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Live From The Lounge
August 27, 2002

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Tori was interviewed on the syndicated radio show Live From The Lounge with Ryan Seacrest which started broadcasting on several radio stations on August 27, 2002. Since the show is syndicated, it is aired on stations all over the country at different dates and times. (Many broadcast it on September 1, 2002.)

We know that Tori stopped by radio station Star 98.7 in Los Angeles, CA on August 19, 2002, and was interviewed over the air by Ryan Seacrest. (Click here to read about that interview.) Live From The Lounge replayed a portion of that earlier interview, along with more. They also brodcast Tori's 2001 performance of Silent All These Years from an earlier appearance on Live From The Lounge, and revealed facts about the Scarlet's Walk. Among the revelations was the fact that the album has 18 tracks and a sorta fairytale is the second track and gold dust was the last. (Thanks Krista.)

sylphgirl gave the Dent these datails about Tori's appearance on Live From The Lounge:

The main topics of conversation were of the new album (Scarlet's Walk), of course, of the porn industry, and of dealing with people in the music industry. Tori also talked a little about being Tash's mommy.

Here is what I was able to capture from the interview. (It's not an exact transcript, but it is pretty detailed...)

Tori mentioned Scarlet's walk was recorded in North Cornwall at Martian studios, a 250-year-old barn, which she owns (with other people). She said that Peter Gabriel gaver her the advice years ago to own her own studio so that "hypothetically" if you fall out with the record label, they have to call the studio owners to get the tapes.

She said that the barn is a combined version of, "All the best parts of studios from around the world that we loved...put into one place."

She described it as a "stationary tour bus" and said that because the crew and chefs, etc. were all there, it was like an extended family gathering. Ryan asked if he could get a job at the barn, and Tori said that he could wax the eyebrows of the crew!!! (Hehehe...)

:::"A Sorta Fairytale" was played (the radio edited version):::

After a commercial break, Tori was saying that she was "fascinated" by Ryan. Ryan asked about the Ventura 101 and the album. Tori said that "A Sorta Fairytale" is song number 2 on the album...and that the album is about Scarlet's roadtrip/journey from West (Beginning in S. California, in LA's valley) and going slowly East. She said the journey starts when Scarlet's friend, the porn star, calls her up because she's having a tough time and Scarlet goes to visit her in LA.

She talked at length about the porn industry and the women involved in it, saying, "It's for many reasons why some of them do it. I've always had a place in my heart for these women.... Some of their stories are really intriguing, and some of these women have been very good acquaintances of mine..."

:::Phone call from Beth asking how Tori got the idea to use characters as Tori does in her songs:::

In response, Tori says that the record is a story and it is based on real people and real events. "It's a place where I can hide a little bit being Scarlet." (Tori also said that through the pretty much the whole record, she is Scarlet.) The story is of Scarlet's road trip, and she mentioned that it took ten years of research through touring the country...

:::The previous conversation is continued:::

Tori says that after the porn star friend (Amber Waves) calls her up, Scarlet goes to L.A., and they go south to Laguna (?). Ryan asks her something like, "Beautiful stay at the Ritz?" and Tori replies with "I don't talk about where I stay or who I sleep with, but, everywhere else, you know the towns, you know certain historical sites that we stop by. And this will come alive in the CD; you'll be able to follow her journey intimately." She also said that, despite this, she still left room for interpretation and imagination. She said that she loves books because they come alive for her and she can imagine certain outcomes...and she wants the same to be true for this album.

One thing I found especially interesting was a comment about Amber Waves which tied in the theme of America (post Sept. 11) really well for me. She said that because the porn star's name is Amber Waves, "*Maybe* it's a personification of America being a porn star and being pimped out by people that really don't know her soul."

She said the album starts with a soman at that place of " friends, no life, ...Where do I go from here? What do I do now?"

Ryan related this to what's really behind the glamorous looks of people who can appear to have everything are really lonely. Tori said it's that, "People wanted them for all the wrong reasons. These women are people! ...They can be funny. They can cry. They can blush. They can go, 'I'm really shy!' They're not allowed to be shy!! Sometimes there are no boundaries with these women from other people because we think we have an entitlement to undress them any time we want..." She gave an example, saying, "It's sort of like--can you imagine--as a singer, I would walk into places...and people would say, 'Hey! Sing at my wedding! Do this!...' I just came as a friend today..."

Ryan asked how the record affected her...if it was therapeutic in any way.... Tori said, "This record is a story. It's about [how] the characters that Scarlet meets--Scarlet being me--changes the way she sees the world, changes the way she thinks..."

:::"Silent All These Years" was played live:::

Ryan asks if Tori agrees with Sheryl Crow that it's difficult even now for people to accept female artists with creative control. Tori said that she thinks the public is open to it and sometimes even drawn to it, but that, within the industry, "they call us control freaks... You see, because they can't call their mate up that they play raquetball with and say, (Tori uses an amusing impersonation of men in the industry) 'Just get Tori to do this other thing...I mean, come on, she's just getting a little weird on us. What's she talking about?! ...Tori and the porno--I don't know--and is it America...What is she doing? You know, the Christians are gonna hate her...' Craziness. ...Well, I say call the producer. She's *very* happy to talk to you..." =)

Ryan clarified that Tori is her own producer, and they talked about what that's like for Tori. Tori said she compartmentalizes in order to separate the producer from the artist. "I say, 'You go play with Tash now...'" She also said that the producer is the protector of the artist, because "...It has to be safe to record them and sing them."

Ryan asked Tori if the crew understood that that the producer was separate from "the girl that sings her heart out" (as Tori put it). The crew nodded yes.

As for the industry, Tori said, "Let's face it. They need to be able to express their fears or I should not have taken the job as producer."

Ryan said that there are plenty of young artists who look up to Tori and her music....and he asked Tori how she felt about this and if she was ever critical of them because she had had more experience as a musician... Tori said she was excited about this, actually...and that she feels like it is important to nurture singers and songwriters who are not Pop-Idol-ish. She said that she hopes that, after becoming a mom, she can hold a place and be loving and supportive , proud and encouring...and just really nurturing. She also made the following comments: "It's so easy to knock someone down. When is it ever enough?" "...I find is the time for women that have done it for a long pass the torch."

:::Vanessa Carlton's "1,000 Miles" is played:::

:::A phone call is received from Stacey, who asks if there is one song in particular that sets the tone for the album:::

Tori says there are 18 songs on the album and that the album goes through every state. She said that "Gold Dust" ends the record and is where the journey ends...and that, while it's hard to pick any one song because it's a whole story really and each song is a chapter and they're all inter-related, she might say "Gold Dust". About the song "Gold Dust", she said, "My mom and I listen to it together and hold each other's hands and cry."

:::An e-mailed question was taken. The question was if Tori had a daily hobby or activity that helps to bring out the best in her creativity:::

Tori answered that, more recently, she's been listening to a lot of musicals because her daughter Tash loves them...and that she might not have done that otherwise. She said, "I've let myself do things that maybe a grown-up woman wouldn't do," and gave examples such as playing in the garden and putting on rain boots and jumping into puddles and (This was soooo cute!!!) just going, "Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp!" ...and getting muddy. "I'm having fun..."

Ryan thanked Tori for being there, and Tori, in turn, thanked him.

Nicole tells me this about what she heard on this program:

Tori says that if she had to pick a song that sets the tone the most for the album, it would perhaps be "Gold Dust," which is where Scarlet's journey ends (last track on the album). She also said that there are 18 tracks on the album (I think that's right, at least) and that you can't really isolate one track from the others, because it's a story...

Danny adds:

Tori mentioned something really touching on Gold Dust. That when Tori and her mom listen to Gold Dust, they hold hands and cry together.

Michele adds:

Just to clarify a little...Tori didn't play SATY during Live on the Lounge this time around. They replayed her performance from 2001.

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