The Guardian Newspaper
May 1, 1998

Added May 3, 1998

There is an Album Review from The Guardian newspaper on May 1, 1998. Many thanks to Andy Tebbutt & Emma Taylor for alerting me to this.

Here's an album review from The Guardian newspaper, Friday Review section, 1st May : TORI AMOS "From The Choirgirl Hotel" (East West) * * * * (4 stars)

Nothing on 'From The Choirgirl Hotel' quite matches, musically or visually, the sight of Amos breast-feeding a pig on the cover of her last album. Which doesn't mean that pop's weird sister is any less peculiar this time around, just that she's got a different agenda. Written after a miscarriage, the songs are unusually lucid and direct - on 'Playboy Mommy', she blames herself for her misfortune - but the real eye opener is her first use of a full band. Where her records were hitheto bleak, this is resonant and alive. 'Spark' shimmers with guitar, 'Raspberry Swirl' is compressed electronica, and 'She's Your Cocaine' is packed with fragile keyboard effects - beautifully filling what used to be irritating gaps. By Caroline Sullivan.

Ratings: * * * * * Indispensable
* * * * Excellent
* * * Good
* * Mediocre
* Appalling

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