TV & Radio Appearances - September 1997

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Second MTV Commercial
September 1997
    Received the following report from Brooke Butler, who saw this commercial Friday night, September 26:

    While watching loveline just now, i saw a new Tori commercial. she's wearing the same outfit as the food one, but she says: (qoute is correct, i taped it) "there are these elements coming into music. rock isn't rock, jazz isn't just jazz, classical isn't just classical. there are becoming no boundaries, right? it's like "oh, can i try that dress on" and then some guy comes and goes "oh, can i try your dress on" and he's not taking my dress. and i'm not taking his dress. but i do love....the merging." During the "classical" part, they show a picture of Tori reaching through a watery film to touch a piano. unfortunately i have not seen any of her videos other then SATY, so i'm not sure if this is from a video, but the footage looked old.

    This commercial looks like it was recorded at the same time as the previous Tori MTV commerical, which appeared earlier in 1997. Read about that one here.

News Story On NBC Affiliate In Tampa
September ?, 1997

    The following was posted to the Thoughts Right Now mailing list by Scott.

    A day or two ago, the NBC affiliate out of Tampa, Fl. ran a special interest piece on a girl in Winter Haven Fl. who had gotten stiffed by ta-da... the Upside Down fan club. The fan club is based in Clearwater, Fl. as you may know and has been the subject of controversy for the lack of attention (to put it nicely) it has paid to subscribers new and old alike. The person who runs it has garnered a bit of controversy for this... Said person sent a letter to the station responding to the situation (he wouldn't sit for an interview) claiming someone working for him stole from him, etc. (This is slightly old news I know...) Anyway, the girl was sent some Tori paraphenalia to appease her I suppose, but what about everyone else who had their $20 checks cashed to no avail? The piece also stated that a couple from Ohio were taking over the fan club, which I'm sure is the wonderful Caldwells from RDT. Interesting piece.

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