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Women 2 Watch (MTV2)
August 31, 2002 and later times

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Tori was interviewed and was the co-host of a program on MTV2in the U.S. called Women 2 Watch. MTV2 first broadcast this program on Saturday, August 31, 2002. It was shown many more times over that Labor Day weekend and will likely pop up again. (Keep checking your local listings. The show is actually called Artists To Watch, and this episode called Women To Watch.) It was also shown on MTV as well. Below you can see some screen shots from the appearance that I created, as well as a nice transcript of the interview from Woj. Tori was interviewed by co-host Abby Gennet and the program basically featured videos by women that are just coming up in the business. Sadly, they did not show any Tori videos, including a sorta fairytale.


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Many thanks to Woj who posted this to various Tori mailing lists.

Women 2 Watch
Hosted by Abby Gennet and Tori Amos

Abby: This is Women 2 Watch with our very special guest, Ms. Tori Amos, who has a new album out called Scaerlet's Walk which is out October 29th. Now, what were some of your inspirations for this album?

Tori: Well, this album's a story and it's about a woman taking a road trip. So, she's working her way from the west coast to the east coast slowly and she meets people who make her question waht she believes in and has her asking, um, you know, who is America and where is her soul?

A: Ohhh, I heard a rumor that this woman might be a porn that true?

T: No, she goes to visit her friend who's a porn star.

A: Oh, ok. There was some kind of porn star happening in it...

T: There's always a porn star somewhere in my life...

A: Well, this half hour taking a look at women we should be watching this year, that are going to hit it big. We're going to see one from Avril Lavigne who's very young. Now, what kind of advice would you give a girl who's just starting out in the music industry.

T: Well, not knowing her myself, but just.... I've been given some pretty good advice along the way and somebody said to me once that you can be radical in your content and still respect people on your way up, and that stayed with me.

A: Well, that's good. That's good advice. Avril, if you're watching, take notes. Alright, we're going to see one from _Let Go Now_, it's called "Sk8er Boi".

[Avril Lavigne - "Sk8er Boi" video]

[Layma - "Empires" video]

[Commercial break]

A: We're taking a look at women to watch with Tori Amos. Now, Tori, you're such a huge influence on some many female artists -- and male artists. I know my brother is a huge fan of yours. So, how's it feel when people approach you and, like, tell you what an inspiration you are to them?

T: Well, it feels wonderful. You want to hold a space for people. Me becoming a mom has made me want to, I don't know, pass the torch and be supportive to other people.

A: That's good.

T: Feels good.

A: Yeah, it should. We're about to see one from Floetry now. Have you heard -- have you seen this video?

T: I have seen this video.


T: I love the relationship between these two women. I think sometimes, um, the compativeness between women can's really sad.

A: Yeah, they get catty.

T: Yeah...they can. We can! And to see these two women work, it's inspiring.

A: Yeah, it's cool. And they have their own little genre going around. They throw some, like, hip-hop and some reggae and some other kind of vintage pop or something in there. Plus, their poetry. Right? Let's check it out. From Floetry, it's "Floetic".

[Floetry "Floetic" video]

[Commercial break]

[Norah Jones "Don't Know Why" video]

A: That was Norah Jones, a woman we think you should be keeping an eye on this year. Now, Norah faced a lot of difficulties at the beginning since she felt she had to defend herself against people that maybe thought she was just another pretty face or that maybe she was riding the coattails of her father, who is Ravi Shankar. So, what kind of challenges did you face when you were starting out?

T: I think the trickiest time was after you have a successful record and you're making the next one. Everybody gets a little paranoid and it's so importnat not to get drawn into that, because then you forget how to be a pioneer and that's what got you where you are in the first place, especially if you're a good songwriter.

A: So it's almost like you're doing it for the audience now and it's not like the fiorst one was for you.

T: Well, you've got still have to be true to the muse because the audience, let's face it, they are hoping you know what you're doing.

A: Yeah, and they're tough.

T: Well, I don't make a record, um, by committe. I can't do that. I have to stay true to the music and um... Everybody has an opinion and if i listen to everybody, the record's would never get finished.

A: Listen to what's in here [points at her heart]

T: And you have to make it different everytime, you know, you don't make love twice the same way.

A: No, never! Listen to that girls! Pay attention! And make sure you check out Scarlet's Walk which is coming out October 29th and you will be going on tour, also, this fall. Will you be bringing baby with you?

T: She's coming. Um, with our Harry Potter broomsticks...

A: Nice!

T: I think that we have a whole group of people coming, we're very excited.

A: I'm looking forward to it and seeing if you do any Zeppelin covers, I love when you do those.

T: There's always one! There's always one in the back pocket.

A: Alright, well, thank you for coming and it was great hanging. Thank you guys for watching. We'll see you soon.


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