misinterpret Tori's decision to use a band. This review is special and is highly recommended reading!

Baltimore Sun
May 6, 1998
    A great review of "from the choirgirl hotel" appeared in the May 6, 1998 edition of the Baltimore Sun newspaper. The review is by J.D. Considine.

    Read The Review.

The Times (U.K.)
May 22, 1998

    A review of Tori's May 20, 1998 concert in Liverpool, U.K. appeared in The Times on May 22, 1998.

    Read the concert review.

The San Mateo County Times
May 6, 1998

    A review of Tori's May 5, 1998 club show in San Francisco, CA appeared in the The San Mateo Times on May 6, 1998.

    Read the concert review.

Metro Times Detroit
? May ? 1998

    A review of Tori's April 29, 1998 club show in Detroit, MI appeared in the Metro Times newspaper in Detroit. I am not sure what date this review was printed.

    Read the concert review.

MTV Web Site Album Review
May 1998
    A album review of "from the choirgirl hotel" appeared on MTV's web site in early May 1998.

    Read the album review.

The Sunday Times (U.K.)
May ?, 1998
    There is an album review in a recent issue of The Sunday Times newspaper in the U.K.. Thanks to Nicholas for alerting me to this.

    Tori Amos: From the Choirgirl Hotel
    EastWest 7567830952, 15.49

    It's hard to imagine two more diverse events in a life than th two main influences on Tori Amos's new album: the miscarriage she suffered at the end of her last tour, and the remix of her song Professional Widow, which became such a huge hit last year. Amos has credited both with bringing her more closely in touch with rhythm, and it's rhythm that dominates Choirgirl Hotel. Gone (for the most part) is the girl alone at the piano: Tori recorded almost all the album live with other musicians and added synths and samplers to her repertoire. The live band feel comes through on tracks such as She's Your Cocaine - complete with the instruction "cut it again" at the end; digital beeps and squeaks underpin Hotel; and absolutely everything is layered onto the dense Raspberry Swirl. Her miscarriage also informs her lyrics on the moving Playboy Mommy and the single Spark; and yet, taken as a whole, Choirgirl Hotel is an uplifting experience. It's Amos's most accessible - and will probably be her most successful - album yet.

    by Mark Edwards

Tower Top Magazine (U.K.)
May 1998

    There was an album review in the May 1998 issue of TOWER TOP, a free magazine from Tower Records UK. Many thanks to Nicholas for sending it to me.


    There's a maturity about Tori Amos' new album that comes as something of a welcome relief. From The Choirgirl Hotel (East West)**** is less frenetic, less spikey and more cohesive than any of her previous albums. The anger is still there but it's now a slow-burning, deeply focussed anger which is both menacing and mesmersing. The loss of achild through miscarriage informs many of the songs with the lyrics talking of sacrifice and screaming in cathedrals and learning to love again. Starting with 'Northern Lad' (a love song to break a million hearts) the songs flow effortlessly, even though they are a strange fusion of huge percussion, smokey jazz feelings and Tori's signature vocals. It may not be as accessible as Little Earthquakes but it will handsomely reward a couple of listens.

    by Dee Pilgrim

    (PS. The album doesn't really start with Northern Lad... The article also features a small photo of Tori smiling)

    Also from a Tower adv. on the newspaper: "from the choirgirl hotel" is the new album from Tori Amos - one of the most strikingly talented songwriters around today. This, her fourth album, shows Tori approaching her music from a new angle, using compelling lyrics combined with pulsing beats to dramatic and sometimes disorienting effect. A passionate record which promises to be her biggest album yet. CD - cassette - vinyl 4th May 12.99 (sale end date 10.5.98 uk prices only)

Seventeen Magazine
? May ? 1998
    A recent issue of Seventeen Magazine (I am guessing the May 1998 issue but I am not sure...) has a short review of Tori's new album:

    by Fiona Gibb, Seventeen Online Music Columnist

    NEW THIS WEEK: From the Choirgirl Hotel, Tori Amos' fourth full-length album, hits stores May 5. Her best CD to date (and that's saying a lot -- I totally live for Under the Pink), Choirgirl marks a break from the usual Tori-plus- her-piano formula -- on the album's 12 tracks, the "Caught a Lite Sneeze" chanteuse is backed by a bunch of other musicians. This only adds to album's diverse sounds. Although tunes like the sweeping "Northern Lad" and "Spark," the album's first single, sound pretty much like classic Cornflake Girl, songs like "Hotel" and "Raspberry Swirl" show a techno influence, while others, like "She's Your Cocaine" reflect the classic rock roots that Tori's shown us before (on her "Crucify" EP, she covered Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, and also included a rendition of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit").

    But Tori fanatics, I mean, fans, fear not: Even with all Choirgirl's innovations, some things haven't changed. Tori's vocals are still breathtaking -- and her lyrics are as obscure and intriguing as ever. This is a must-have disc.

Addicted To Noise Article About Neil Gaiman
May 1998
    There is an article about Neil Gaiman which was posted to the Addicted To Noise web site. Neil mentions Tori quite a bit in the article. Thanks to Beth Winegarner for first telling me about it.

    Read the article at Addicted To Noise.

The Illinois Entertainer
May 1998
    There is an Album Review in The Illinois Entertainer in the May 1998 issue. There is also a review of Tori's club tour concert in Chicago, IL on April 30, 1998 available on the Illinois Entertainer web site.

    Read the album review.
    Read the concert review.

Addicted To Noise Album Review
May 1998

WOM (World of Music) Magazine (Germany)
May 1998
    The German record chain WOM (World of Music) has a respective magazine, and in the May 1998 issue, there's a one page pic of Tori, along with an article called "Happy panting from Cornwall".

Attitude Magazine (U.K.)
May 1998

    Toriphile Nicholas has sent me an incredible "must read" article/interview from the May 1998 issue of Attitude Magazine in the U.K. Tori says "She's Your Cocaine" is in a way a reference to her rock chick days, says that if any remixes are released for the new album, they will be remixed by her only, talks about the fame and the new album. Great Tori quote from the article, "Someone asked a friend of mine ' Hey do you and Tori wanna go see Scream 2?' and she said, 'fuck that, Tori lives this every night - she is Scream 2."

    Read The Article From Attitude.

Audio Live Magazine (Germany)
May 1998

    Peter and Carlo report that Tori is on the cover of Audio Magazine in Germany for May 1998. They describe the publication as a HiFi-Magazine which includes a cover story about Tori and her new album in the music section. There is also a short review of "from the choirgirl hotel" and they gave the album 4-5 ears out of a maximum of 5. The title of the article is translated as "The New Life Of The Piano Primadonna".

Elle Magazine
May 1998

    Marci Stevens reports that the May 1998 issue of Elle magazine contains a short but positive review of "from the choirgirl hotel." No photo was printed with the review. It said:

      The popular perception of Tori Amos is a kooky nature girl who talks to fairies. In fact she's an obsessive perfectionist -- and as "From the Choirgirl Hotel" proves, a studio wizard to boot. Her new songs are like mini epics, nearly operatic in scope, sound, and emotion ; by contrast, the lyrics are uncharacteristically direct and intensely personal.

People Web Site & Magazine
May ? 1998

    Toriphiles Daniel Bergquist and RBuurma report that a negative album review of "from the choirgirl hotel" appears in People Magazine. I am not sure what issue it appears in, but it is also on the People web site. The article was written by Steve Dougherty.

    Some talking points for parents of teenage Amos fans:
    As always, avoid further alienation by emphasizing the positive. In conversations with your child, note Amos's accomplished musicianship, her years of classical training, her soaring soprano, the complex structure of her songs. No need to mention that you find her music repetitive, boring, and in dire need of a backbeat. Pretend you can't understand everything Amos says - she slurs most of the bad words anyway - and if you happen to read the lyric sheet, shun sarcastic remarks about phrases like "Lollipop Gestapo" and "ice cream assassin." Discuss less obscure song on this CD, like "Jackie's Strength." It includes a line about "lunch boxes worshipping David Cassidy," a perfect opening for an anecdote or two about pop stars in your day. Or "Playboy Mommy," which actually has a story to tell. Above all, be convincing. The more you pretend to like this album, the less your kids will want to listen to it. (Atlantic) Bottom Line: A mess; don't linger here for long.

Washington Post
May 17, 1998

Chicago Tribune
May 17, 1998

"Radio Times" Magazine (U.K.)
May 16-22, 1998
    A small article on Tori was in the 16th - 22nd May issue of the UK "Radio Times" TV/Radio listings magazine. Thanks to Emma Taylor + Andy Tebbutt for sending this to me:


    Tori Amos is absolutely huge in her native USA. Fans run internet sites that analyse her autobiographical lyrics, speculate wildly on her personal life and even list the contents of her larder.

    In the UK she has a low profile; after all, female solo singers with a confessional bent are less scarce over here, and Amos herself admits to a huge Kate Bush influence. But her albums sell in respectable quantities, and last years dance remix of 'Professional Widow' brought her to a younger, more fun loving audience, a constituency she's keen to woo with her latest album, 'From The Choirgirl Hotel'. She'll be performing selections from that on the last in the current series of 'Later with Jools Holland' this week [May 22, 1998]; fans wishing to experience the Amos live experience can catch her on a full scale UK tour that runs until the end of June.

Orange County Register
May 15, 1998
    There is another Tori article in the May 15, 1998 edition of the Orange County Register called "A hunka burning Tori Amos" by Ben Wener. It concentrates on the devotion people have for her and the Dent is even mentioned in the article. I basically liked this article, though I strongly deny the line that says, "Whitehead apparently lives only to chart Tori's ever-changing course." I do have a life away from this web site Mr. Wener!

Ticketmaster's Live Daily
May 8-14, 1998

Rolling Stone
May 14, 1998

    Many people remember the very negative review of "Boys For Pele" that Rolling Stone published in January 1996. In fact, you can still read it on the Dent. It appears things will be very different for "from the choirgirl hotel." Ears With Feet Scotch and Brian Wong have informed me that Rolling Stone has a review for this album on their web site, and I am happy to report that they gave the album 4 stars! This redeems the magazine in my eyes. This lead review by James Hunter appears in the May 14, 1998 issue of the printed magazine (with Jerry Springer on the cover.) There is also an interesting cartoon drawing of Tori that accompanies the review.

    Read the album review and see the cartoon at the Dent.

Time Magazine
May 11, 1998

New York Observer
May 11, 1998

    There is a very strange article entitled "Tori on My Mind" in Peter Stevenson's music column in the May 11, 1998 issue of the New York Observer.

Houston Chronicle
May 10, 1998
    Read an album review that appeared in the May 10, 1998 edition of the Houston Chronicle in the Zest section.

Billboard Magazine
May 9, 1998

Entertainment Weekly
May 8, 1998
    There is an Album Review in Entertainment Weekly from May 8, 1998.

Sonicnet Music News Of The World
May 7, 1998

    A review of Tori's May 5, 1998 club show in San Francisco, CA appeared on the Sonicnet Music News Of The World web site on May 7, 1998.

    Read the concert review.

San Francisco Chronicle
May 4, 1998

The Seattle Times
May 4, 1998

    A review of Tori's May 3, 1998 club show in Seattle, WA appeared in the Seattle Times newspaper on May 4, 1998.

    Read the concert review.

Philadelphia Inquirer
May 3, 1998

    Two Tori articles were printed in the Sunday, May 3, 1998 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper in the Arts & Entertainment section. One article is about Tori herself and the other is about her fans. The article about her fans, called "'Tori-philes': An ultra-candid camaraderie" mentions me and several other Toriphiles, like Beth Coulter and Elizabeth Perry. The author of the article, Daniel Rubin, did his research well and has written what I feel is the best article about Toriphiles I have ever read. It is refreshing to see coverage about Tori and her following that is factual and truthful. I urge all of you to read these articles!

    Read both articles from The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Jam! Web Site
May 3, 1998

Los Angeles Times
May 3, 1998
    There is an album review in the May 3, 1998 edition of the Los Angeles Times in the Calendar section. Toriphile christ sent it to me:

    Record Rack

    A True Renegade Cavorts on Amos' 'Choirgirl Hotel'
    *** (3 stars) TORI AMOS "From the Choirgirl Hotel" Atlantic

    Portrait: Tori Amos is serious and disturbing on her new album.

    [I] s she a high-boil Kate Bush rip-off or a true renegade--a singer-pianist unafraid to cavort with fairies and howl with wolves? Sometimes Amos is simply both, someone capable of terrific, swooping highs and ungodly, muck-wallowing lows, a woman whose fever either mesmerizes or embarrasses. Before Fiona, there was Tori Amos: strong, passionate, womanly and weird.

    On her fifth album, Amos sticks with her recipe of undulating piano and strangely phrased lyrics, only this time she pumps it up with a little electronic trickery here and there, resulting in a complete mix of good and bad.

    The highs would be the heart-wrenching "Black-Dove (January)" and "Spark"--despite its unfortunate "she's addicted to nicotine patches" opening line. At the bottom of the barrel are the sappy and nostalgic "Jackie's Strength" and the cartoonish "Playboy Mommy."

    The rest of "Choirgirl" sways to Middle Eastern rhythms and throbs to snail's-pace dance beats. In the end, the electronic cha-cha of Amos' "Raspberry Swirl" outdoes most of the songs on Madonna's new album because, rather than doling out nice-sounding self-obsession, Amos actually takes on the serious and the disturbing. The result is a complete and baffling portrait of the artist as a flawed human being.

    * * *

    Albums are rated on a scale of one star (poor), two stars (fair), three stars (good) and four stars (excellent).

San Francisco Chronicle
May 3, 1998
    There is an Album Review in the May 3, 1998 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle.

New York Daily News
May 3, 1998
    An album review appears in the May 3, 1998 edition of the New York Daily News.

The Edmonton Journal
May 2, 1998
    There is an Album Review In The Edmonton Journal called "AMOS IS DANDY" from May 2, 1998.

Orange County Register
May 2, 1998 ?
    There is an Album Review In The Orange County Register from around early May. I think the exact date may be May 2, 1998.

Melody Maker (U.K.)
May 2, 1998
    There is a review of "Spark" in the May 2, 1998 issue of Melody Maker. Thanks to Emma Taylor & Andy Tebbutt and StealthDragon for sending this to me. This was reviewed by the group "Symposium", and NOT the paper itself. (Every week there is a different 'guest' reviewer) Symposium are a relatively new band, they've been doing stuff in the US as well as the UK. They also made "Spark" their "Single Of The Week":

    TORI AMOS "Spark" (East West).

    Straight off Kate Bush's soul-baring "Never Forever" album it may be, but she's still the only Tori worth bothering with. All the other songs are about Xmas.

    Ross: "She is just the best. This bloke who did our video got her to sign a photo for me. She's great. This is typical Tori, with a quirky odd bit before it goes back to being normal again. She was around when all that grunge stuff was really big - all loud guitars and people shouting - and her songs had the same effect on me as a loud grunge one. Even though it was just a woman with a quiet piano, there's something about her thats just as powerfull as Nirvana. She's sung stuff directly to me in the past, it's indescribable how much she means to me."

    Will: "I'm not a fan, but I ain't gonna cuss it 'cos Ross and Wojtek are obsessed."

    Ross: "Yeah, did you know Kate Bush does a song with her on the new album ! I'm really pissed off though, 'cos she's playing on my Birthday in June at the Albert Hall - and we're gonna be in Portsmouth. I'm hoping she might do one of the festivals, although it's not really her thing, is it ? "!

    Will: "It would be funny if it were raining at Glastonbury, and she was having loads of mud thrown at her..."

    Ross: "I'd jump up on stage and protect her! I'd go on with a big towel and rub all the shit off her piano. And I'd close the piano lid down - 'cos she has it open all the time, and mud might get in there."

The Irish Times
May 1, 1998
    There is an Album Review in The Irish Times on May 1, 1998. They make "from the choirgirl hotel" the album of the week.

The Guardian Newspaper (U.K.)
May 1, 1998
    There is an Album Review from The Guardian newspaper on May 1, 1998.

The Independent (U.K.)
May 1, 1998

Thanks to Mike Gray for this article.

    The Independent (Eye On Friday section, 1st May, P.17)

    From The Choirgirl Hotel

    This is the latest installment from Tori Amos's diary of pain and was prompted by her miscarriage. Or so the press release claims, since the lyrics contain fewer references to babies than a Pulp song about a wardrobe; for the most part, the songs seem to be random compilations of phrases too loosely edited together to sustain interest in their deciphering. The most direct lyrics is probably "Jackie's Strength", where the image of Jackie Kennedy is used as a beacon of female integrity, bolstering a teenage girl's first fumbling, anorexic attempts at sexual attraction. "If you love enough, you'll lie a lot / Guess they did in Camelot," reckons Tori in the album's sharpest lines. Unfortunately, they prove to be the exception rather than the rule in terms of clarity, most of the albm being awash with impervious images such as "Black dove, you're not a helicopter / You're not a cop out either," which cops out comprehensively when it comes to meaning.

The Daily Mail (U.K.)
May 1, 1998
    There is an Album Review from The Daily Mail on May 1, 1998.

The State News
May 1, 1998

    A review of Tori's April 29, 1998 club show in Detroit, MI appeared in the May 1, 1998 edition of the State News, a university newspaper in the East Lansing, MI area.

    Read the concert review.

She Magazine (U.K.)
May 1998

Mojo Magazine
May 1998

    Toriphiles Lucy Bennett and Richard both sent me an interview with Tori that appears in the May 1998 issue of Mojo Magazine in the U.K. Not only is there an interview, but they have a very nice review of Tori's new album, "from the choirgirl hotel."

    Read The Mojo Interview and Album Review.

Spin Magazine
May 1998

    Tori In The May 1998 Issue Of Spin
    Lizzy'In'Da'Bronx was the first to tell me that Tori appears in the May 1998 issue of Spin Magazine. This issue contains the "SPIN Top 40," a photographic portfolio of the most vital artists in music today. Tori is 17th on the list. There is a very intriguing photo of one Tori trying to free another Tori who is tied to a chair on page 96. The photo can be seen on the right and comes from Toriphile Nicole. Click on it to see a new larger version beatifully scanned by Richard Handal. Last year was #13. so she fell a few notches. There is also an important article that accompanies the photo. You can read a summary of the article now and later I will make the whole article available. Tori gives more details about her miscarriage and her upcoming new album.

    Read more details about Tori's appearance in Spin.

Q Magazine
May 1998

    May Issue Of Q Magazine; Read the Interview & See Photos From This Issue
    Paul Beech first reported to the Torinews mailing list that Tori is on the cover of the May 1998 issue of Q Magazine, and there is a major article about her.

    Read the article and look at the photos from Q Magazine.

Deluxe Magazine
May 1998

    Toriphile Lucy Bennett and StealthDragon Sam inform me that the May 1998 issue of Deluxe Magazine in the U.K. contains 2 pages on Tori. One is a question & answer interview with some interesting comments about drugs, pianos, etc, and the other is a beautiful pic of Tori wearing a shiny dark coat. Lucy and Richard have sent me the article.

    Read the Deluxe Interview amd see the photo.

Details Magazine
May 1998

    Rebecca Cox and Trent Vanegas have informed me that the May 1998 issue of Details Magazine contains a small review of "from the choirgirl hotel" and also includes a photo of the album cover. (Thanks Rebecca for the scan!) Read the review here.

Request Magazine
May 1998

    Toriphile Trent Vanegas made me aware of two articles on Tori that appear in the May 1998 issue of Request Magazine, available on newstands and for free at Sam Goody, Musicland and Media Play stores. The articles are labeled "underrated" and "overrated". These articles talk about Tori in general and do not cover the new album.

Launch CD-ROM Magazine
Issue #18

    Erin Dolll tells me that Tori briefly appears in the CD-ROM magazine Launch (Issue #18 with Paula Cole.) She briefly says "I'm not stupid" & "i'm over it." Dolll sends me this scan from the Launch appearance!

    Matt Myers adds that there is an interactive feature in this issue that features Tori Amos. It is on the East side of the city in Binky's Diner. Once inside Binky's click on the "Star Splicer" sign. There you can splice Tori's picture with one of these five male celebs: John Popper, Gavin Rossdale, Shaquille O'Neal, Robin Williams, or Matt Damon. There are also other female celebs (including Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alanis Morissette, and Minnie Driver) that you can splice with the male celebs.

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