E! News Daily
October 18, 1999

There was a very short story about Tori on E! News Daily on Monday, October 18, 1999. They showed a short interview clip with Tori and they also showed snippets of the "Bliss" and "1000 Oceans" videos. She was wearing some glitter makeup in here eyes that the hosts of the show were making fun of at the end of the segment. Giovanni Mantilla and j.essy sent me a transcript of the appearance and j.essy sent me the photo you see below. It is from the interview. Thanks also to Lindsay Eyth for telling me about the show.

Steve Kmetko (one of the hosts) introducing her.

Tori: "I'm a musician and a woman, I don't know which one comes first"

Bliss video snippet; David Adelson talking about how the album was
suppossed to be a b-side compilation and how it evolved into more.

Tori: "there was an esence, I can't explain it, it's the sweetest drug,
music, when it comes and she visits you"

Bliss video still in the background. David Adelson talking about how the
album ended up having 11 new songs and "live renditions from tours". Short
clip of Tori in 1996 (I'd already seen this before on E! back when BfP was
released) doing "Marianne" (I think) solo.

"1,000 Oceans" video snippet.

Adelson: "finding out Tori's inspiration wasn't so easy".

Tori: "I would tell you who I've slept with before I tell you who my
musical influences are, because I find that very personal".

Adelson: "and what about Tori's personal happiness?"

Tori: "You know when people smile too much, it's painful. I find that
really painful".

Bliss video finishes.

Tori: "Happy is not very reliable. I'm trying to live like umm, with a
fierce calm".

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