MTV TRL (Total Request Live)
August 12, 1999

Tori visited the MTV program TRL (Total Request Live) on Thursday afternoon, August 12. The show was on from 3:00PM to 4:30PM ET. Tori chatted briefly with the host of the program, Carson Daly. We thought that the video for "Bliss" would debut during this program, but instead we saw only bits and pieces from it. What was kind of strange about the video is the fact that it is a collection of live footage from the Plugged '98 tour! The final 2 shows in Michican were videotaped and the footage being shown was from that. But they seemed to edit it in such a way that it appears that Tori is performing Bliss live! (The song Bliss did not even exist when that footage was shot!) In any case, we only saw very small portions of the video, mainly from a distance. My guess is the video is not done yet. Tori had to leave in a hurry most likely to go tape the David Letterman show. As far as I can tell, this episode will not be shown again. The non-Tori parts of this show were painful....really really painful...

Tori talked a little about her upcoming tour with Alanis and her new album "to venus and back". They mentioned that the last time Tori talked with Carson she also met the VJ Jesse and Tori asked how he was doing. Tori talked about Alanis Morissette saying, "She's very funny. You need a sense of humor when you have 110 men around and 13 buses." Carson mentioned that Tori would be rehearsing for the tour on a live video webcast on Monday, August 16, 1999 and Tori replies, "Yeah, I'm nuts." She then goes on to say, "We,ve been in Cornwall rehearsing at the rugby club, so we've had pictures of all the rugby... you know they do calendars of the rugby women, that's quite fascinating."

Below the photos I have a complete transcript of Tori's appearance that honeydust kindly sent to me!

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Transcript Of The Show

From honeydust

CARSON: You always look very cool. The last time you were here we were doing the show "MTV Live" if I'm not mistaken with you and Jesse Camp connected in a very cool, cosmic sort of way singing an Aerosmith song...

TORI: How is he? I haven't seen him since then. Is he--

CARSON: I don't know, he sent us a postcard from somewhere. His music career is doing very well-- he's like opening for Kiss or something.

TORI: Well, he should enjoy that (looks to the side, smiles kind of rolling her eyes.).

CARSON: Yeah, and he will enjoy that. Um... 'to venus and back' is a record-- well, it's a couple of records-- that comes out on the 21st of September, which we'll talk about in just a sec-- but you're doing something cool. You're going on the road with Alanis Morrisette--

TORI: Yeah.

CARSON: How'd this tour get sort of, hooked up?

TORI: Um, it was her idea. And her person called my person and said, if you bring your own production, and I bring mine, would you be into it? And both of our crews are really important to us. So we have two separate shows, and we're joining forces.

CARSON: Yeah, it sounds like a lot of fun. I have this whole "Thelma and Louise" thing going in my head.

TORI: Well, she's very funny. And you need a sense of humour when you have 110 men around you and 13 buses and right.. but we have wine on the road..

CARSON: Oh that's what we're talking about, Tori! Now you and I are... right here... yeah...

(Cuts to Silverchair video)

CARSON: And on the record, 'to venus and back' one CD contains live stuff from the 98 tour and the other has 12--

TORI: 11. 11. (holds up hands)

CARSON: 11 new songs. Did you mean to have that-- that many pour out? Wasn't this originally meant to be like a b-sides, oddities kinda thing? And then what happened?

TORI: (looks up) I... I have no idea what happened. I just-- sometimes I don't think you can control when you create. I mean, you'd like to be able to control when you do it, but... I was going to do a b-side record and just do a few extra songs and it just became a whole album.

CARSON: Right. And one of the songs is 'bliss,' and we're going to see some of the video, I believe, we have it right here (points to teeny tv prop thing). And this part of the video is just some, some sort of concert footage from, uh, from where--

(the video comes on at the 'steady as it comes' part of the song. Shots of Tori, a guitar, Caton with his hat, and this girl dancing in a cute 'Raspberry Swirl' kind of way that doesn't really go with the song.)

TORI: One of the shows-- we filmed a few shows where the guy was right on stage with us.

CARSON: The tattoo on the guy's back--

TORI: It's a woman.

CARSON: The tattoo is just out of control-- I think we're going to see it in a second... You have that type of fan. You're the most downloaded artist. Last time when you were here, our interview that we did was on the Internet like 7 minutes after we finished, it went that fast, your fans-- and you're doing something cool that we want to mention-- at Monday, at 8 o'clock, Tori's going to be giving an exclusive, online concert-- it's actually never been done-- and we're calling it 'Tori Amos: Live and Unrehearsed."

(the video is really cute in the background now. cute girls with buns in their hair, smiling at the camera, and that tattoo shows up)

And basically what you're going to do is rehearse and let the online cameras come in and shoot you... and this is new material that you'll be doing.

T: Yeah. I'm nuts. He-hee.

C: Yeah. So uh, how do you feel about that, playing the stuff for--

T: Well, uh, I've played for the crew, and--

C: Crew approved.

T: And it'll wake them up. I think, the band and I we've been in Cornwall rehearsing at the Rugby Club, so we've had pictures of all the-- well, you know they do calendars of all the rugby women there in England...

C Right.

T: And it's quite fascinating...

C: It's about time they include them in those calendars..., you can do that, ah, Monday at 8 o'clock, and uh, I know you have to run, but, thank you...

T: Thank you, Carson, It's been a pleasure. (Waves off-stage with ten fingers to the EWF?)

C: And we're gonna take a break, and when we get back-- she literally has to go!

T: Bye, Carson. (off-camera)

C: Bye, Tori! That was awesome!

T: Hi. How are you? (off-camera, to EWF)

Then they showed a sign from outside that said, "Tori, I dyed my hair red today!" and cut back to Tori chatting with two female EWF, who gave her an eagle feather-gift. You could hear her say, "Oh that's so sweet. Thank you."

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