TV & Radio Appearances - December 1999

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KROQ's 106.7 Biggest Bands Of All Time, Most Request Songs Of The Decade, And Top 106.7 Songs Of 1999
Late December 1999
    KROQ 106.7FM in Los Angeles, CA has had a series of countdowns and Tori appears in several places. Jessica Auck says that Tori was voted #26 in the station's 106.7 Biggest Bands Of All Time. The Beastie Boys were #1. Stefan Caiafa also found the station's Top 300 Most Requested Songs of the Decade and Tori's "Silent All These Years" was #70 and Cornflake Girl was #147. Finally, Vestan reports that "Bliss" was #82 in KROQ's Top 106.7 Songs Of 1999. Complete lists for everything can be found on the KROQ web site.

Philly Radio Station WXPN Makes TVAB The #30 Album Of 1999
December 1999
    Melissa (Andromeda Rising) reports the following:

      A friend of mine was driving around East Baltimore today where he can pick up the Philly station WXPN. The station is playing the top 50 albums of 1999. To Venus and Back was number 30. The list of the winners is located at the WXPN web site.

MTV Asia's Top 2000 Videos Of The Millenium
December 1999
    Tom from the Philippines and Stefan Caiafa inform me that Tori has 10 videos in MTV Asia's Top 2000 videos for the Millennium. The videos are:

    #1985 Silent All These Years
    #1620 Smells Like Teen Spirit
    #1487 Professional Widow
    #1242 Cornflake Girl
    #1141 Caugh A Lite Sneeze
    #1018 Spark
    #962 Jackie's Strength
    #866 Talula
    #587 Crucify
    #497 1000 Oceans

Top 500 HFS Songs Of The 90s
December 1999

    Tori In The "Top 500 HFS Songs Of The 90's" Four Times!
    Radio station WHFS in Washington D.C. recently announced their Top 500 HFS Songs Of The 90s and Tori has 4 songs listed. They were:

    #40 - Silent All These Years
    #121 - Cornflake Girl
    #180 - Crucify
    #320 - God

Channel 103.1FM
December 17, 1999
    On Friday, December 17, 1999 around 9:00AM PT, Tori played a few songs live and did an interview on radio station 103.1 ("World Class Rock") in Los Angeles, CA. She was in Studio C with DJ Andy Chanley. Several sources told me that the performance and interview was repeated again that evening around 9:00PM. Tori performed Concertina, Purple People and Lust. Thanks to Julie and Morgan for filling me in on the details. (You could listen live on the net, but I was working at the time.) Read a complete transcript of the interview in my TV/Radio archives.

Italian TV Program "MediaMente"
December 16, 1999
    Toriphile heles reports that Tori was featured on December 16, 1999 on the Italian TV show MediaMente on Italian National TV, RAI Channel 3. This show is about multimedia, technology and communications and each episode includes a break for a music video that uses digital effects. During this episode they showed the Glory Of The 80s video and briefly commented on it!

VH1 At Work
December 15, 1999
    VH1 has a radio station called VH1 At Work that they stream over the Internet (Using RealAudio, Quicktime 4.0, or the Windows Media Player). On Wednesday, December 15, 1999 at 2:00PM ET, Tori was the DJ for an hour and she played 12 songs that she selected, giving a little commentary on some of them. I missed the first song and missed the 5th one, but otherwise I did write down the artists she played. If someone else has the name of the 2 artists I am missing or if you know the names of all the songs, please email me. I would also love a transcript if someone managed to record it!

    The program was called "Goofing Off At Work" and Tori would say stuff about the artists she was playing after every 2 songs or so. Here is a list of the artists she selected:

    1. "Sexy Boy" by Air (a French group)
    2. Ben Harper
    3. PJ Harvey
    4. Beastie Boys
    5. ????
    6. Jimi Hendrix
    7. Blondie
    8. Faithless
    9. Pretenders
    10. Bjork
    11. The Cure
    12. Pulp

The View
December 8, 1999
    As expected, Tori was on the ABC program The View on Wednesday, December 8, 1999. She was briefly interviewed by co-host Lisa Ling and then performed 1000 Oceans. For more details and photos from the appearance, go to my TV/Radio Archive.

VH1 Talk Music (U.K.)
December 4, 1999 & other times
    Tori performed on VH1 "Talk Music" on U.K. television. The program was first broadcast on December 4, 1999 and was repeated on December 6, 8 & 10, 1999. Tori played "Pretty Good Year" on the show. Thanks to Lucy Bennett for first telling me about it. Claire Stigter made some screen shots from Tori's performance, and you can find those in my TV/Radio Archive.

Tori Parodied On Saturday Night Live
December 4, 1999
    On Saturday night, December 4, 1999, Tori was parodied on Saturday Night Live. It happened 20 minutes into the broadcast, as part of a satire of ads for holiday music recordings. Molly Shannon was playing Tori and was humping the piano bench and eating (and licking) the microphone. For more details and photos, click here.

WFNX Radio Interview
December 3, 1999

FNX Radio Network Airing Of The Boston AIDS Benefit
December 3 & 5, 1999

    Starting at roughly 6:17PM ET on Friday, December 3, 1999, Tori did a live performance and Q & A session to benefit the Massachusetts chapter of the AIDS Action Committee for the FNX Radio Network in Boston, MA. The performance took place at The Modern, located at 36 Lansdowne Street in Boston. Tickets to this event were not sold to the public. They were given away on the radio and the FNX Radio Network auctioned off the remaining tickets on World AIDS day, which was December 1, 1999. (Some of the tickets for that auction went for THOUSANDS of dollars!) The FNX Radio network aired this live on their stations in Boston (101.7 FM), the Back Bay (101.3 FM), Portland to Portsmouth (92.1) and Manchester/ Metrowest (92.1 FM). I listened to the performance live over the net and really enjoyed it. Tori performed 6 songs and answered a few questions between each song. She said some really interesting funny things. For more details about the performance, go to my Boston AIDS Benefit page. Zach Brooks reports that there was a re-broadcast of the show on Sunday night, December 5, 1999 at 11:00PM EST.

Radio 104 Interview In Hartford, CT
December 1, 1999
    Toriphile Andy informed me that on the morning of December 1, 1999, Tori did an interview with radio station WMRQ (Radio 104) in Hartford, CT to promote the "Jingle Bell Jam" that took place on December 2, 1999. The interview was with morning DJ Dee Snider, who was the former lead singer of Twisted Sister. (Dee Snider also was an announcer at the Jingle Bell Jam.) If anyone has a transcript of this interview or can provide more details, please email me. Here is what Andy said about the interview:

    Because the morning DJ is Dee Snider, the former lead singer of Twisted Singer, they spent most of the time talking about Y Kant Tori Read. Tori said some things I hadn't heard her before; most touching was when she talked about her transition between YKTR and the present Tori. She also talked a bit about her duet with Robert Plant. Overall, she sounded like she was in a good mood.

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