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Radio Station KBCO In Boulder, CO
October 11, 1999
    On October 11, 1999, Tori made an appearance at radio station KBCO 97.3FM in Boulder, CO. (Later that day she played a concert in Denver at Magness Arena.) She played Purple People, 1000 Oceans and Cooling and did a brief interview. Thanks to _furry for telling me about this.

Gideon Coe Show On Greater London Radio
October 30, 1999
    Tim Brooks reports that Tori appeared on GLR (Greater London Radio) on Saturday, October 30, 1999. She was a guest on the Gideon Coe Show. Here is his report:

    The interview started amusingly when Gideon (getting his facts wrong) asked how she enjoyed playing The Royal Albert Hall to which Tori answered she always loved playing their and that she also loved playing at the Festival Hall which of course is where she was the night before.

    There were long discussions on the 80's (obviously due to the single) and in this Tori said the song that sums up the 80's was the (rather excellent ) Safety Dance by Men Without Hats. She also claimed her first album bought was Led Zep2, first gig Elton John and that her favourite riff was Sly and the Family Stone.

    GLR by the way stands for Greater London Radio and is the BBC station for London. It is quite simply unique in British Radio now in that it allows DJ's to play what they want and has a wonderful music policy (not just top 40) - just about every other station plays only chart music these days(and thus you hear very little Tori!!!). They have daily live sessions and guests and is a great mixture of talk and music. Sadly the BBC want to do away with the music policy and leave it nearly all talk but there is an active campaign to try to save it - web site address is Don't know if you can give it a plug as i appreciate it means now't outside England but the more the campaign is advertised the more hope there is.

Billy Bragg Show
October 30, 1999

Later With Jools Holland
October 30, 1999
    Tori appeared on the U.K. TV show 'Later....with Jools Holland' on Saturday, October 30 at 11.30PM U.K. time on BBC2. Tori recorded the show on Tuesday, October 26.

    Read more about the show and see photos!

This Morning With Richard and Judy
October 28, 1999
    On Thursday morning, October 28, 1999, Tori performed "Glory Of The 80s" and did a brief interview on the U.K. show "This Morning With Richard and Judy" on ITV. Below, I have a reports on the show and a complete transcript.

    Transcript from Darrell Jones (Special thanks also to Paul):

      This is a Transcipt for the archives of Tori's appearence on 'This Morning with Richard and Judy' a daytime TV show over here in the UK.It's was the last 7 mins of the program (for which I had to tape 2 hours of banal crap).I've copied it out the best I can, which is difficult because R and J have a habit of talking over thier guests and each other. However, they did seem to be interested and Friendly with Tori, which they aren''t always.

      J: Ok, now Tori Amos, She shot to fame of course after quitting America and settling here in Britain.She Actually lives in Cornwall now which is where she recorded her new Album.So here's a reminder of her biggest hits.

      (Little video snippets of SATY,Cornflake Girl and the Pro Widow Remix.)

      R: Which Part of America where you from Originally?

      T: North Carolina

      R: North Carolina, It's a long way from there to Cornwall.

      T: A long way, Yeah

      R: Why'd you settle there?

      T: My Husband, If I wanna see him, I've Gotta go to Cornwall

      J: Do you miss America

      T: Yeah

      R: What do you miss about it.

      T: My Mother ...

      J: Aaaahh

      T: She's a great southern cook.

      J: I've heard you say though that in LA, everybody is far too uptight but in Britain they tend to be a bit to ... Um

      R: Loose

      J: No, a bit too cynical.

      T: (Nodding) Cynical

      R: (Shocked squeeky voice) Are we !!!

      T: Yeah

      R: What, Generally?

      J: Well you know what the Americans are like, They're real get up and do aren't they, go do things, anything can be done, where as here we tend to be a bit more ...

      R: Defeatist.

      T: Yeah, well, Instead of going....Y'know ... That's a Cool car, I want one for myself.A lot of people (TORI DOES A FUNNY ENGLISH ACCENT) 'Lets go wreck it'

      R and J Laugh

      T: You know what I mean.

      J: I'm sure there are people in America who do that too.

      T:They do but they go steal it, They steal the car because they wanna be hot, instead of ruin the people that are hot, go be hot yourself.

      R:Tell us about the song that you're going to sing for us.

      T: Um, My days in LA when I would get up and.... I mean I'm sure Judy, you did too in the 80's.I went to 'Retail slut' and got my skull and crossbones and Tank top, before breakfast... and it was a good time.

      J: It's called 'Glory of the 80's...

      T: Yeah it is...

      J: So is it a complete look back, was it a good time for you?

      T: Good time , I loved the decadance, I loved it.

      R: Hmm, You haven't changed a bit, 'cause we first met you in Liverpool when you came up, must have been..., it was when you had 'Cornflake Girl' out... When was that?

      T: Quite a few Years ago Yeah

      R: 1993? about that.You haven't changed a bit

      T: Good surgeons.

      R and J Laugh

      R: and good Cornish air.

      R and J say goodbye to the Tv audience, telling them whats coming up in future shows.

      When Tori played she was standing in a strange way.The piano is left of her (I don't think it was a Bose - it was shorter and had no markings), with another keyboard on top.There is also another keyboard on a stand to her right .So she stands facing the camera with her left foot on the floor and her right foot on her piano stool, bending her leg at a weird angle.For tTori fashion watchers she was wearing a pale green top of which the top third was see through and Tight Navy blue Jeans.

    From Mike Gray:

      Well, for those of you who thought that Tori's appearance on TRL was agonising viewing, spare a thought for those of us in the UK who were forced to endure "This Morning" today waiting for Tori's appearance... Tori shared the bill with a hand puppet squeaking "Nessun Dorma" (try a search for "Sooty" or "Sooty and Sweep" - there may be something) and a woman who hosts a "hilarious home videos" type of show, oh and *another* girl band called "Atomic Kitten"... wonderful.

      But of course it was great to see her back in the UK in the run up to the concert tomorrow, Jools on Saturday and the "Billy Bragg" show on Radio 2, also Saturday..

      Tori finally made her appearance at 12:10 - minutes before I had to leave for a tutorial - the presenter announcing her before the commercial break couldn't pronounce her name, and probably hadn't got a clue who she was... good little biography... clips of "Silent All These Years", "Cornflake Girl", "Professional Widow" (Remix).

      She did a really cool little interview snippet... talks about her days in the 80s... very cool... *VERY* cool. She was really happy, smiley. Played Glory Of The 80s - with a backing tape and live vocal... not as good as it could have been, because it was exactly the same as the record, y'know? I'm not big on backing tapes, personally. It was like.. weird. She had a keyboard on top of the piano and was playing both at the same time - the vocal was definitely live, though and was obviously really great. I swear to god, though, she censored herself - where it's meant to say "who do I have to *shag* to get out of here" she said different like "wag" - the vocal was much clearer than it is on record, certainly at the end.

      That's all... it's just so good to see her back. :)

    From Stephen Berwick:

      there was a short interview and then she played 'glory of the 80s'.

      the backing track was recorded with tori singing the vocals live.

      she was half standing/half kneeling between the bosey and the kurzweil, although she wasn't very active with either.

      she looked very uncomfortable throughout, and looked as though she didn't want to be there.

      the word 'shag' in her performance was changed to something else, although i couldn't tell what she sang

      (it sounded like 'wank'!)

      i'll let you know what she sang when i watch it again.

      in the interview she mentioned something about the british people turning against anyone who is successful, she seemed really pissed off about something, and she answered most of the questions with a one-worded answer.

    From Doron Vidavski:

      Tori was on THIS MORNING WITH RICHARD AND JUDY today, performing Glory of the 80s to a backup tape. They chatted to hear very briefly and she was a bit sedate. The perormance was very understated but Tori's voice sounded great. She also said that she moved to Cornwall so that she may get to see her husband more often.

KFOG 104.5 FM Radio Performance - Berkeley, CA
October 8, 1999
    On October 8, 1999, Tori did a small, private performance on radio station KFOG 104.5FM in Berkeley, CA. She performed in front of some contest winners, and did an interview. It was broadcast on live on the station from Fantasy Studios. Caryn Grunwald was kind enough to send me a transcript & details of what happened, and you can read all that in my TV/Radio Archives.

Rosie O'Donnell Show
October 20, 1999
    Tori appeared on the Rosie O'Donnell Show on Wednesday, October 20, 1999. You can read more about the show, read a complete transcript, and see photos in my TV/Radio Archives.

Charlie Rose - PBS
October 19, 1999
    Tori appeared on Charlie Rose on PBS on Tuesday, October 19, 1999. Tori was the second of three guests on the one hour show. The interview was really interesting, and you can read a transcript and see photos in my TV/Radio archives.

E! News Daily
October 18, 1999

    There was a very short story about Tori on E! News Daily on Monday, October 18, 1999. See a photo from it and read a transcript in my TV/Radio Archives.

'In Tune: Rock' on Direct TV
Several times in October 1999
    Tori was featured on a show called 'In Tune: Rock' on channel 800 on Direct TV. They just said basic stuff about"to venus and back", and it had a short interview with her and they showed a small clip from the "1000 Oceans" video. It also featured Beth Hart. The show was aired several times in October 1999.

Y100 Sonic Sessions
October 17, 1999

    On Friday, August 27, 1999, Tori taped a Y100 Sonic Session in Philadelphia. Tori performed 5 songs in front of a small live audience and answered questions. Click here for details about the taping and the show. The Tori episode finally aired on Sunday, October 17, 1999 at 9:00AM ET.

VH1 Hard Rock Live Taping
October 15, 1999
    On Friday, October 15, Tori taped an episode of VH1 Hard Rock Live in New York City at Sony Studios. I have reports on the taping from several Toriphiles who were there. Read about what happened on my Hard Rock Live Page, which now includes screen shots from the airing of the program. The show first aired on VH1 in the U.S. in January 2000.

Late Night With Conan O'Brien
October 14, 1999
    Tori appeared on Late Night With Conan O'Brien on Thursday night, October 14, 1999. She performed 1000 Oceans with the band. For more details and photos go to my TV/Radio Archives.

Musique Plus "Artist Of The Month" Special
October 13, 1999 & other times
    Tori was the October 1999 Artists Of The Month on Musique Plus, which is a music network in Quebec, Canada. Tori appeared at the studios of Musique Plus in Montreal on Wednesday, October 13, 1999 to contribute a program called "Artist Of The Month." (Other called it "Tori live à Musique Plus") Tori performed 8 songs by herself at the piano and there was an interview as well. I have reports on the show, a transcript and photos and you can find all that in my TV/Radio Archives.

Kickin It With Byron Allen
Around October 2, 1999
    There was a 4 to 6 minute interview with Tori on the syndicated TV show "Kickin It With Byron Allen." It was shown at various times in early October 1999. The interview included clips of the 1000 Oceans and Bliss videos.

    Read more about Tori's interview on this show.

Eye On L.A.
October 2, 1999
    Tori and Alanis Morissette were featured on the program Eye On L.A. which was shown on Saturday, October 2, 1999 at 6:30PM PT on Channel 7 (KABC) in Southern California. It was about a 3 minute story. I have a brief description and several screen shots kindly done by Inc Pagliuca in my TV/Radio Archives. I would also like to thank Tara, Sherwin and Todd for alerting me to this. Sorry I was working on Saturday and unable to warn Dent readers about this one in advance. They shot footage of the KROQ Breakfast with Tori and Alanis. They showed clips of Tori and Alanis performing and how each artists talked about the other. (They seemed to focus more on Alanis. They did show clips of Tori playing Concertina and Take to the Sky.) When asked how she felt about her being an inspiration to Alanis, Tori said that she felt like she needed to take Geritol.

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