Tori on The View
December 8, 1999

As expected, Tori was on the ABC program The View on Wednesday, December 8, 1999. She was briefly interviewed by co-host Lisa Ling and then performed 1000 Oceans. The interview was very brief. You can read a transcript below, a comment from someone at the taping, and see some photos created by Heather G. and a few I created. Some people found this appearance to be quite negative on the part of Tori, but I did not agree. I think she was just camera shy as usual and perhaps a bit tired. The interview was really too short to really analyze.


Lisa Ling: Where other artists hide behind their music, Tori Amos uses hers to reveal who she really is. She sings from the core of her soul and her fans respond with an almost religious devotion. Her latest CD "To Venus And Back" is testimony to just how wide and deep her river runs. Please welcome, everyone, Tori Amos.

(camera view pans over to Tori, Lisa walks over and joins Tori on the side of the musical set, Tori waves to the crowd)

Lisa Ling: Tori, this is such a thrill for me because I saw you years ago in Sacramento, California just when you were starting and you know your writing and music inspires so much emotion but.. what inspires you?

Tori Amos: Food.

LL: Food? That's it?

Tori: Racing my boat. I like to race my boat but it blew up.

LL: So you, ok.. so that's what the inspiration is..

Tori: I gotta get another boat. I like being on the water.

LL: You know I.. for some reason I thought it was so much deeper but.. hey you know?! (nervous giggle) Well here, you want to convey some of this emotion from this food today for us? Okay, here to sing "1000 Oceans" off her remarkable new CD "to venus and back" please give it up for Tori Amos!

(Tori moves to the piano, plays Oceans)

LL: Thank you so much, I just have to say that must have been damn good Pasta Premivera. Her new CD is called "to venus and back" and you can purchase it on our website. We'll be right back with Segment 5.

(Lisa turns to Tori and says Thank You as they cut to commercial break).

Comments From Someone At The Taping

Here are some comments from Alan Denniberg, who gives some insight into what it was like to be at the taping. I personally don't agree with his comments on Lisa Ling (I think she is cool and did the best she could!) but his comments are interesting:

i had the fabulous pleasure of being in the studio when they taped "the view" today - a friend of mine interns at ABC and she got me and a couple other folks VIP seats - and it was a real thrill to see tori up close again. before the taping, the pre-show comedienne angela somebody saw someone wearing an "ears with feet" shirt and seemed confused; she asked him what that meant, he replied, "that's what tori calls her fans," everybody screams. then there was a little pump-up-the-crowd dancing session, and alyse, who happened to be at the taping, got up to an introduction of "one of tori's biggest fans." yay EWF solidarity!! then the show starts. after suzanne somers' little appearance (she's kind of scary in person!) and the woman talking about bullying of kids (now that was a deep story. sheesh.), the lights in the studio went all purple and blue, and we knew they were "tori lights," at which point we became infinitely excited. i spotted her loitering around the back of the stage talking to joy behar (who is exceptionally funny, i might add!). she looked EXTREMELY cute - her hair was straightened, she had on a black top, a black skirt with little white polka dots, and kick-ass high black boots, and beaucoup de lip gloss - and made her way over to bosey & sat down next to lisa ling. poor tori is SO shy in front of tv cameras - she was very soft-spoken. lisa asked her something cheesy about conveying emotion through her music, and what inspired her, and she answered quite simply, "food." she went on to talk about racing her boat, and that her boat blew up and she has to get a new one. lisa made a kind of dumb comment, like "well i thought it was something deeper than that but ok," but then tori got up in front of bosey and sang a beautiful "1000 oceans" that made me swoon. when she was finished, she smiled cutely and sidled off the stage to uproarious screaming from a few people. she saw my little party and waved to us, either because she recognized us (probably not) or just because we obviously didn't look like the typical "view" audience members. ah well. in all it was a great little appearance, i wish we could have seen more of her but them's the apples.

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