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WFNX Radio Interview In Boston
August 31, 1999

    Tori did an interview for radio station WFNX in Boston on Tuesday, August 31 around 1:30PM. She did this while she was in town for the 5 1/2 Weeks Tour. The interview was broadcast over the internet on You were also able to see Tori at that web site using their webcam.

    Click here to see photos from the interview.

Y100 Sonic Sessions
Taped August 27, 1999

    On Friday, August 27, 1999, Tori taped a Y100 Sonic Session in Philadelphia. Tori performed 5 songs in front of a small live audience and answered questions. For details about the taping, read the report below:

    From Chuck:

    I just wanted to let you in on the Y-100 sonic session. A friend of mine has gotten to know one of the DJ's, so he was able to get us two tickets. We arrived at Sonic Studios in Phily around 10:45 Friday morning, the doors opened at 11:15 and there was even free food. Most people dashed for the food, but we decided to wait in line for Tori. They actually let us up right away. The room was about the size of your average living room, maybe a little bigger. There are no seats, so you just grab a piece of the parquet floor. We wound up in the second row, just in front of the piano. Once everyone was seated (Only about 45 people) she came right out. There was a sense of urgency, alanis was up next and Tori had to get to sound check. She handed out three of her evian bottles, I landed one of them and then she took questions. The first question was actually a request for cooling. So here's what she played:

    Purple People
    Take to the Sky (Another request)
    Concertina (Camden was the first time with the band)
    1000 Oceans

    It was just Tori, no band. She sounded wonderful and took several questions between all of the songs. She was wearing flip flops, I've never seen her in anything but heels. She pulled them off though. The funny thing is that Y-100 rarely ever plays Tori, but I got to go, so I can't complain.

    From Adrienne:

    tis about 11:30 and i have just gotten back from a day filled with tori well first i went to a sonic session is was in a very small private room and 50 people sat on the floor we were so close to her .then she came out and her hair was pulled back she had on a cute litle black shirt jeans that she rolled at the bottom with the cutest flipp flops ive ever seen first some one asked her a to play cooling so she warmed up with purple people than she samg cooling then she took more questions she told the cuttest story she said that a few years back her sound crew and light crew had a game and who ever won got a bottle of tiqella and it involved kind napping doppy from the seven dwarfs so the sound crew i think put out a ransom but the light crew didnt fill it so they found doopy covered in ketchup with his head cut off so the sound crew won then the light crew dressed up like the 7 dawrfs and snow white and had a funeral for him so they both got the tequella that story was really cute but any way then she sang a new song then take to the sky then a girl asked to sing a duet with her and tori said yea but she got choked up and didnt then i finaaly got the balls to say some thing and i asked her for a huge and she said of course and i got to hug her then she ended with 1000 oceans it was great.

MTV 120 Minutes
August 22 & 29, 1999

    On August 22, 1999, MTV 120 Minutes showed Tori playing "Bliss" from the "Live & Unrehearsed" webcast that took place on August 16, 1999. Then the following week, on August 29, 1999, MTV 120 Minutes showed Tori again from the webcast playing "God"! Most Toriphiles did not know about that one.

"Just Passin' Through" Radio Show On WHFS
Taped August 25, 1999
Aired August 29, 1999
Aired Again On Sept 19, 1999

Live X Performance On Radio Station 99X In Atlanta
Taped August 21, 1999
Aired September 24 & 26, 1999
    While in Atlanta, GA on August 21, 1999 during the 5 1/2 Weeks tour, Tori recorded a Live X performance for radio station 99X. She performed Concertina, Take To The Sky, Cloud On My Tongue, Sugar, 1000 Oceans, and Lust. The show aired for the first time on Friday, September 24, 1999 around 1:00PM. They aired it again on Sunday, September 26at 10:00PM. Read more about the taping below from Rusty. The photo below is from Rusty and shows him and another Toriphile named Melissa with Tori at the taping. After that you can read a trancript of what Tori said and did when they aired the show from Toriphile Dawn Goodman:

    Rusty's Account

    TORI AMOS "Live X" recording for 99X, WNNX, 99.7FM Atlanta. Saturday, August 21, 1999 - APC Recording Studio - 1:15pm

    - Concertina
    - Take To The Sky
    - Cloud On My Tongue
    - 1,000 Oceans
    - Lust

    There were many questions asked, kind of like a VH-1 "Storytellers". During the recording, Tori, being the producer that she is, stopped several times to make sure everything was going well. At one point, she said that the studio should invest in some new equipment & maybe she'll send some funds. (in a joking manner of course). After the performance, everyone was able to meet her & get a polaroid made with her that she autographed.

    An edited version of the performance (30 minutes) will be aired on the station sometime in the next 3 weeks.

    Trancript Of The Live X Broadcast

    Leslie (99x DJ): Thanks for coming out to Live X. Please welcome, Tori Amos.


    Tori: Hi, everybody. How are you doing? Good? So, um, I'm gonna play, even though the band's not with me and I'm here with Little Bosey today. She's...this is my...she's the baby. The big one's down at Lake...where am I playing? Lake who?

    Audience: Lakewood.

    Tori: That...O.K. So, um, I was gonna do a couple of new songs on the record...just at the piano. I've never done 'em like this before, but why not? I'm feeling a bit funny today, so...Uh, this is...this is something called Concertina...



    Tori: So, um...if you could, sweetheart, if you could give me like another DP on the reverb? I'm a little That would help me. So are you guys doing well? Are you good? I'm sure interesting things have been happening to you. Just...Anybody want to know anything? You can ask me anything.

    (mumbling from an audience member - I think he asked what she would be doing for her birthday)

    (laughing - funny face, maybe?)

    Tori: Well, I'm working. I'm doing a show in Nashville. But hopefully, um, later, I'm gonna have a good bottle of wine and a good shag.


    Tori:, 1 1/2 K, can you give me that?

    (singing, sounds like tuning of piano and intro to Take to the Sky, maybe?)





    (piano playing, intro to Sugar, maybe?)

    Tori: This is off the, uh, live record. I do it with the band. But um, I wrote it actually when, um, I was in England years and years ago and I had to come up with a b-side really quick. And this wonderful being had passed on to the other side...he had died. And I didn't know what in the world I was gonna do and I heard this voice in my head. And I was going, "Freddie, what are you doing in my head?"...



    Tori: So this is a ballad from the new record, um...anyway...

    1000 OCEANS


    Tori: Um, this'll be my last song. This that good? This is from the new record. This is called Lust. And, again, I'm just alone at the piano on this one, but why not?



VH1 Women First
August 20, 1999 & August 30, 1999
    Tori Amos and Alanis Morissette were featured on VH1 Women First on Friday, August 20, 1999. VH1 was at the opening concert of the 5 1/2 Weeks Tour in Ft. Lauderdale on September 18, and that is where all their footage came from.

    Read more about the program and see screen shots/photos.

MTV News 1515
August 20, 1999

"Live & Unrehearsed" Webcast
August 16, 1999
    Mikewhy here reporting live from Nashville, TN, my first stop on the way to Ft. Lauderdale! I am at my friend Danica's house, and earlier in the evening we watched the video webcast "Live And Unrehearsed." I must say I was really pleased with it! It lasted for about an hour and fifteen minutes. Tori answered a bunch of questions, and seemed to be in a good mood. She also sang 7 songs live. Thanks to Danica, I have a few screen shots from the webcast, and you can see them here. You can also read a few comments on the event.

Bliss Video
August 1999

Tori & Alanis Commercial For 5 1/2 Weeks Tour
August 1999

Late Show With David Letterman
August 12, 1999
    Tori performed "Bliss" on the Late Show With David Letterman on Thursday, August 12, 1999. She played with her band. Steve Caton was on guitar, Jon Evans on bass, and Matt Chamberlain on drums. At the end they showed Tori sitting with Dave, but the conversation was short and minimal. The performance in my opinion was excellent and Tori looked really nice! This was the first time Tori performed live for television since December 1998, and it was wonderful to see her again!

    See various photos from the performance.

MTV TRL (Total Request Live)
August 12, 1999

    Tori visited the MTV program TRL (Total Request Live) on Thursday afternoon, August 12. The show was on from 3:00PM to 4:30PM ET. Tori chatted briefly with the host of the program, Carson Daly. We thought that the video for "Bliss" would debut during this program, but instead we saw only bits and pieces from it. What was kind of strange about the video is the fact that it is a collection of live footage from the Plugged '98 tour! The final 2 shows in Michican were videotaped and the footage being shown was from that. But they seemed to edit it in such a way that it appears that Tori is performing Bliss live! (The song Bliss did not even exist when that footage was shot!) In any case, we only saw very small portions of the video, mainly from a distance. My guess is the video is not done yet. Tori had to leave in a hurry most likely to go tape the David Letterman show. As far as I can tell, this episode will not be shown again. The non-Tori parts of this show were painful....really really painful...

    Find out more about TRL and see screen shots.

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