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August 19, 2002

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VH1 in the U.S., starting on August 19, 2002, featured several times a newsflash that talked about Scarlet's Walk and included a video clip of Tori. David Salazar sent me two screen shots you can see below.

Woj posted these details about the news clip on the Precious Things mailing list:

[announcer standing in front and to the side of a tv monitor displaying the half-shot of Tori. the image is actually a polaroid with tori's half face along the side with the thicker border. "Tori Amos Scarlet's Walk" is written along the thick border]

Announcer: Tori Amos' upcoming new CD, Scarlet's Walk, is a concept album about a roadtrip across America. Among the observations made on the trip is the prevelance of misoygny and homophobia in pop culture.

[cut to Tori, wearing a pinkish, off-the-shoulder on one side shirt]

Tori: There's a lot of, um, I guess you could say, similar ideaology between the right-wing and some young hipsters. You know, it's just like Jesse Helms in tattoos.

[cut back to announcer]

Announcer: Scarlet's Walk hits stores October 29th. For more music news, go to,. I'm Rachel Perry.

Thanks also to Alisha Parker, David Salazar, Jenny N, Cindy Talley, and Jennie Alibasic who also told me about this!

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