Details Magazine
May 1998

Added April 5, 1998

Rebecca Cox and Trent Vanegas have informed me that the May 1998 issue of Details Magazine contains a small review of "from the choirgirl hotel" and also includes the photo you see to the right, which I believe is the album cover (Click on it to see a larger version of it. Thanks Rebecca for the scan!)

Tori Amos, From the Choirgirl Hotel (Atlantic)

Tori Amos is the madwoman in the attic of pop music. On Choirgirl, she marries the intimacy of confessional songwriting to the visceral punch of rock and looped electronic rhythms. The ecstatic "Raspberry Swirl" sounds like grand-piano techno with pumping beats and thick layers of distorted sighs. On the country-inflected shuffle of "Playboy Mommy, " Amos poignantly sings of a beautiful loser who can't choose between Madonna and whore. Tori uses her theatrical voice and the gothic touches of her music to tell a good story, but she could be talking about herself. Either way, Choirgirl is a journey to the center of Tori Amos. It's a dizzy ride, but it's always strange and beautiful in there.

Rating: 8 (out of 10)

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