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4th North American Single: Jackie's Strength/Father Lucifer Remixes

Updated July 26, 1999

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  • The 4th choirgirl single in the U.S. and Canada featured remixes of Jackie's Strength & Father Lucifer. There was a CD maxi-single and a double 12" vinyl release. Details are below. In some places in Europe as well as South Africa, a CD single was released with just the Jackie's Strength remixes on it. However, no Jackie's Strength remix single was ever released in the U.K. (Although there was a UK promo for it...)

    A remixed Jackie's Strength/Father Lucifer single -- which features six versions of "Jackie's Strength" from remixer Warren Rigg, as well as two remixed versions of "Father Lucifer," from King Britt (of Digable Planets and SYLK 130) and John Wicks -- was released in the U.S. on Tuesday, February 23, 1999. Rusty M Shelby informs me that the CD single (Atlantic cd5 2-84442) should cost around $6.99 (or $5.99) A 12" double vinyl (Atlantic 0-84442) was also released commercially with very nice packaging (so PLEASE don't pay an outrageous price for the promo 12" on EBay, which does not even include a photo of Tori.) You can now order both the CD Single and the 12" double vinyl at CDnow. If you use the links from the Dent, you will also be helping support my site. You can find out much more about these releases below.

    Order The Jackie's Strength Remix Single At CDnow.

    Order The Jackie's Strength 12" Double Vinyl At CDnow.

    Barb tells me that the single was released in Canada on Tuesday, March 16, 1999 and is similar to the U.S. release.

    European Single With Only JS Remixes On It

    In late June 1999, Doron told me the following about a single for the Jackie's Strength remix that he found in Europe:

    Here is what German Toriphile Christoph Viethen said about the European Jackie's Strength remix mentioned above:

    Luciano Ferreira posted to the ToriNews mailing list the fact that the Jackie's Strength remix single has been released in South Africa.

    JS Remix Single Not Released In The U.K., But There Was A UK Promo For It

    July 26, 1999 - EWF Doron Vidavski was the first to report that the Jackie's Strength Remix Single might be released in the U.K.. There was word of a April 12, 1999 release date, but nothing happened. The we heard about a July 19, 1999 release, but that did not happen either. I have been told by Andy & Emma that the single was definitely not released in the U.K. So that means that U.K. Toriphiles only got one single from the Choirgirl album...

    However, there was a UK promo for the single that was available. It was listed at various times at the Esprit web site. They described it like this:

    Many thanks to Mike Gray, Doron Vidavski and Pete Lambert for informing me about this. The odd thing about this UK promo is the fact that it is marked as an Atlantic release! Here is a description of the promo from Pete:

    The Artwork For The U.S. Single & The Track Listing

    Toriphile Amanda *Sparkly Girl* Keller obtained an advanced copy of the CD single and has scanned the artwork. She has also provided me with further details on the single, including the exact track listing. You can see the CD cover below (Tori is actually sideways but I have rotated the graphic so you can see it better. The CD comes in a jewel case.) Below that you can see another scan of the back of the CD single (which features the rest of Tori and the track listing), and a third scan of a black & white photo that is on the back side of the CD insert. It is certainly one of Tori's more sensual covers! Here is the track listing:

    1. Jackie's Strength : Wedding Cake Edit 4:03
    2. Father Lucifer Sylkscreen Remix 4:30
    3. Jackies's Strength: Wedding Cake Club Mix 8:40
    4. Jackie's Strength: One Rascal Dub #1 6:24
    5. Father Lucifer: Sylkscreen INstrumental 4:26
    6. Jackie's Strength: Wedding Cake Meltdown Mix 8:19
    7. Jackie's Strength: One Rascal Dub #2 5:02
    8. Jackie's Strength: Bonus Beats 2:41

    The front of the CD single. Click to see larger.

    The back of the CD single. Click to see larger.

    The photo on the back side of the CD insert. Click to see larger.

    The double 12" vinyl is very nice and highly recommended. It folds out to show a more complete , full-body photo of Tori in the same pose as on the CD single. The inside shows the same photo as the black & white photo seen above but in full-color. You can also see a smaller version of the photo that is featured on the cover. (See below.) The smaller photo however has some lines going through half of it that fortunately are not on the photo on the cover. The label on each vinyl has a small version of the photo as well, and you can also see that below.

    Here is the track listing for the double 12" vinyl:

    Disc One - Side A

    Disc One - Side B

    Disc Two - Side C

    Disc Two - Side D

    Photo From JS Vinyl Single
    Small photo inside vinyl; Same photo used for cover when folded out

    Photo From JS Vinyl Single
    The label of one of the vinyl discs

    Alan Denniberg describes both the CD single and the 12" vinyl below. The packaging for the vinyl is a little different and very nice:

    Review Of The Single In Billboard

    The March 6, 1999 issue of Billboard Magazine contains a review of the new Jackie's Strength remix single:

    Jackie's Strength Tops The Dance/Club Play Chart In The U.S.!

    The Jackie's Strength remix reached #1 on Billboard's Dance/Club Play Chart in the March 27, 1999 issue. The song took 6 weeks to reach that position. The song entered the chart on February 20, 1999. Here is a summary of the positions it has held on this chart:


    I am not sure how Tori feels about being the top Dance Diva in the nation but the Dent would like to congratulate her!

    The Cover Photo For The Jackie's Strength Remix Single

    The Atlantic web site had a preview for the Jackie's Strength Remix Single, and they used an image of Tori for the background which is the cover photo for the new single. I have placed the image on the Dent after boosting the contrast so you can see it better. (You can click on the image on the left to see it larger.)

    Jackie's Strength/Father Lucifer Remix Preview At Atlantic Web Site

    You could find at the Atlantic Web Site a special page where you could get a RealPlayer video preview of Tori singing "Raspberry Swirl" from VH1 Storytellers, as well as RealAudio preview of the Wedding Cake remix of "Jackie's Strength" and the Sylkscreen remix of "Father Lucifer." I am surprised by how much I enjoyed both remixes. They really sound cool to me! The Father Lucifer remix includes a part where you can clearly hear lyrics that are hard to hear in the original version because they are layered over other vocals. Be aware that you will hear an announcer interrupt the song every 30 seconds or so saying that your listening to Tori Amos courtesy of Atlantic Records in order to discourage bootlegging.

    Double 12" U.S. Promo With Jackie's Strength/Father Lucifer Remixes

    I now have some information about a double 12 inch vinyl Atlantic promo (#DMD 2496) that includes remixes of Jackie's Strength and Father Lucifer. Several people informed me that this item is currently being auctioned at eBay. (Be aware that the 12" double vinyl has been commercially released, so please don't spend a fortune on this item!) You can see a photo of this 12 inch promo vinyl to the right. I was also informed about this from Toriphile Michael Eugene Adams, who found out about it from a friend of his named Ron Slomowicz (DJ Ron) in Nashville. This is a promo release clearly geared to the club scene. Here is a track listing from this 2-record promo. No times were printed on the label:

    Side A:
    Jackie's Strength (Wedding Cake Mix)
    Jackie's Strength (Wedding Cake Radio Mix)

    Side B:
    Jackie's Strength (One Rascal Dub #1)
    Father Lucifer (Sylkscreen Remix)

    Side C:
    Jackie's Strength (One Rascal Dub #2)
    Father Lucifer (Sylkscreenstrumental)

    Side D:
    Jackie's Strength (Wedding Cake Meltdown Mix)
    Jackie's Strength (Bonus Beats)

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