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May 9, 1998

Updated July 15, 2000

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Billboard magazine reviewed the "from the choirgirl hotel" album in their May 9, 1998 issue. I would like to thank erin dolll for first telling me about it.

from the choirgirl hotel
Producer(s): Tori Amos
Atlantic 83095
Genre: POP

Having mastered the solo piano format, Tori Amos has turned her attention toward producing, arranging, and performing as an instrumentalist/vocalist within a band - an approach she tested on her 1996 opus, "Boys For Pele." On this, her fourth full-length solo effort, Amos is in full bloom as the leader of an inspired, experimental ensemble that helps her realize her large artistic visions. Also distinguished by its more melody-friendly tunes, this album is likely to expand Amos' huge global fan base, which is among the most ardent in the industry. Highlights of "choirgirl" include the soulful, plaintive "Playboy Mommy"; the dark, tribal "Cruel"; the gorgeous "Black-Dove (January)"; and lead single "Spark," a hit on the Modern Rock Tracks chart. An album with tremendous potential at alternative rock, triple-A, college, and pop radio, as well as among club spinners, who are encouraged to check out the electrifying "Raspberry Swirl."

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