Eye On L.A.
October 2, 1999

Tori and Alanis Morissette were featured on the program Eye On L.A. which was shown on Saturday, October 2, 1999 at 6:30PM PT on Channel 7 (KABC) in Southern California. It was about a 3 minute story. I have several screen shots kindly done by Inc Pagliuca below. I would also like to thank Tara, Sherwin and Todd for alerting me to this. They shot footage of the KROQ Breakfast with Tori and Alanis. They showed clips of Tori and Alanis performing and how each artists talked about the other. (They seemed to focus more on Alanis. They did show clips of Tori playing Concertina and Take to the Sky.) Below the photos you can find a transcript from this show typed by Tara.


Host 1:Tonight we visit with two of the biggest stars in the music buisness, Alanis Morisette and Tori Amos.

Host 2(He speaks throughout the rest of the program): Alanis and Tori were in town this week rapping up their 5 1/2 week tour and we caught up with them during a very intimate appearance in Hollywood.

Clip of Alanis playing

By 4am last Friday morning, fans were already lined up outside of club Vinyl in Hollywood. They had traveled long distances and gone without sleep for a chance to see Tori Amos and Alanis Morisette. In line there are devoted Tori fans.

Dan Kilker: A goddess, she has so much talent, she's........

Kelly Akashi: She's helped me do everything I have ever done.

Alanis' fans come for her words of wisdom and inspiration.

Michelle Westbrook: She just, through her music, speaks the words I feel.

Alanis clip again

Clip of Tori playing Concertina

This is the first time that Tori and Alanis have been on the road together. In 5 1/2 weeks, theyv'e performed 26 concerts for huge crowds in big venues like Irvine Ampitheatre. A chance to see these megastars play in a small club like Vinyl is a fan's dream.

Alanis clip

Felicia: So it's not like one of those concerts you go to and your like tossed around you know, slam dancers in back of you pushing you forward and stuff like that.

Alanis and Tori are here for Kroq's breakfast with Kevin and Bean.

Kevin or Bean(I don't know who's who):Welcome Alanis

Alanis: Hi

Kevin or Bean: We're so excited your here. It's almost impossible to get people who do what you do to get up this early and come in and do a.....(trails off, can't understand) the fans, this is not only a chance to hear their idols, but have a conversation with them. Someone wants to know what it's like being on the road.

Alanis: Well we did have a truck stolen when we were in Europe with all our backline gear and ummmm, basically our whole tour was stolen.

Kevin or Bean: Stolen? Someone stole your tour?

Alanis: Yes

Kevin or Bean: Are they out there being you right now? A seperate tour?

Alanis: We were on the watch for that, but a week later we actually got it back.

I spoke to Alanis about her role in the soon to be released Kevin Smith movie Dogma with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

Host: Your going to actually act as well as having a piece of the soundtrack? What was that like to be acting?

Alanis: It was brilliant, it was a first time experience for me and I felt very safe and it's a small role so I could dive in a short time which was great.

Host: Now Tori Amos, from what I read, has influenced you just a little bit. Can you tell me just a little about that?

Alanis:Well, I was just about to move to Los Angeles and I was starting to write from more personal places. I've written music since I was nine and alot of it was just sort of a sake of entertaining and certainly not to express my deepest emotions or whatever it was that I was too afraid to sing about and when I was prepared to do that, I heard Little Earthquakes and it was very heartening and her courage inspired me to keep on my path basically.

Clip of Tori singing Take to the Sky

I asked Tori herself how it made her feel that Alanis considered her an inspiration.

Tori:I think I need to take my Geritol. Ummmmm, the thing is, were becoming friends and you don't say that alot about alot of people. There's a kindness, a sincerity. She really has a dirty little giggle too.

Host (talking to Kevin and Bean): It's got to be a tough thing for you guys too because it kind of pulls you out of the environment your comfortable with, the studio. It brings you out here into a live audience. What are some of the challenges of that?

Kevin or Bean: Well really were just pieces of meat. I think that's what the big problem is. Here's what happens, you walk through a crowd and everyone is undressing you with their eyes, you know it's just something you think we'd get used to after 10 years, but no I still feel dirty.

Tori's new cd To Venus and Back is available in stores now. Both Alanis and Tori will continue to tour individually.

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