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Summary Of The Dew Drop Inn Tour

Updated December 30, 1996

I have a special section of my website devoted to The Final 10 Shows Of The Tour, which includes reviews and some photos.

Dew Drop Inn Tour Song Stats - EWF Bastiaan has created a really cool compilation of all the songs Tori sang on the Dew Drop Inn Tour, in order from most performed to least. Check out these stats, with numbers and percentages, and learn some fascinating facts about what Tori sang during the tour. Bastiaan says there were 185 shows, but I count 187 and Tori has been quoted as saying 187.

And don't forget to visit my Ears With Feet Photo Album, for many great photos of Ears With Feet meeting Tori, mainly at soundchecks.

Quotes From The Road

Updated February 18, 1997

During the Dew Drop Inn tour, Tori did not talk to the audience quite as much as on previous tours. This is a kind of a shame, because her stories can be either riveting or hilarious (or both!) Be sure to read my list of possible reasons for this, which includes a quote from Tori on why she ddid not talk as much. However, there are still plenty of interesting quotes from her shows. While some of these quotes are word for word, most are based on the memories of people at the shows, and so they are usually not verbatim.

Quotes From The Tour

Other Sources Of Tour Information

Updated February 9, 1997

Fonty, webmaster of the Chasing Tornados Web Site, has created a page that shows images and text from the Dew Drop Inn Tour Book.

Danica Knox revealed that at the web site for radio station TK101 in Pensacola, Florida, there are 2 photos of Tori in the photo gallery section from her concert in Pensacola on August 10, 1996.

Toriphile Michael Viggiano took photographs at the Gainesville concert and placed them on his web site.

Sped Erstad has created an informative web site where he takes the data from my set lists and creates a summary by song.

Check out Zeigen's Tori Amos Confessions Web Site for more reviews of some of the early shows from this tour.

Meet and Greet With Tori Amos - This wonderful web page documents through words and photos an experience Alvin Alcid and others had meeting Tori in many different cities during her tour. It also has some reviews, humorous lists like You know you're obessessed with Tori when..., and more!

You can see more photos of Tori during the fan Meet and Greet sessions by going to Dan's Tori Amos Page, which has some photos from Chicago and Indianapolis.

Bryan Hoch has a web page where he proudly displays 3 photos of himself with Tori during her visit to Buffalo on October 7th! Nice photos.

Tori's Farewell Card From The Web

Updated December 13, 1996

This is the inside of the card, with our messages pasted on it. There are even more messages not shown on the back.

As you recall, Devin and Maria presented Tori with a huge farewell card in Boulder on November 11th, which contained over 250 messages from many of us on the web. Above you see the inside of the card. The photo to the right shows the front of the card (Click on it to see a larger image). You can read about the presentation of the card to Tori here.

Tori Overcomes Sickness To Give An Amazing Show In Miami

October 23, 1996

October 23, 1996 was not an easy day for Tori. It was the second night of her engagement in Miami Florida at the Jackie Gleason Theater. Five songs into the show, in the middle of Space Dog, Tori stopped playing, turned to the audience, and said while in tears, "Guys, I'm so sorry but I just can't play. I am so sick, guys. I'm sorry. I'm am just so sick." She ran off the stage and stayed gone for over 10 minutes. She then returned, saying that she could either go to the hospital, go home, or play. She decided to play. "I'm just gonna play like we're old friends, OK?" She went on to give an incredible and unique performance. The set list included Losing My Religion, Lovesong, Let It Be, Winter, Part of Girl , Bells For Her, and a new song called Cooling that she said should have been in BFP, but will be on the next album instead. (This song is GORGEOUS!) She did Cornflake Girl and Talula, but did them during the encores! She had her best friend come on stage and sit with her during Me and a Gun, and she ended the show with Hey Jupiter. I have no idea what was wrong, or why Tori had a bad day. Reports say that when she left after the show she appeared to be fine. How many other performers would have gone on singing like that? Her strength and endurance are nothing short of amazing. The support and love shown by the fans that night were also great. From the description I have read of the show, it sounds like Tori was feeding off the energy of the crowd, especially when she motioned for them to come forward toward the stage for the encores. Tori did a great show the following night in West Palm Beach Florida, where she sang The Waitress for the first time. She also mentioned the difficult night before to the audience. "As some of you might know, I almost passed out last night. To those of you who were there last night: you were delicious. Thank you."

Read Several Reviews And Eyewitness Accounts Of That Night In Miami

My quotes page has some rather accurate quotes from that October 23rd evening.

KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas Concert

Updated January 16, 1997

To learn all about the KROQ concert that took place in LA on December 13th, 1996, including concert reviews, set lists, and photos, please go here. Early Christmas Morning, and again on December 29th, MTV aired a special edition of MTV 120 Minutes which was dedicated to the KROQ Almost Acoustic concert. See photos from MTV 120 Minutes, including shots og Tori in concert, and read a transcript Tori's interview.

Mikewhy's Dew Drop Inn Concert Reviews

I was fortunate enough to witness 10 shows during this tour. My reviews and summaries of these shows, along with a few soundcheck photos, are below.

Reviews Of Louisville & Lexington Kentucky

April 19/20, 1996

Tori Plays In My Home State

There is always something special about seeing Tori in your own city. The Palace Theatre in Louisville is an incredibly beautiful place, and a perfect spot to see Tori's magic. The following night I traveled 1 hour east of Louisville to see Tori again in Kentucky, this time in Lexington. Read the reviews of these shows below.

April 19 - Louisville, KY - The Palace Theatre (8th row center)

April 20 - Lexington, KY - Singletary Center (Off to the right side, about 12th row)

Review Of Cincinnati

June 3, 1996

Mikewhy's Pick For Best Show Of The Tour!

Tori gave what might be the performance of her career at the Aranoff in Cincinnati Ohio Monday night, June 3rd. I am still dazed from it. Anyone there that night should tell you that Tori has never sounded or played better. I am in awe. Of course I praise her at every show I see, but this one was truly different and inspired. I have discussed the matter with other fans and they agree with me. The set list was great, with Sweet Dreams, Little Earthquakes, and On Saturday Afternoons In 1963 being surprises. But it was Tori's attitude, style, and passion that made this night a religious experience. My second row center seats were also excellent!

My LONG and gushing review!

The set list from Cincinnati

Review Of Indianapolis and My Meeting With Tori

July 28, 1996

"How Ya Doing Baby?"

Okay folks, here I am with Tori! She is the cute one.

I saw Tori in concert in Indianapolis at the Murat Theatre, Sunday July 28th. I also met her before her soundcheck and the first thing she said to me was, "How Ya Doing Baby?" Yes, it was an assembly line meeting with 50 other people, but it was still a meeting. And she now knows about this web site! Meeting her again just affirms even more my dedication to her. She really is a special person, very human and very real. The show itself was wonderful, with a thoughtful mix of vulnerability and strength. She included Thank You, Sugar, Love Song, and Cool On Your Island, as well as China and Pretty Good Year.

Look at More Photos From The Tori Encounter!

Read My Review Of The Concert and the details of my meeting!

Review Of Columbus

August 1, 1996

Tori On Fire; Many B-Sides

I saw Tori in Columbus Thursday night August 1. It was an excellent show with many yummy b-sides and covers. She included Butterfly, A Case Of You, I'm On Fire, Lovesong, Upside Down, This Old Man, and Etienne at the very end! Tori did not have too much to say, but did express thankfulness for not being a gymnast! A surprising and exciting evening.

Read My Review Of The Columbus Concert

Review Of Dayton

August 3, 1996

Tori was ON

Tori was in really great form when I saw her again in Dayton Ohio at Memorial Auditorium on Saturday night, August 3. There were Cool b-sides like Famous Blue Raincoat, London Girls, Honey, Here, In My Head, and the closing Sister Janet. There was also a generous selection from Little Earthquakes, like Winter, Tear In Your Hand, and Mother. Then there was the surprise from Boys For Pele, WAY DOWN! This was one of my favorite concerts of the tour, second only to my Cincinnati experience in June. It was an intimate performance, marred slightly by the frequent requests rudely yelled out by some members of the audience.

Read My Review Of The Dayton Show

Reviews Of Muncie and Bloomington Indiana

September 18/19, 1996

Tori Killed Me Softly; More Sound Check Meetings

She sang as if she knew me, in all my dark despair...

I saw Tori in concert on Wednesday, September 18 in Muncie Indiana at Ball State, and on Thursday, September 19, in Bloomington Indiana at Indiana University. It was an unforgettable trip, and she played KILLING ME SOFTLY for me! I did not take photos in Muncie, but I did snap a few shots of the soundcheck in Bloomington, which you can now see!

Check Out Some Of My Photos From The Bloomington Soundcheck, featuring Tori, Steve Caton, My friends, and even Josh Clayton-Felt.

Read my Muncie Indiana Review and Set List for September 18, 1996.

Read my Bloomington Indiana Review and Set List for September 19, 1996.

Review Of Chicago

September 28, 1996

Fury, Tenderness, and Playfulness

On Saturday, September 28, I headed north to Chicago Illinois, where I saw Tori in concert at the Arie Crowne Theatre with Rebecca Cox, creator of the Laid Down Web Site. Tori was reportedly very tired looking at sound check, but somehow found the energy to give one of her best shows that night. She was very talkative. and the show had an unbelievable combination of anger, tenderness, and humor. The two surprises were a version of Elton John's Daniel and Let It Be. Daniel was a dedication to a girl named Ana Coiner, who was supposed to be at the concert that night, but who died in the recent crash of TWA flight 800. Very touching. She also included Space Dog, Sugar, Little Amsterdam, China, London Girls, and closed the concert with Etienne. This was Rebecca's favorite Tori show and my second-favorite (After Cincinnati). I must also give credit to the Chicago audience, which was very respectful.

Read my review of the Chicago show.

Read a newsgroup posting from Andrea to find out more about Tori's dedication of 'Daniel' during the show.

Review Of Davenport Iowa

November 6, 1996

Time For Mikewhy To Wave Goodbye Now

My 400 mile, 7 hour trip to Davenport Iowa on November 6th was my final show of the Dew Drop Inn Tour. The concert was relatively short, but was powerful, and both thrilled me and saddened me. Despite the heartbreak of seeing Tori for the final time in two years, there were positive vibes from the experience. I also got to briefly hold her hand and tell her thank you one more time at the sound check. Goodbye Tori. You gave me joy in 1996, and hope for 1997. (The photo above shows Tori at the Davenport Soundcheck, wearing her "green snaky" around her neck, and conversing with Toriphile Monica Sanghavi, who is the young woman with black hair on the right.)

Look At Photos From The Davenport Sound Check.

Read My Review Of Davenport Or Just The Set List.

Set Lists And Reviews

Updated February 18, 1997

The following are all the dates that Tori has completed on the Dew Drop Inn Tour and links to set lists and reviews if I have them. If there are no links to the right of the date that say 'set lists' or 'reviews', that means they are not yet available. Even if I already have a review for your show, feel free to send me another one! I like getting several perspectives on a concert performance. If you see any errors or have set lists or reviews to add to this page PLEASE send them to me at Thank you.

North American Tour Dates

European Tour Dates

Sound Check Set Lists
Here are a few set lists from Tori's sound checks as reported by various EWF.

Multi-Show Reviews
These reviews cover more than one concert, and they are so good, I didn't want to break them up into seperate reviews for each city. So here they are in their entirety. You can only find them here by the way, not with all the other reviews.

Newspaper Concert Reviews
Here are the newspapers reviews that I currently have from the Dew Drop Inn Tour. Some are great, while others are clueless. It is always interesting , sometimes humorous, and sometimes outrageous to read what the press says. If you have additional newspaper reviews, please send them to me! The date listed is the date of the concert reviewed.

  • Washington Post - Washington D.C. - April 26
  • New York Times - New York NY - May 13
  • Newsday - New York NY - May 13
  • Chicago Tribune - Chicago IL - June 6
  • Star Tribune - Minneapolis MN - June 10
  • Kansas City Star - Kansas City KS - June 13
  • Dallas Morning News - Dallas TX - June 15
  • Santa Barbara News-Press - Santa Barbara CA - June 23
  • LA Times - Los Angeles CA - June 28
  • Seattle Times - Seattle WA - July 16
  • The Oregonian - Portland OR - July 21
  • Cedar Rapids Gazette - Cedar Rapids IA - July 26
  • Peoria Journal Star - Peoria IL - July 29
  • Buffalo News - Buffalo NY - August 28
  • Sun and Press Bulletin - Binghamton NY - October 6
  • San Antonio Express News - San Antonio TX - October 27
  • University Daily Kansan - Lawrence KS - November 3
  • Daily Nebraskan - Omaha NE - November 7
  • Lincoln Journal Star - Omaha NE - November 7

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