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Updated March 6, 2001

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  • Below you will find various reviews of Tori's album "from the choirgirl hotel" from the press, including newspapers and magazines.

    The Onion Reviews Choirgirl

    Toriphile Michelle Piccolo alerted me to a small review of "from the choirgirl hotel" that appeared on The Onion web site.

    Billboard Magazine Reviews Choirgirl

    Read Billboard Magazine's review of this album.

    Focus On The Family Reviews Choirgirl

    Toriphile Rob sent me a review of "from the choirgirl hotel" from the christian organization Focus On The Family. While I do not agree with much of what this organization says, the review is interesting reading. Read it in my Articles Archive.

    More Reviews...

    Excellent Reviews At The War Against Silence & The Baltimore Sun

    You can read a really wonderful album review at the The War Against Silence web site. This review, by Glenn McDonald, shows why so many other Tori reviews are lacking. This reviewer really gets into the heart and soul of the album before he reviews them. Included here is a good evaluation of how the mainstram media will misinterpret Tori's decision to use a band. This review is special and is highly recommended reading! I would like to thank Beth Coulter and Glenn McDonald for telling me about it.

    I have also added to the Dent a really good review by J.D. Considine, which has appeared recently in the Baltimore Sun and several other newspapers as well, including the Courier-Journal in Louisville, KY. You can read that review in my Articles section.

    More Reviews...

    Elle Magazine

    Marci Stevens reports that the May 1998 issue of Elle magazine contains a short but positive review of "from the choirgirl hotel." Read it in my Articles Section.

    Rolling Stone Magazine

    Many people remember the very negative review of "Boys For Pele" that Rolling Stone published in January 1996. In fact, you can still read it on the Dent. It appears things will be very different for "from the choirgirl hotel." Ears With Feet Scotch and Brian Wong have informed me that Rolling Stone has a review for this album on their web site, and I am happy to report that they gave the album 4 stars! This redeems the magazine in my eyes. This lead review by James Hunter will appear in the May 14th issue of the printed magazine. You can also read about this review at the Atlantic web site and in my Articles Section.

    Review In Mojo Magazine

    Toriphiles Lucy Bennett and Richard both sent me an interview with Tori that appears in the May 1998 issue of Mojo Magazine in the U.K. Not only is there an interview, but they have a very nice review of Tori's new album, "from the choirgirl hotel."

    Read The Mojo Interview and Album Review.

    Album Review & Cover In Details Magazine

    Rebecca Cox and Trent Vanegas have informed me that the May 1998 issue of Details Magazine contains a small review of "from the choirgirl hotel" and also includes a photo of the album cover. (Thanks Rebecca for the scan!)

    Read The Details Album Review.

    Sonicnet Music News Of The World

    There is a really interesting article at Sonicnet's Music News Of The World for April 10, 1998. It has the headline, "Tori Amos Straddling Sound Spectrum On Upcoming LP: Piano crooner writes tunes ranging from her classic ballads to operatic style pieces." The article takes a detailed look at the content and lyrics of her new album. Informative and interesting.

    Read The Article At Sonicnet.

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