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Summary of Tori's Concert Tours

Updated March 1, 2005

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Tori's 2005 Original Sinsuality Tour

Click here for details about this tour, which is her most current! The tour will include a solo tour in the U.S. in April 2005, followed by a European Tour in late Spring/Early Summer 2005 and finally a tour with the band in the U.S. during Summer 2005.

Tori's Summer 2003 Lottapianos Tour

This tour was really a continuation of the Scarlet's Walk tour documented below. However, since Tori was touring with Ben Folds, who is also an amazing piano player, they decided to call this leg the Lottapianos Tour. They used the drawing you see to the right to promote it. This summer tour began on July 26, 2003 in Redmond, WA and ended on September 4, 2003 in West Palm Beach, FL. This part of the tour was only in the U.S. and one Canadian date in Toronto, ONT.

Go to the Dent's Lottapianos Tour Page for detailed information about the 2003 Lottapianos Tour, including a complete tour schedule and reviews & set lists.

Tori's 2002/2003 Scarlet's Walk Tour

Also know as On Scarlet's Walk, this tour was surprising both in its length and in some of the unusual places she played. (Such as Rapid City, South Dakota!) Tori was once again with her band. Matt Chamberlain as drummer and Jon Evans on bass. There is no guitar player on the tour! Tori played three instruments. Her Bosey on the right (from the audiences perspective) and the Rhodes and Wurlitzer keyboards on the left. The tour began on November 7, 2002 in Tampa, FL and the first U.S. leg ended on December 21, 2002 in San Francisco, CA. Tori then toured Europe for a few weeks, beginning in Glasgow, U.K. on January 12, 2003 and ending in Frankfurt, Germany on February 5, 2003. The second leg of the U.S. tour began February 20, 2003 in Boca Raton, FL and ended April 29, 2003 in New Orleans, LA. (The photo to the left shows Tori during this tour and was printed in the January 22, 2003 edition of the FAZ , or Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung , a German newspaper. The opening act during the first North American leg in 2002 and in Europe in early 2003 was Howie Day. During the second leg of her tour in North America, she had various people open for her, including Jeffrey Gaines and Rhett Miller.

Go to the Dent's Scarlet's Walk Tour Page for detailed information about the 2002/2003 Scarlet's Walk Tour, including a complete tour schedule and reviews & set lists.

Tori's 2001 StrangeLittleTour

Tori toured during Fall 2001 to support her album "Strange Little Girls". Tori performed solo (by herself at the keyboards) for the first time since 1994! The tour included 38 shows in North America, and 16 concerts in Europe. The tour began with a special show in London, U.K. on August 30, 2001. Tori then toured the U.S. and Canada from September 28, 2001 through November 20, 2001. She began the tour in West Palm Beach, FL and ended it with two concerts in one night in San Diego, CA. (That was the only time she did two shows in one night on this tour and the first time she did that since 1996!) The European leg of the tour began November 27, 2001 in Paris, France and ended December 17, 2001 in Milan, Italy. Tori was very self-assured and happy on stage, and varied the set list considerably. While some of the shows may have lacked the explosive qualities that marked previous tours, they seemed richer and more dimensional. Tori also performed many covers that she never did live before. Most Toriphiles seemed to agree that Tori was in top form and that it was a very memorable tour!

Go to the StrangeLittleTour Page for detailed information about the 2001 concerts Tori performed, including reviews and set lists.

1999 "5 1/2 Weeks Tour" with Alanis Morissette

Tori also did 18 concerts by herself in 99

Tori co-headlined a series of dates with Alanis Morissette from August 18, 1999 until September 26, 1999. The tour was called the "5 1/2 Weeks Tour." The tour included 28 dates in the U.S. and Canada. Tori did those concerts with her band. The concerts also supported her album "to venus and back" which was released during the tour. After the tour with Alanis, Tori went on alone to perform 9 more dates in the U.S. with her band from September 29, 1999 until October 15, 1999. (I am counting the VH1 Hard Rock Live Taping as a show!) She then went over to Europe where she performed an incredible solo show alone at the piano in London, England on October 29, 1999. This was the first time she performed a major concert without a band since 1996. She then went on to do a promotional tour of Europe, mainly making TV/radio appearances and doing a mini-concert in Hilversum, Netherlands on November 5, 1999. (Once again without the band.) She returned to the states and did 7 more shows alone at the piano from November 28, 1999 until December 11, 1999. These last 7 shows were special radio promotional concerts and were shorter than usual.

Go to the 5 1/2 Weeks Tour Page for detailed information about all the 1999 concerts Tori performed, including reviews and set lists.

The Plugged '98 Tour

Tori toured extensively in 1998 to support her album "from the choirgirl hotel", which was released in early May 1998. The tour began with a short sneak preview club tour in the U.S. and Canada, which began on April 18, 1998 and ended May 7, 1998. She then did the European leg of the tour from May 20, 1998 until July 5, 1998. Then the main leg of the North American tour (U.S. and Canada) started on July 15, 1998 and continued until December 3, 1998. Tori did 137 concerts overall, and they all included her band.

Go to the Plugged '98 Tour Page for detailed information about this tour, including reviews and set lists.

1996 Dew Drop Inn Tour

Like the tours above, The Dent covered Tori's 1996 Dew Drop Inn tour extensively. Tori did 187 shows during this epic tour, which promoted her album "Boys For Pele." She was alone at the piano (or Harpsichord) during part of the show and accompanied by Steve Caton on guitar during some songs. This tour began in Europe. The European leg went from February 23, 1996 until March 29, 1996. She then toured in North America (U.S. and Canada) from April 9, 1996 until November 11, 1996. The last 2 regular shows were in Boulder, CO, and some say that the Boulder shows were some of the most emotional and powerful shows she has performed. Tori did 2 more live performances after Boulder. She appeared at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas Concert on December 13, 1996 in L.A. and did the RAINN benefit concert in New York on January 23, 1997.

Go to the Dew Drop Inn Page for detailed information about this tour, including reviews and set lists.

1994 Under The Pink Tour

Tori toured in 1994 to promote her "Under The Pink" album. Tori performed all these concerts, roughly 169 shows, alone at the piano. The tour began with some dates in England and Scotland from February 24, 1994 until March 7, 1994. Tori then did a short promotional kind of tour in the U.S. and Canada from March 20, 1994 until April 2, 1994. Then she went back to Europe for a series of dates from April 5, 1994 until May 9, 1994. Then she did the main leg of the U.S./Canadian tour from June 7, 1994 until November 8, 1994. Tori then did 3 dates in Tokyo, Japan from November 22, 1994 until November 24, 1994. She ended the tour in Australia and New Zealand, doing concerts from November 30, 1994 until December 13, 1994. (This would be the last time in the 90's she would visit Australia.)

The Dent did not exist during this tour, and so I did not get to document it. You can find some set lists from the 1994 Under The Pink tour on this web page, but they are very incomplete and not perfect... You can also find some 1994 set lists and stats at Sped's Tori Amos Set List Database.

1992 Little Earthquakes Tour

Tori's 1992 Little Earthquakes tour was her first. Tori played alone at the piano, mainly in small bars with no fancy lighting. This tour had a feel and look unlike any of the later tours. It was extremely personal since people were often right up against the piano at many venues. Tori did roughly 140 shows. Tori began this tour in Europe, doing dates from January 29, 1992 until April 11, 1992. She then came to the U.S. and Canada for a short promotional tour from April 20, 1992 until May 11, 1992. Tori followed with 2 concerts in Australia on May 23 and May 25, 1992. She then did her only concert in Taipei, Taiwan on May 30, 1992. Tori returned to Europe for concerts from June 6, 1992 until June 14, 1992. She then did her only date in Tel Aviv, Israel on June 28, 1992. She then performed twice in Iceland on July 23 and 24, 1992. Tori began the main leg of her U.S. and Canadian tour in Louisville, KY (my home town and the show when I discovered her music!) on July 30, 1992. The North American tour continued until November 16, 1992. She ended the tour with dates in New Zealand and Australia from November 21, 1992 until November 30, 1992.

The Dent also did not exist during this tour, and so I did not get to document it. The Dent did post one concert review from this tour from the San Diego, CA show on May 10, 1992. This was likely the first Tori Amos concert review ever posted on the net! (These were the early days when there was no web, only mailing lists and newsgroups!) You can also see Tori perform in 1992 if you are able to find and purchase/trade for a copy of the 1992 Little Earthquakes video that was commercially released. This was the tour when I discovered Tori's music and began my life as a Toriphile. You can read about my first Tori show in Louisville, KY on July 30, 1992 and I have also created a page that talks about the 1992 tour t-shirt I purchased at that show and the fact that the tour schedule printed on the shirt differs from the tour schedule printed in Tori's "All these Years" authorized biography. You can see scans of this shirt as well. Finally, you can find some scattered set lists and stats at Sped's Tori Amos Set List Database.

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