Kickin It With Byron Allen
October 99 and January 2000

There was a 4 to 6 minute interview with Tori on the syndicated TV show "Kickin It With Byron Allen." It was shown at various times in early October 1999, and again in early January 2000. The interview included clips of the 1000 Oceans and Bliss videos. Since it is syndicated, the dates and times that it aired varied from city to city.

Thanks to Kristi, Yvette Perez, Sherry, Tiffany and Matt Miller who told me about the show back in October 1999:

Tori discussed what it was like growing up with a minister father (He'd make her play weddings and funerals, sometimes a wedding, then a funeral on the same day. When he asked if she played the same songs at both, she said "I played different songs, but I wore the same shoes."). She also discussed how when the Muse comes you've got to stop everything and pay attention to her, and how the songs came together only after she had the title. When asked about her husband, she gave the cutest, biggest grin and said "with trust comes lust and I've never had lust this bad before." She had sparkles coming down from the corners of her eyes as if in a semblance of tears. When asked who her musical influences were, she said she'd tell you who she slept with before she'd tell who her musical influences were.

In early January 2000, I got reports from Ben, Timothy Thacher, and AgentOrange. Timothy said:

On New Years Eve, actually New Years Day very early in the morning (slight intoxication prevented me from knowing EXACTLY what time), I had been watching UPN which is a chicago based network and there was a show called "Kickin' it with Byron Allan" in which he interviewed tori for a brief segment, maybe 5 minutes. Standard interview questions, nothing out of the ordinary to my recollection. The show also included interviews with George Clooney, Kevin Spacey, Dennis Rodman and a few others, though I cannot remember them all.

AgentOrange reports:

just wanted to tell you that tori appeared last nite on byron allen's late nite tv show...tori appeared to talk about various things including her new album

i don't have specific words, but from what i can remember...tori said that she didn't start writing the majority of the new songs for tvab until after the title of the album was created....she said that the title of the album gave her the focus for the production of the they would be aurally created....there were clips of bliss and 1,000 oceans...tori was mum on her musical inspirations....tori talked once again about the muse and how the muse doesn't always stay with her, but when she does, feels just like she is an "NBA player"....she did talk about how the muse could move toward jewel or alanis (as other examples of people who are influenced by the muse)...

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