TV & Radio Appearances - July 1996

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Hey Jupiter Video
July 1996

MSNBC's 'The Site'
July 21, 1996

    On Monday, July 15, the MSNBC news network began broadcasting on TV and the web. This is a joint effort between Microsoft and NBC. They had a program called The Site which focused on technology and the Internet (The show has since been cancelled.) One of the stories featured Tori and her web following. This was shown more than once the first week it aired (I saw it Sunday Night, July 21 at 10:00PM Eastern.) I have some photos and a complete transcript of this show. This show was repeated again in August 1996 and on February 28, 1997. At the time they had a companion web site as well, and it contained a list of Tori sites, including The Dent!

    Read a transcript of what Tori said and see photos.

Good Day LA
July 16, 1996

Radio Station KMTV 103.7, Seattle
July 16, 1996

    Torphile Shawna Holman heard an interview on this Seattle radio station. When they asked her if she could compare herself to Hotlips Houlihan from M*A*S*H, she replied, "I'm Radar". This was when they talked about the record label and how she likes to work with a team who wants to reach the same goals as herself. "I'm just the one with the vision," Tori said.

Alex Bennett Radio Show
July 12, 1996

    On July 12, Tori made an appearance on radio station KITS 105 in San Francisco on the Alex Bennett Morning Show. Anthony Kosky was there an posted the following account of what happened to the newsgroup.

    You can see photos from Tori's appearance at this radio station (like the one to the right) by clicking your way to the Little Fascist Panties Web Site.

E! Entertainment News
July 1, 1996

    Tori had a story on the E! News Daily. E! is a cable network in the US. It was a 2 minute story that aired on July 1st discussing the controversy behind a road-side billboard in L.A. promoting Tori's tour that features the famous suckling piglet photo.

    See some screen shots from E! Entertainment

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