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to venus and back

Updated June 30, 2001

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  • Below you will find the latest information I have on how the album "to venus and back" and some of its singles are doing on various music charts.

    "Concertina" On The U.S. Charts

    Concertina appeared on Radio & Records' Adult Alternative Chart. It debuted at #29 for the week ending January 21, 2000, and was #19 for the week ending January 28, 2000. For the week ending February 4, 2000, the song fell to #24, and then fell to #25 on the February 11, 2000 chart. The song stayed at #25 on the February 18, 2000 chart, and then remained at #25 once again on the February 25, 2000 chart. The song fell to #27 on the March 3, 2000 chart and fell off the chart March 10, 2000 because of new debuts from Fiona Apple, Aimee Mann, and Gomez.

    The song entered the Gavin AAA chart at #18 for the week ending February 4, 2000, and then fell one place to #19 for February 11,2000. The song fell off this chart on February 18, 2000 thanks to Bob Dylan's song from Wonder Boys. (Special thanks to Matthew for sending me this info.)

    1000 Oceans U.S. Single

    Clitoral Blue Pea posted to the Dent forum that Tori's "1000 Oceans" single made it to the following peak position on this Billboard chart in the U.S. Funny it would do so well in sales and yet because of lack of airplay the song never made it on the actually Hot 100 Singles chart!

    Billboard Single Sales: 22

    Bliss U.S. Single

    Clitoral Blue Pea posted to the Dent forum that Tori's "Bliss" single made it to the following peak positions on Billboard Magazine's charts in the U.S.

    Hot 100 Singles: 91
    Singles Airplay: 89
    Single Sales: 97

    "to venus and back" On The French Charts

    Tristan sent me the following information in early 2000:

      Just to let you know about "To Venus And Back" positions in the French charts (official IFOP best-selling records, it's a Top 75) :

      09-25-99 : 31
      10-02-99 : 51
      10-09-99 : 75

      And while I'm at it, here are the positions of "from the choirgirl hotel" :

      05-02-98 : 46
      05-09-98 : 30
      05-16-98 : 47
      05-23-98 : 59

      These are not very exciting positions, but they're the only official record sales in France.

    "to venus and back" Has Highest Debut In The World On The Australian ARIA Chart!

    In the week ending October 10, 1999, Tori's album "to venus and back" debuted at #6 on the Australian ARIA Chart! This appears to be the hightest official chart position that "to venus and back" reached in the world. After its debut, the album fell to #16, and then held positions 34 and 38. Thanks to the many Australians who told me about this!

    "Glory Of The 80s" On The U.K. Singles Chart

    James Chapman tells me that Glory Of The 80s debuted on the official U.K. chart at a low #46. It is very disappointing as the single will likely get little or no radio play at that level of the chart. The Top of the Pops appearance may also be in doubt, as the show normally only features songs in the Top 40. I think this is the worst performance (sales-wise!) of a Tori single since God. This was likely due in part to the big fiasco with the single that you can read about on my Glory Of The 80s Page.

    "to venus and back" On The Billboard Top 200 U.S. Album Chart

    "to venus and back" debuted at #12 in the U.S. on Billboard's Top 200 Album Chart for the week of October 9, 1999. Considering it is a double album, I think that is quite good! It sold 112,000 Units. "The Fragile" from Nine Inch Nails debuted at #1.

    For the week of October 16, 1999, the album fell to #27 in its second week on the chart. However, it it did jump from #6 to #1 on Billboard's internet album sales chart! (Thanks to Alex.)

    "to venus and back" On The U.K. Album Charts

    Pete Lambert reports that TVAB was listed on the BBC web site as being a new entry at #22 in the official UK album chart.

    Pete later reported that TVAB has fallen from 22 to 46 on the official UK album chart although HMV, the largest (i think) music store chain have it climbing on their in-store-only chart from outside the top 40 in the first week to number 15 this week.›Still not doing badly considering the promotion hasn't really started yet... › ›

    Megasus reports that TVAB was listed on the Music Metropolis web site as being #25 on the UK Top 50. I am not sure how this chart and the BBC one compare.

    "to venus and back" On The German Album Charts

    Timmy and Klaus Braun report that TVAB entered the German album charts at #11.

    "to venus and back" In The Scandinavia Charts

    Vidar Bergum reports: These are the debut positions of "To venus and back" in Scandinavia:

    -- Norway: 10
    -- Sweden: 49

    "to venus and back" In The Finnish Charts

    Katja Laitinen reports that TVAB debuted at #30 at the official Finnish chart, which is pretty OK considering that "From The Choirgirl Hotel" didn't make it to TOP 40 at all and "Venus" being a double album.

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