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Tori Amos On Television & Radio
August 2002

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Live From The Lounge
August 27, 2002 and later

Women 2 Watch (MTV2)
August 31, 2002 and later

CFNY 102.1 (the Edge) radio interview (Toronto)
August 30, 2002

'2 meter session' from 1992 (The Netherlands)
August 25, 2002

    A 1992 '2 meter session' rerun was broadcast on August 25, 2002 on Dutch Kink FM in The Netherlands. This program was recorded accoustic on February 3, 1992. This broadcast included Tori performing Crucify, Silent All These Years and Leather.

VH1 News (U.S.)
August 20, 2002

Alice 97.3 radio interview in San Francisco
August 20, 2002

Star 101.3 radio interview in San Francisco
August 20, 2002

    Tori made a brief appearance on radio station Star 101.3 in San Francisco, CA. They played a sorta fairytale and Tori mention her tour, stating that it is planned to start in early November 2002. I have no further details. Thanks to Woj for this info.

Star 98.7 radio interview in Los Angeles
August 19, 2002

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