TV & Radio Appearances - February 1997

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Tori Does An MTV Commercial
February 1997
and throughout 1997

M2 Commercial
February 1997 and thoughout the year

    I was informed by Rebecca & Kimmo that Tori is also featured in a short commercial for MTV's spinoff channel M2. It simply shows several of her video clips, including Cornflake Girl.

MSNBC's The Site
February 28, 1997

    During the week which included July 21, 1996, U.S. cable news network MSNBC aired an interview with Tori on a show called The Site. MSNBC broadcast this interview again on Friday night, February 28 . I have in my archives the complete transcript and some photos from this wonderful interview, which focuses on the internet.

Geraldo Rivera's Talk Show
February 28, 1997

    Tori was interviewed rather briefly on Geraldo Rivera's talk show Friday, February 28, 1997. RAINN and the topic of sexual abuse was the topic, and Tori had some insightful things to say. Courtney Love was also quoted as saying something about Tori that was positive, which is really interesting. This same clip was repeated again in late March 1997, when Geraldo did a show about false rape reports. (The 'problem' of false rape reports is extremely small compared to the problem of rape.)

    Look at photos of the appearance and read reports from Toriphiles Karen and Lisa.

Tori Loses The Grammy Nomination
February 26, 1997

    The Grammy award for Best Alternative Music Performance was presented during the pre-telecast ceremonies on February 26, 1997 and Tori lost to Beck's Odelay. This was not a surprise, but it would have been nice. I guess Tori is ahead of her time.

Toronto Radio Station CFNY 102.1 The Edge
February 25, 1997

    Toriphile Julia told me about a show on Toronto radio station CFNY 102.1 The Edge where they were playing songs by Grammy nominees and short interview clips. Tori was featured and you can read what was aired here.

American Journal
February 21, 1997

    Tori was featured very briefly on American Journal on February 21, 1997. Some people did not see the show until Monday, February 24. RAINN was the focus of the story. It was rather disappointing because it only lasted about 2 minutes and featured comments from Tori during the CK/RAINN press conference from last December. But it was still good to see, and they did show a quick clip from the relatively rare Past The Mission video.

    Read more about what Tori said and see photos. Can you identify the people Tori is hugging?

MTV's Grammy Guide 97
February 21/22, 1997

    Toriphile Raafe sent me the following information about a brief Tori appearance on MTV's Grammy Guide 97 Friday and Saturday night, February 21/22. Jewel Kilcher was the host. The interview clip they showed sounds like the MTV 120 Minutes interview from January 1996.

      I'm not sure if you already know, but Tori was briefly featured on MTV's "Grammy Guide '97." When the nominations for Best Alternative Rock Performance come on screen, Tori is the fourth one mentioned. They have her talking about BFP. She says "this album is a transformation." Then she says something like "I'm a vampire on this album after my boy blood. Then there's a little of this [points to her heart] and a little of this [points to her head]." Then they show a clip of the "Caught A Lite Sneeze" video. Just the part where she goes "Caught a lite sneeze / caught a lite breeze / caught a lightweight lightningseed." They also showed the album cover.

Transmissions (WHFS Radio Program)
February 8, 1997

    BT appeared on a radio show called Transmissions that aired on radio station WHFS in Washington D.C. at Midnight on Saturday, February 8. He mentioned Tori several times.

    Read what BT said.

RAINN Concert On Album Network Radio Stations
February 6-9, 1997
    The RAINN concert was broadcast on a number of Album Network affiliated radio stations during the weekend of February 6-9th. It lasted for a little over an hour, and included 9 songs, including 3 songs that were NOT shown during the Lifetime telecast.

    Read my account of what was played during this broadcast.

MTV News
February 4, 1997

    Tori was briefly mentioned on MTV News several times Tuesday morning, February 4th. Kurt Loder began the story by saying, "One of our favorite piano titans Tori Amos seems to be morphing into a dance-floor queen before our very eyes." He describes the success of Blue Skies and her remixed singles, and goes on to talk about the obvious resemblance between the remixed Professional Widow and a newly remixed Lisa Stansfield/Dirty Rotten Scoundrels track.

    MTV has this story in the News section of their web site.

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