Spin Magazine
May 1998

Added April 8, 1998

Tori In The May 1998 Issue Of Spin
Lizzy'In'Da'Bronx was the first to tell me that Tori appears in the May 1998 issue of Spin Magazine. This issue contains the "SPIN Top 40," a photographic portfolio of the most vital artists in music today. Tori is 17th on the list. There is a very intriguing photo of one Tori trying to free another Tori who is tied to a chair on page 96. The photo can be seen on the right and comes from Toriphile Nicole. Click on it to see a new larger version beatifully scanned by Richard Handal.

Toriphile John and Melissa sent me a new story about this issue that they found on AOL which reveals the top 20 from the issue:

  1. Beck
  2. Radiohead
  3. Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott
  4. Nine Inch Nails
  5. Puff Daddy
  6. Hole
  7. Prodigy
  8. The Fugees
  9. Ani DiFranco
  10. Marilyn Manson
  11. Pearl Jam
  12. Cornershop
  13. Beastie Boys
  14. PJ Harvey
  15. The Chemical Brothers
  16. Wu-Tang Clan
  17. Tori Amos
  18. Smashing Pumpkins
  19. Tricky
  20. Fiona Apple

There is also an important article that accompanies the photo. You can read a summary of the article now and later I will make the whole article available. Tori gives more details about her miscarriage and her upcoming new album.

Erin Dolll sent me this summary of the article:

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