Tori Briefly Featured On Toronto Radio Station CFNY 102.1 The Edge
February 25, 1996

Julia emailed me with this information:

Hello Mike! I was just listening to 102.1 The Edge (a Toronto radio station) and they were playing interviews and songs of Grammy Nominees. Tori was one of them and they had a short interview that was taken in 1996. It goes as follows:

Radio DJ: Our next nominee is Tori Amos with her album 'Boys for Pele'. When I first heard about this album, I thought it was going to be about the soccer player named Pele, but Tori threw everyone a big, fat curveball. The title actually has to do with the Hawaiian volcano goddess and the album is a pretty heavy account of a break-up she went through before she recorded it. Here's what Tori had to say about how that break-up affected her....

Tori: "How am I going to not be bitter, I kinda do wanna be bitter some days, you know, it's okay to let the rage come. I can't pretend that it didn't happen anymore, but, there is a man that I'm pushing out of my life, who, he's the one that is emotionally available, I'm emotionally unavailable, sometimes physically unavailable, because, this intimate thing, I want but I can't open up to".

This was followed by 'Caught a Lite Sneeze'.

Well that's it. Oh I forgot to mention, this was on at around 10:30pm on Tuesday.

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