1999 Solo Tour
Wallingford, CT
December 2, 1999

Updated December 30, 1999

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Tori was one of the artists who performed at the "Jingle Bell Jam" in Wallingford, CT on Thursday, December 2, 1999. Radio station WMRQ 104.1 in Hartford, Connecticut gave away tickets to the event, which was held at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford. Other acts on the bill included Vertical Horizon, Ben Harper and Marcy Playground. Tori performed solo without her band.

Set List

Smells Like Teen Spirit
Thank You
Take to the Sky
Frog on My Toe
Spring Haze
Little Drummer Boy/Hey Jupiter
Yes Anastasia

Encore 1:
Black Swan


From Melanie

December 30, 1999 - It was just her and her piano. There was about a half-an-hour wait because something or other was broken, but she came on and played an incredible set. She's looking a little heavy up in front, too. There's much speculation about that, of course. Well, for anyone who's interested, here's the set list.

Smells like Teen Spirit
Thank You
Take to the sky
Concertina (with "I've got a fever . . . you got a squeeze box . . . "
Frog on my Toe
Spring Haze ( preempted by: "This is the first time I'm playing this without
my brothers, so if you'd like you can use your bellys like drums...and those
girls with big juicy behinds, you can play those too...)
The Little Drummer Boy
Hey Jupiter (I think everyone in the place was crying...)
Hey Anastasia (starting at "thought I'd been through this in 1919")
Juarez (beating the piano strings for the verses)
~~~~~~~ (encore)
Landslide (once again the entire theatre is blubbering)
Black Swan

Then she made little ears on her head, touched some lucky front rowers, and skipped off stage.

It was magical!

From Jeska

December 5, 1999 -

"We do not remember days, we remember moments."
---Casare Pavese

I usually agree with the above statement, but after my first Tori and piano-only show since the DDI tour back in 96, my remembered moment will have to also be a memorable day. The CT show, albeit a "Jingle Bell Jam", was definitely one of the most powerful I have experienced to date. My only complaint is that it didn't last long enough (but does it ever?).

The day started with the m&g - Xav and I brought food to eat while waiting and I shared m'Tootsie Pops with everyone (continuing my lil Lollipop Gestapo gig). It was cold out, but not unbearably. We gathered and awaiting Tori's arrival. It was so nice to talk to Toriphiles I had never met - I don't get out to many east coast shows and now look forward to seeing everyone again! (Hugs to all!)

Tori walked right over to the side (even though Joel was calling her back to the front) and began talking to everyone. I handed her the small Christmas present Xav and I had gotten, along with our letters, and locked eyes as we squeezed hands. It was so intense. That is what I adore most about the addictive m&g - the absolute attention Tori will give you, even if it is only for a moment or two - it is still her intense attention. After this, I think I took what will become my fave picture of her while she was talking to the girly in front of me. *fingers crossed* We'll see when the film comes in. If you were there and would like doubles - email me and let me know!

The show was so long in coming. We got there way too early (nothing else to do in that small town!) and waited in the BIZARRE lobby/convention hall thing. Very odd. The whole show was bizarre -- combined with the intense sleep dep I was suffering from, I had to keep pinching myself to keep from thinking I dreamt the whole night. (Dee Snider MC'd for crying out loud!)

Tori's performance was worth every minute I had driven/ridden and waited to get to it. We were in 6th row dead center - perfect. I wanted to rush the stage, but the uber-security kept us in our seats.

Anyway, I had requested "Hey Jupiter" in my letter ... and even if she didn't play it specifically for me -- she did play it and I lost it as soon as the first bar was played. I screamed "Thank you Tori" and then I swear to god she smirked and began singing "Little Drummer Boy"! (which I wanted to hear so badly) Then she returned to "Jupiter" and I completely lost it. She always finds a way of doing that to me. I love that woman so much.

All in all - a perfect show. Till we meet again,

(aka Jupiter's Angel -- the Lollipop Gestapo)

From The Huntress (posted to the Precious Things mailing list)

December 5, 1999 - I have to say this was kind of a dissapointing concert experience for me, not because of Tori , she was wonderful, but because of the obnoxious rudeness of some of the "hard-core" rock fans behind my cousin and I. We were in row 6, so we were pretty close and these a**holes behind us were screaming sarcastic and ridiculous comments throughout all the shows! There was so much negative energy in the room and I was getting physically sick from it. I get that way. I can pick up vibes from others very easily, some would even call me "psychic" or "empathic". Whatever the case may be, the night did not go well until Tori got on stage. I have to admit that Vertical Horizon was pretty cool, but Marcy Playground depressed me, the lead singer just seemed so SAD up there, and Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals just isn't my kind of music! To top it off, we had a false fire alarm and as I was ushering my cousin out of the theatre, much to her protest, (I'm very protective of her), I dropped my camera and the battery back broke. I never should have taken her though, she hated the whole show. She's not an EWF, she's a casual listener and Tori chose all covers, singles, and new TVAB songs. I have to marvel over Tori though, she did great out there! Just her and the piano and she was so talkative! I love it when she really interacts with the crowd. I think being with the band takes away from that sometimes. She did have to rush but she was in such a great mood, you could tell. Big smiles! She said "love you back" when we all screamed we loved her. She did her little hand wave thing. She even invited us over for dinner! *smile* It was sooo sweet that it was worth the 3 hours of misery we had to endure. I can't believe Tori played Frog on My Toe! The way she looked up when she said, "I still here you telling me stuff..." I knew she was talking to "Poppa". "Juarez" was amazing! She threw in her lost child and nearly broke my heart. "No Angel Came...for my little girl." Hey Jupiter had me in tears, so did Landslide. All I can say is Tori is beautiful no matter what type of venue she's playing but it's hard to get through anyone when you are waiting for her! It still is, in my opinion, that she should just have one opening band, it works best for her. Sorry this is so long!

Hugs to Rich (nice meeting you), Jessica and Scott, Jennifer, Michelle and elf, and Allison (you rock!)

Ash: I got pictures!!!! ( I hope they come out )

Jon: Hope I'm not boring you to death!

Sorry this is so long guys! If anyone else saw the show, let me know what you think too and if there are any other reviews around.

From Woj (posted to the Precious Things mailing list)

December 5, 1999 - when we last left our heroes, The Huntress exclaimed:

>I have to say this was kind of a dissapointing concert experience for me,
>not because of Tori , she was wonderful, but because of the obnoxious
>rudeness of some of the "hard-core" rock fans behind my cousin and I.

i was wondering a little bit about that. before the show, seeing everyone wander around, i wasn't sure what kind of crowd it would be. i was heartened by the huge cheer that arose when tori took the stage, but by the time her set ended, there were quite a few empty seats around us.

>Just her and the piano and she was so talkative!

at first, i didn't think she was that chatty at all...but in retrospect, i suppose she was a little bit. she told the story about wanting to marry robert plant when she was a young teenager, but that when she met him in her late 20s, she was much to old for him. also, before introducing spring haze, she rambled a bit about delicious behinds. here's the exact quote since it's fairly amusing:

so i've never done this one without the guys. so, if you want to like play your stomachs, that's okay. it makes a really good drum. and for some of you girls that have those delicious backsides, you can play them too. one thing i've always said, you know, if i were a guy or if i were a hair-pie eater, i'd have to have something delicious to have in my hands, so you girls fucking eat, okay!

so i guess she was kinda chatty, but most of the time, she just went from song to song without saying anything.

>"Juarez" was amazing! She threw in her lost child and nearly broke
>my heart. "No Angel Came...for my little girl."

yeah, that really struck me too. apparently, she did the same thing in providence.

overall, i was amazed by the show: aside from "bliss", there were none of her "big hits". all those b-sides -- from talking to richard, i know some of them were requests, but i think most of them were. "honey", as usual, was totally stunning. and "black swan". wow. where did *that* come from?

From pan (posted to the Precious Things mailing list)

December 5, 1999 - I thought it was the best tori concert i've ever seen. She will always be best on her own, just her and her piano and the audience, and of course the other bands sucked, i didn't go there to see any one but Tori anyway. I sat outside in the venue hall until she came on stage. There were lots of great Tori things to buy. 5 and a half week tour shirts, posters, pictures, stickers...tori sang a lot of covers and b sides and TVAB songs, with no problem whatsoever without a band. She played some of my favorite songs, Frog On My Toe, I couldn't believe she was playing it, i was so happy, i've never heard it live before, and the little drummer boy was incredible! reminded me of so much childhood wonder. Tori is precious. i wish i had a camera to take pics cus i wasn't too far away for good pics. anyway, i just wanted to say, this was the best tori concert i've ever had the good fortune to attend.

From Ben [Ben was the first to email an accurate set list to me!]

December 3, 1999 - It's Ben here.. just thought i'd send you an email with the setlist for the jingle bell jam.

Teen Spirit
Thank You
Take to the Sky
Frog On My Toe
Spring Haze
(started with the jupiter piano part, then she did little drummer boy, then
started the jupiter lyrics)


Landslide (setlist that i got has marianne here)
Black Swan (setlist that i got has landslide here)

Tori was late coming on.. a technical problem from what i could see..supposed to have gone on at 9:40.. but it was actually about 10:15 when she finally got onstage.. I was one row back from the stage.. standing.

She seemed to be having a great time.. Joel was in a good mood when i talked to him before the show.

It was random to get the setlist.. one of two that were taped around the piano.. thank god i'm tall. =)

From Anne (RedheadDancingGirl) [Anne was the first to email me about the show!]

December 3, 1999 - I wish I could guarantee an accurate setlist from this wonderful show, but I KNOW I have the order out of whack. The content is definitely there, though.

Well, I really could have done without Dee Snider as MC, but the concert was great. Very heavy on the B-sides. I was absolutely floored to hear Frog on my Toe! Other major highlights were Yes Anastasia, Black Swan, and Mary. And I've never heard her play Landslide at all, live or recorded - it's one of my all-time favorite songs. So that was a special treat for me.

It really was wonderful to see her solo - she was in a pretty relaxed and chatty mood too. Here's a song list (but not a strict set list - besides the opening number and the encores, I know I don't have the order at all.

Smells Like Teen Spirit
Thank You
Frog on My Toe (!)
Spring Haze
Little Drummer Boy/Hey Jupiter
Take to the Sky
Yes Anastasia (!)

Black Swan (!)

Wonderful show, despite a long (apparently technical) delay between Ben Harper's set and Tori's. Ben was great too, and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by Marcy Playground.

By the way, Tori mentioned that if we ever found ourselves around Cornwall and in need of some good spaghetti, we should pop in (she then commented that her husband was sure to spank her later for saying so).

From Richard Handal

December 3, 1999 - Richard called me after the show. The show started at 10:13PM and ended at 11:16PM. Little Drummer Boy was not on the official set list. The official set list had Marianne and Landslide listed for the first encore, in that order.

From palestar

December 3, 1999 - I just got back myself, and I thought it was a great show.. especially the little drummer boy and hey jupiter part.. nice little segue inbetween those 2 I just wish it could of been a little longer..

I was very very surprised by Ben Harper, and thought he was really awesome.. specially the cover of manic depression.. I just thought it was kind of weird how he sat down the whole time

well I thought i'd mention I taped it, and if anyone wants to work out a trade or whatever, let me know.. it came out super well.. (nick@rawk.com)

take it easy,

From luminal

December 3, 1999 - The moment "Smells Like Teen Spirit" started, I was on the edge of my seat, tears streaming down my face. This is the Tori we love. The movements, the expressions, the pure beautiful emotion.

"Bliss" is awesome when she's doing the "take it, take it, take it, tear it, tear it" part and bouncing around on her seat.

She told the Robert Plant story before "Thank You".

Concertina was chilling when she repeated "I've got a squeeze box on my knee" two times before going into the next line.

"Frog" had a bit of improv lyrics...so pretty and sweet.

Before "Spring Haze" she was nervous about doing it without the band, so she wanted us to do some background beats on our bodies...she told the girls to make sure we "fuckin' eat" (not exact quote)...ie, she likes us women to have big backsides ("If I were a man, or if I ate hair pie...")

"Take to the Sky" involved her playing the piano w/left hand and banging it (on the clapping part) with her right.

"Juarez" involved the whole banging of the piano strings to create this eerie, thunder-like sound.

She looked so pretty--hair curly & wild about her face, a black fabric "choker", pink (?) long sleeved shirt w/belt over the shirt around her waist & black (?) pants.

Plenty of gyrating at the piano tonight.

From acid mermaid

December 3, 1999 - Wow. This was by far my favorite Tori show so far. Even though it was a little short, all of the songs were my favourites!!! She talked a lot more this time than on the 5 1/2 weeks shows, which made me VERY happy! Anyway, here's the setlist... Smells Like Teen Spirit
Thank You
Take To the Sky
Frog On My Toe
Spring Haze
Little Drummer Boy/Hey Jupiter
Yes Anastasia
~ encore~
Black Swan

I can die a happy girl right now. She played Anastaisa...Black Swan...Thank You...Landslide..Mary!!!! I especially liked the way she did Juarez without the band...it was a nice contrast to the other live versions I've heard (and seen..the piano-percussion was so interesting to watch)This was such a great night for me....except for the MC, whatever his name was...he was a little annoying...
*peace, love and tori*
the acid mermaid

From GayPixie21

December 3, 1999 - Okay... let me just say THIS:

It was an AMAZING show!! I was in the third row and I almost wanted to pass out. The opening three acts were so-so... Marcy Playground was horrible.. all depressed and crap... but Ben Harper had it going on... anyway on to Tori.

The set list (as best I remember)
Teen Spirit
Thank You
Take to the Sky
Spring Haze (first time solo she also talked about how if she was a man or a
"hair pie muncher" she would need a good piece to eat)
Frog on my Toe
Little Drummer Boy (she substituted Queen for King in on of the lines it
Hey Jupiter
Juarez (she bangs on the inside of the piano for a little bit it's neat)
Yes, Anastasia

Black Swan

It was just so amazing. She also invited us over for Spaghetti any time we were in Cornwall. It was so wonderful.... Okay.

From cttoriluvr

December 3, 1999 - ok here is my two sense....So the meet and greet happened around 2:30. The limo pulled up and out she came. There was about 50 of us. I was right up front. She looked great and came out with a big smile...if you want more details e-mail me...on to the show...Ok big huge delay dute to sound diffuculty before Tori's set which took about 45 min after ben Harper and cut into 1/2 hour of Tori's set. Ok out she came. I was up front so here are the details of her outfit...she was wearing jeans, and her heels she bought in belguim, same jeans and shoes she wore tuesday in Providence. She had some see-through purple shirt that had lace on the arms and over it this purple v neck cover that had short sleeves and a werid black flower poof thing on the right side of her chest. The cover came down to her butt and was tied off with a black sash of some sort. Hair was curly and cute. Ok the songs...SLTS very awesome opener, definatly got the attention of alternative rock dominated audiance...bliss...the story before thank you when she said that "when i was thirteen i wanted to marry this man" and someone in the audience said "why did you turn him down" and Tori said "when i was 28 I was too old for him" whatever that means...Mary...Concertina...Frog ...Honey...before spring haze she said that she had never performed it without the band...llb/hj (see above, i am too tired to write it all out)...take to the sky..and the rest...then encore time...although i was already in tears the entire night Landslide did me in, I had asked Tori for landslide at the meet and greet, it had a special meaning to me and she knew it would release the floodgates...well i was front row center, right in front of her and i was balling and sobing like mad and right after she said "if you ever find yourself near Cornwall you can stop by and I'll make you some spagetti" I amlost died. I had once written Tori a letter about my 100% Italian family and how we eat pasta every sunday..and since asking for landslide had to do with the recent death of my father, it just made sense why she said that...There was no second encore because of lost time and no post meet and greet...overall one of the best shows i have ever seen!!!

From St. Theresa

December 3, 1999 - Greetings from NY! (not my natural habitat.) I am SOOO glad I put myself out for this! WOW!



I don't know that I can add any comments about the show except that she grabbed herself more tonight than on Tuesday -- lol. That Drummer Boy/Jupiter combo was great. I thought at first she was playing Jupiter off-key when she started singing "Come they told me...." Then there was Jupiter, right behind!

Ooooh...Spring Haze, too.

The security people were most definitely encouraging people to come to the front of the stage but they seemed really selective. I watched them checking ticket stubs, but I also saw them waving people up! Whatever. I stayed where I was because even though it was a pretty crappy view for the 15th row, the screens made it so we could ALL see her hands! That rules!

It was a noiser show than Providence. Hey, scream at the beginning of a song, scream at the end, but DON'T SCREAM WHILE SHE'S SINGING, PEOPLE! There was one chick in section A that I swear had Tourette's. Didn't drive all those hours to hear your high pitch, sweetheart.

Getting to see Thank You and hear her Robert Plant story live was an honor, as well. Someone from the audience yelled, "You turned him down!" And she replied, "Yes, but you have to understand I was 28 and I was much older than him."

I'm so tired! But happy!

nighty night

From Circusgirl

December 3, 1999 - It was the best concert experience of my life!!!! Frog on My Toe-this total Toriphile was sitting next to me, we started talking-she had brought Tori slippers with frogs on them and begged her to play it. She said Tori kind of cocked her head and then said, "Well, fair is fair-she apparently loved the slipper. I thought this girl was going to PASS OUT when Tori played Frog and then when she played "Mary"-which I LOVED

To me the show was totally for us devoted fans because of all the B-sides

It was just exquisite
My mid orch. seats were perfect.
People were standing way in front, but I could see really well. The vibes were great and the crowd seemed pretty good to me.

Concertina sounded so awesome without the band, so did Spring Haze. I underestimated how thrilling it would be to see her with just the piano.

When she got teary-eyed during Landslide-OMG

She was really giving I thought-with her looks and comments and the way she played.

From moon_ride

December 3, 1999 - this was the first time i saw tori live...it was brilliant...i was by myself the whole time tho because my friends had other seats, but it was still good because i was listening and watching to tori! i was so excited that i couldn't cry, i just had a lump in my throat, and i could barely move...she hypnotized me..i just closed my eyes and moved my head a little, and breathed in deep the sound...it was simply divine...just as good, or better, than the cure concert in hartford september 15 '96...i'm still in shock, it still seems so surreal that i saw her play...when i saw my friend after the concert i gave her the biggest hug "she played hey jupiter!!! and landslide!!!!" which are two of my favorite songs that she plays... mmmm it was elegant...the way the light was on her, made her look like a dream, there were a few lights coming from above that made a contrast of dark shadows and bright lights..and then when you add the piano and her voice...it seemed so surreal... i swear i felt the faeries dancing around last nite...


From Staci

December 3, 1999 - The show was AMAZING. As always. This was a particularly special one for me because I saw Joel before the show and I asked him to give her a note asking her to play Honey my all time favorite Tori song. Which she has never played when I was there!! I also asked for her to play Hey Jupiter for a friend and she played them both in a row! I was a very happy camper. I had a prime spot for the show and it seemed to me that she started to cry during landslide! Did anyone else notice that? I asked a friend who was to the left and she said she saw tears on her face when she walked off the stage. Hmm?? But Landslide is always an emotional song when played by Tori! This show combined with the show Providence show was everythind I could ask for. Both set lists were awesome and I am so happy I had the opportunity to see these shows. I love "her brothers" but it is truely something amazing to see her play solo. I felt like it was back to the Dew Drop Inn Tour where everything was variety and you never really knew what to expect. Although she has variety with the band. It doesn't compare to when she is solo!

From Teeks11

December 3, 1999 - The meet and greet was fab! No more than 25 were there and she met with almost every person. I got a hug, pic, autograph and gave her my letter. She seemed to be in such a good mood. It was known at the m&g that Frog on my toe and Landslide would be played. She even talked to someones friend on a cell phone!

This was the most intimate show that i have ever been too. This was a show for the fans, the true fans. Tori was so into every song that i just felt so much love coming from her. Soooo many Bsides!

the setlist:

Smells like teen spirit
Thank you
Take to the sky
Concertina- beautiful!
Frog on my toe- so cute!
Spring Haze- 1st time done without the band
Little drummer boy- to the tune of hey jupiter
Hey jupiter- beautiful!
Yes, Anastasia- i told you this was a great concert!

Black Swan- this song was definately a tribute to THE fans. It was the most
beautiful version i have ever heard. I swear her eyes were magical during
this song and she was smiling the whole time. I cried the whole time. This
song for me will never be the same.

My favorite show yet!


From bethany

December 3, 1999 - unfortunately it was rather difficult to enjoy this concert in such a setting, as the jingle bell jam was. there were many people there who werent there for tori, but stayed nonetheless. I had three girls behind me yelling over the music to each other the entire time, on their cell phones. drunk beyond belief. and very rude. they wouldnt keep it down even when asked politely -even when i asked an usher to intervene. it was the first time that i was able to see tori solo and i am very disheartened that there was so much distracting me during the show. i hope next time things will be brighter.

From Abbe

December 5, 1999 - Wow. I think I got a little more emotional wallop from Providence, still, but the
setlist here was amazing and I got to hear a ton of songs that I hadn't heard live
before, and there were plenty of emotionally walloping moments still. (Maybe it was just harder to filter out the jerks behind me. =/)

I was thinking of everyone who
had posted to the dent that they really
wanted anastasia to come out tonight when she went into the intro to it. =)

I guessed little drummer boy was going to be little drummer boy and not hey Jupiter,
because it was a christmas show after all, but was completely wowed by the similarity between the piano on them which I hadn't seen at all. I could *swear*, though,
that I heard her say "as fit to give a
*queen*" instead of "as fit to give a king" in the lyrics of the song.. was it my
imagination, anyone?

It was also kind of interesting that aside from her playing a bunch of b-sides and
covers and things, there was also this
little thematic thing going with smells
like teen spirit ("i feel you sometimes") reaching for one dead person, frog on my toe reaching for another dead person, and yes anastatia reaching for a third.
oh, and juarez adding "no angel came for
my little one", too. hmm.

Y'know, We could have our b-sides compilation right there just by taking last night's
live performance recorded verbatim and
releasing it on CD...

From Shiseido

December 5, 1999 - I never imagined that I'd have the opportunity to hear all of these songs live, let alone in one night. You've heard a lot about the songs, but I'll try to recap what she said: -Before "Thank You" she said, When I was 13 I used to listen a man on the radio, who I thought I was destined to marry but... (Then someone in the front yelled to her. I couldn't hear what was said.) She responded that she was 28 and he was 13. She was too old for him. Then she started playing...

-Before "Spring Haze" she said, I've never played this without the boys. Maybe you can help me out with the drums...bellies work very well OR for you ladies...(she put her hand on her butt.) If I was a man...or ate hair-pie, I would want something substantial to hold onto. So you should eat!

-She also made the comment, "If you ever make it to Cornwall, I make a good spaghetti. You should pop by...My husband is going to spank me for saying that."

It was a wonderful show. Full of surprises and loves (Thank you, Mary, Frog on My Toe, Yes Anastasia, Black Swan, Spring Haze).

Spring Haze and Juarez were especially strong. At previous shows,I couldn't hear Tori over the band in Juarez. Solo has an incredible effect.

When she played the first few chords for Little Drummer Boy, I was expecting 1000 Oceans. It was a wonderful surprise. The red light on her was fitting to the theme. The lead in to Hey Jupiter was breathtaking. She let out a "woooohoooo" (which we all know well) and began the song.

There is so much to be said for this show (and Providence). All of her shows have been incredible, but there are really no words to describe these shows.


From choirboy66

December 5, 1999 - hey everybody!

i was way too tired when i got back home last night to write anything. everything that has been posted is pretty right on. i will just add that it was absolutely amazing to be there when all of these songs popped up. we were at dinner talking about what she would play beforehand, and we were joking about her playing mary, jupiter, anastasia, and a christmas song; joking because we never thought we would hear these songs at all, let alone in one night.

these two shows were very special and i will remember them for a long time. the irony of all of this is that i live in boston, and i am not going tonight!

From swirled

December 5, 1999 - Well hello there! I'm am in such a great mood right now! last night was the most amazing night! First of all, my sister went to the meet and greet and met her!!!! Tori held her hand and said "Hi, sweetie, how are you?" Then she asked her how to spell her name and got me an autograph too! My first Tori autograph! It's so cool! Anywho, my sister said that during the meet and greet someone had socks on that had frogs on the toes so they asked Tori is she could play "Frog on my Toe," and she said yes. So, I was expecting that! So.... on to the show: Vertical Horizon : They were okay. They seemed very happy to be there. Marcy Playground : They were horrible. Let's just leave it at that. Ben Harper : I've never heard him before, I was very impressed. There was a long wait before Tori came on and Mark her husband) was frantically running around. It seemed like there was a big problem. Anyway, then Tori came on. This was my first solo Tori concert I've been to so I was so excited.

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" = I found this one to be an incredibly powerful opener. In the middle, she sang something that reminded me a lot of the gorgeous little song we all know as "Graveyard."
"Bliss" = Yummy. It is so very emotional solo. Wow! "Thank You" = She talked about wanting to marry Robert Plant before this one. So beautiful. "Mary" = I totally wasn't expecting this one. I've always loved this girl. She's amazing (both the song and Tori, of course).
"Take To the Sky" = For some reason, I thought she'd open with this one. I had a feeling she'd play it. We clapped along with her hitting the piano. "Concertina" = Double yummies! A great performance of such a wonderful song. "Frog On My Toe" = I was so excited when I found out she was going to play this one. It was really good.
"Honey" = So cute! One of my favoritest bee sides. "Spring Haze" = Excellent.
"Little Drummer Boy/Hey Jupiter" = Okay, we're gonna talk about this one. I had been telling everyone before the show how I've never ever seen my favoritest song live before, which is "hey Jupiter." They were telling me that they've seen all their favorites and stuff. When she played the first notes, I almost died. Everyone was so happy for me. But, she started singing "Little Drummer Boy" after a while. In that song, she substituted "queen" in for "king" (or maybe I was just too excited, always possible). Then, she started singing high and it sounded so much like "hey Jupiter" and I knew it was it! I was in awe as she sang "no one's picking up the phone...." A gorgeous performance! I finally saw it live! "Yes, Anastasia" = Talk about not expecting a song, this was such a shock. I love the ending to this song.
"Juarez" = Well, I was so hoping for this one. It was so amazing how she just banged (is that a word?) at the piano. Such a heart wrenching song and a truly mesmerizing version. I love this song!
"Landslide" = I saw this one during secretime during the July 28, 1998 Madison Square Garden Show. It was just as amazing then as it was last night. She does it so fucking beautifully. "Black Swan" = A wonderful closing! A shock and a wonder!

I don't know exactly when these following things happened, but I thought I'd mention them: Before one song, she talk about being a guy of a hairpie eater and then she told us that if we're ever in cornwall, england and make really good sphagetti (I can't spell), we should stop by. Then she said her husband would spank her for that later. It was so cute! I might have only been to four Tori shows, but this was the best one I've been to! A truly amazing night!
Oh yeah, I went to see if there was a meet and greet after the show but Joel came out and told us that he doesn't want Tori getting sick, us getting sick, or himself getting sick. He was really cool! okay, bye bye!

Have happy days,
Jonathan Matthews

From ruhruh

December 5, 1999 - woo hi ben.
yeah. ben got the setlist because he's tall and just slick like that.

the show was good good . we were right up against the stage just like providence. it was a nice show. everything was a surprise. woo.

and um..just because the show was full of bsides doesn't mean that it was a show "for the fans" because isn't that what every show is, really? if you come out to a tori show, obviously you're a fan. unless someone dragged you there kicking and screaming, which i'm sure doesn't happen often.

and also to the comment about seeing a lot of younger people there. i actually saw people a lot older than i am at the show. i didn't see many younger kids at all. and just because they're young, that doesn't mean they're unable to understand what tori is trying to bring across in her songs. i think i was 15 when i started listening to her, which is 4 years ago. i actually think i related to her more then than i do now


From St. Theresa

December 5, 1999 - Me again. I wrote half-heartedly the night (morning after) the show because of exhaustion.) I forgot to mention I ran into Angel as soon as I got to the venue. Just had to give her a hug! She told me I missed a great meet and greet (sniff, sniff) but I gave that up in order to be able to attend the show with a friend from New York -- and that was worth it! He's the director of a residence for mentally ill women in NYC -- I think he just ought to get those women to know Tori and they will heal. Hehe.

I asked Angel if she had requested Anastasia for me and she meekly said, "Uh, no." And I grabbed her and nearly shook her...the poor girl. It's ok...a bunch of us sent Tori mental messages and they got through!

I also got an answering machine message from Craig (the Ohio Toriphile I met in Providence.) He got cut off by my machine by did manage to say "So, you got 'Yes, Anastasia' last night!" Yup, we did You have to give me your email address, boy. I don't know that I wrote it down anywhere.

One thing I found interesting was that Tori went on these short little piano trips at the start of her girls that gave you absolutely no clue as to what the song would be. Each song was like a Christmas present and those little digressions were the wrapping paper you had to remove before you could see what was inside. And each time, what was inside was much appreciated.

Opening with Teen Spirit really set the tone for a show of the raw, underground Tori we know and love. I really felt privileged. I didn't think there would ever be an opportunity to see her in that style again. I wore out a version of that in a tape deck in my car and to see her do it twice in a week felt like sitting in a comfortable, familiar chair.

Her voice at this point sounded raspy. She had been so strong in Providence and I wondered if she picked up a bug or strained her voice, but after she warmed up that concern was gone

Bliss -- it was also the second time this week for me, and I really love it solo, especially the "hot kachina" and "take it with your terracide" lines. Very energetic.

Thank You -- also wore this out in my car. An honor to see -- as it somehow transported me back slightly in time to those days before the band -- complete with an interactive chat about Robert Plant. Someone rewinded the tape of time for me! Thanks!

Somewhere in the beginning of the show Tori said "It's just you and me." She said she was without her brothers and missed them dearly but we all cheered to let her know we were perfectly content with just her, the girls and the Bosey. I love her band, but this was something I just really NEEDED somehow.

Mary -- I hadn't heard this before (bad bad Toriphile; I'm a few b-sides behind.) But I knew it existed and knew the title so the set list I was scribbling down didn't suffer. It was beautiful. Everything she does is so filled with expressiveness and emotion. I strained my neck looking up at those video screens to drink in her facial quirks, her wild eyes and those masterful hands.

Take to the Sky -- at this point I think I could stand to watch her do this once per day. I love how she looks while she's slapping the piano. The wonderful acoustics at the Oakdale made it so you could clearly hear her enunciate every word. "Here I stand with this a-sword in my hand..." Heaven.

Concertina -- 2nd time again this week. I could have done without it the first time, too (bad Toriphile) but have to appreciate how much she obviously loves it and she really does have some great vocal acrobatics in this.

Frog on My Toe -- woweee. I could feel 1/2 the audience melt in awe around me. This is the type of Tori song I really love -- sad and silly, innocent yet wordly, interesting, catchy. What a treat.

Honey -- before the audience recognized it and roared their appreciation, I had already fallen into my chair as if I had just seen Christ walk across the stage. I love that and include it on just about every Tori mix I make for myself, but it wasn't until I heard those first few chords and my legs weakened that I realized how much I love it. The way she hangs on "...I kept them oooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" and "tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight" is just so yummy. Ah. I am a very happy phantom for having seen her do this goody.

Spring Haze -- I think I said "Oooh, oooh, I love this one," tapping wildly on my friend's shoulder. He thought I was so cute. I think for the most part, Venus is still too new to get as much emotional wallop in the girls as her older stuff -- it just hasn't aged enough yet, but Spring Haze was most welcome. It's one of my two favorite Venus tunes so I was psyched to hear it. I heard my other favorite, Lust, on Tuesday. What a lucky chick I is!

Little Drummer Boy/Jupiter has been talked about already a lot. Tori gave us a little musical lesson with that combo, I think. It's like, "See? They're part of one beautiful musical family, guys." She set you up for Jupiter, took you away, but then brought you back. It will be a hisTORIcal moment if she doesn't make it a habit. Has she ever done this combo before?

"Thought I'd been through this in 1919...." AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Again, my legs weakened and I fell into my chair. My eyes welled up. I really really really wanted this girl. It was a shorter version and omitted my favorite line ("If you know me so well then tell me which hand I use.") but I completely love the piano in this, the classical style, the way it's composed with separate parts forming the whole piece, the line "we'll see how brave you are," and especially the part where she croons long and high "WE'LL SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

THANK YOU TORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That reminds me -- there was a lot of "thank you" going on that night. After she'd do a particular girl, someone would give her a hearty thanks. That was beautiful.

I wouldn't have wanted anything in particular. I had gone to Providence on Tuesday with no hopes for any particular songs. I trusted Tori's judgement and would have gratefully accepted any girl she gave us. But Craig (I need your email address, dude!) suggested Tuesday night before the show that if you really want something badly enough, and say it out loud, she could do it. Hey, I'll try anything once so without hestitation, when he asked what girl I really really wanted, I said "Yes, Anastasia," which surprised him. She didn't do it Tuesday so I came to Wallingford craving it.

Juarez -- I knew to expect this so it was no surprise. I didn't know from any set lists. I knew from my gut. It is absolutely stunning and we are all so lucky that Tori is still putting out so much in her music. I don't think I'll ever appreciate the album cut again after hearing this beautiful style TWICE in a week. Very powerful, very moving.

Landslide -- we know we've got Tori in great form when she does Landslide. It's so special to her and she really is bearing her soul to us when she plays this. What a privilege.

Black Swan -- another b-side I'd yet to hear but still knew the title right off the bat. How do I do this? I did this with Juarez on 8/31, too. I knew before she even opened her mouth to sing the lyrics that night that it was Juarez and I hadn't heard it. Strange. Of course Swan was gorgeous but I really didn't think it would be the last song. I was so sad when she ran off and the house lights went on.

I wasn't smart enough to jot down just when the told all her little stories, so if anyone remembers when those things came up, please get it straight for us. The Robert Plant one is obvious, but the others are fuzzy to me. My favorite was when she said her husband was gonna spank her later and the adorable, mischeivous little look she gave us. Classic.


From djjacket

December 5, 1999 - I was at the Jingle Bell Jam Thursday night... The first Tori concert that I went to that I didn't have to drive 200+ miles to since Boston 8/1/98. This was my fourth show. my first was Boston 8/1/98. Then Lowell 11/17/98 and Mansfield 8/31/98. For Lowell and Mansfield I came from my school (the University of Hartford) and I'd been waiting for the time Tori would come to CT. As soon as I found out about the Jingle Bell Jam I was so happy. Also, never having seen Tori solo before I was especially looking forward to it. I was lucky enough to get 2nd row center seats. Of course when Tori got on we got to go up to the stage so i was right there directly infront of Tori at her piano. This was definately the best way for me to experience Tori for the first time.

I got to meet Joel before the show too. My friend Staci and I wrote a note to Tori to play "Honey" and "Hey Jupiter" for us and she gave it to Joel....

Most of the songs she played I'd never seen her play before so it made the experience even more of a treat.. going through the setlist:

Smells Like Teen Spirit---> really awesome... didn't ever expect to hear this one. I love the "sometimes I feel you.." part.

Bliss---> totally amazing solo.. heard this one at Mansfield. I like it much better solo.

Thank You---> To hear the Plant story and then play this was great... I was hoping she'd also do a little of "Whole Lotta Love" but it was still great to witness her play this one.

Mary---> at this point I was just shocked at all the b-sides I'd already heard. It seemed too good to be true.

Take To The Sky---> not my favorite, but nonetheless great to see her play.

Concertina---> I'm not crazy about this song, but to hear it live made it enjoyable.

Frog On My Toe---> total suprise. to be right against the stage as this concert took its course I felt really really lucky.

Honey---> Staci's request!!! Also one I hoped to see live at some point.. I was so in shock I couldn't believe she was playing it until after she started singing.

Spring Haze---> love this song. could barely think straight after she started it.

Little Drummer Boy---> what a tease here. It started out like "Hey jupiter", I got so nervous, and the girl next to me who I told about my request for "Hey Jupiter" was clutching my shoulder in excitement for me.. my heart sank as she started "Little Drummer Boy", which I expected her play, but being a nice Jewish boy had no connection whatsoever to this song.. but she rolled right into...

Hey Jupiter---> I was nuts at this point. I finally got to see her play this.. and I had requested it before the show!!! the girl next to me saw my excitement and obviously was happy for me that Tori played it for me. This made my night. I was right there, watching Tori play it and i was in awe.

Yes, Anastasia---> I honestly didn't know what this was at first, it's not one that I listen to, but after finding out, I felt lucky to hear it too because I know this isn't one she does often.

Juarez---> sooooo much better solo, such an eerie feeling when she started it... great great performance.

Landslide---> the first one of the encore... we heard the original version on the car ride to the theater.. felt great to hear it.

Black Swan---> so unexpected, so great to hear... the girl next to me was crying now... she told me how she'd requested this song for like 7 straight shows and tori finally played it in Denver.. I loved hearing this again too. I heard this at Lowell, but I had left the floor to get to the meet & greet, so i heard it more from a distance...

As you can see, it was an amazing show.. I couldn't have asked for a better show for my first solo Tori concert.. at times it felt like tori was looking right at me and it was so chilling...

If ANYONE got pictures from this show, please e-mail me at mmargolis@mail.hartford.edu ... the bouncer people found my camera on me before i went it and made me bring it back to the car. :-(

If anyone reading this was in the first few rows that got to go up to stage e-mail me cuz I was up there with ya!

From Xav

December 5, 1999 - The M&G -
What a great experience. I love talking to people who've never seen tori before *smiles* *hugs to everyone!* This girl and I sort of hung back, on the side barricade, thinking we weren't going to get to meet tori that day, but hey, all is well, it's a treat just to see her. *smiles* And to our surprise, she pulled right past the front row and went down the side instead! I practically jumped up and down when I realized she was coming my way *s* I got my li'l earthquakes CD signed and a picture or two with her... those were the two things I wanted from the M&G. As soon as she moved on, I backed up, giving everyone else a chance, and then played the Tall Photographer for anyone who wanted pics but wasn't 6'2. *grins*

The show -
It was beautiful, awesome, wonderful. This was my only chance to hear just her and her piano, and it was great. Rather odd to have Dee Snider introduce her, but hey, I'm open.

Anyway. I have her main CD's and whatever singles have been given to me as presents, so usually I only hear B-sides when I'm with fellow toriphiles... I'm not less of a fan, I just don't spend money like that.

I love Take to the Sky... it makes me squirm, it's just so cool, and reminds me of all the things I do that other people don't understand. I'll sleep when I'm dead, dammit!

Funny thing was, I was sitting with jeska and my friend sammie in the weird "convention hall" while waiting for tori, and we talked about what we wanted to hear. She played EVERYTHING we wanted to hear except Tear in your hand, which was something I'd like to hear... *smiles* We had fun tossing around the Giant Condom and playing cards with a cut-up Ben and Jerry's icecream box while waiting for her to come one *vbg*

MUCH THANKS AND LOVE to the MI COUPLE! Our friend lost her keys and ticket while we were inside the facility, and he had a spare ticket (a copy of his) that we used to get my friend back to our seats in Row 6. Keep in touch!

All those I met at the show, please keep in touch *smiles* I'm going to get my film right now, so in a few days I'll scan them and put them on my webpage. *smiles*



From Marygirl

December 7, 1999 - hi scott and jeska! i still haven't eaten my lollipop yet, but now it's become more of a souvenier. it was nice to meet you guys before the show.

the entire time i was in my 9th row seat i saw an empty 3rd row seat. finally, before ben harper, i just went there and sat down. the two girls next to me gave me a look - but not in a bad way. after ben everyone rushed the stage, but security was checking tickets, so i creeped back to the 3rd row where the girl next to me said 'do you want the ticket for that seat?' it was an extra so she just gave me the ticket! at that point we find out the first 3 rows will be the only ones allowed to go up to the stage. so i was right there, even with the leg of the bosie closest to tori. perfect. the whole set list blew me away, but when she started 'Mary'. well, most everyone knows how i always ask for her to come out, and there she was, and there i was in plain view. the show overall seems to have otherwise been thoroughly covered in these reviews.

take care all,
Lisa, a black dove

From ShannonFaith

December 7, 1999 - The show was great,I was up front the speaker was right in my face.It felt like her music was going threw my soul.Black Swan was beautiful,i felt so connected to the energy that was coming out of Tori.Concertina was very healing for me, personally.I could be wrong but i swear i heard Tori mix Mary w/ Butterfly.Mary was very moving,especially the part were i think it gos,Were just waking up here,help is on the way,very powerful.Take to the sky was great,she had they attention of everyone at this show,the energy was strong,you could just feel the enegy changing into beauty and healing.Jaurez was super powerful,this song amazes me,I felt like i was in a dream at this point.Frog on my Toe was a nice light song,perfect timing i think to,losen us up a bit.I would have loved to hear Marianne i wish she would have done it.Also,Sweet Dreams,because half of my house caught on fire the morning of the show,very depressing.Well,I wish it would have been longer to, every second was unbelievable.Landslide,great suprise,I was literally vibrtaing/shaking during this whole show,it was that powerful.At they end,i tryed to give Tori a book,but she was leaving the stage so i threw the book,i almost freakd out it almost hit her in the leg,but it didnt she didnt even see it.So afterwards the stage peeps,gave it back and i gave it to Joel to give to her,i am hoping she gets it.Well, i am very greatful for a veru healing,mindblowing,magical experiance it was so breahtaking...If anyone wants to sell me a boot please contact me at Svbubbles@aol.com thanks. *Shannon

From mouse

December 7, 1999 - This is going to be long. Sickeningly long. It is going out to a few places, people, etc. and eventually find a home on my website so it's going to be substantial. There you go. That's my disclaimer. I tried to warn you. [i did go back and edit it heavily for your convenience, but it's lost something in the process]

I wish i had gone to the meet and greet. I would have had to go alone and i probably would have gotten lost, and i would have froze to death, and i probably wouldn't have gotten anywhere near her, but i really wanted the chance to beg her to play Doughnut Song. Alas, i slept in instead. There was no Doughnut Song that night. I wasn't expecting it, IIRC she hasn't been played at all on the 5.5/Venus tour. But i was hoping she'd show up because i so desperately wanted her.
So i was _expecting_ Cooling. After all, when i saw her in 98 i was hopin for Cooling and got Doughnut Song. Cooling is the DS of bee-sides to me. BUT i've come to hate her performed live because she gets a whole big important verse chopped out of her. I mean, Cooling on Venus.live is the sweetest, saddest performance i've ever heard and i love her and her little story... but i need that verse.
No matter, there was no Cooling.

So, we got there early. Because we are D-U-M. And suffered through wretched, wretched music. Too long of a delay before Tori comes out. By this time i'm so tense i'm going to be sick, and so tired that i know i'm going to miss out on the full experience. But she finally comes out and _wow_ was she in a Bee-sides and Covers mood that night. **Opens with Smells Like Teen Spirit. Absolutely GORGEOUS part in the middle... "you're out there somewhere... sometimes i can still feel you" ..amazing....sad... eerie.. wow. **I think here is where she says hello, etc. and that she misses her brothers (the band) but it's ok because it's just her and us [very cute and sweet!]. **Bliss. There was some sort of intro right before she went into it. ** Starts telling the story about "this man" she wanted to marry when she was 13.. something about watching him on tv or the radio... Someone up front speaking... i just heard her stop talking and going "what...?" {listening, continuing}: "well you have to understand, when i was [20 something] i was too old for him!"
I was going "ha, this is about Robert Plant" and naturally she want into.. **Thank You (lovely, of course)
**Mary (still learning to appreciate her, hearing her live helped) **Take to the Sky -Banging out the beat on her piano with one hand, playing with the other, like on Sessions. made me happy.
**Concertina -this song really was "the fiercest calm". Both the "fuzz" line and the second "fever" line were repeated in an odd way. **Frog on my Toe - i adored it's value as a special, rare treat. **Honey- love this song and the performance. Blown away by the way she held onto the word "tight"(!)
**Starts telling a story that she'd never performed this song without the band before, and that if we would help her out by playing our stomachs because they make good drums.. or the girls with "delicious" backsides could use those. Then goes off on a tangent that if she was.. "were..." (corrects her grammar!) a boy, or a "hair-pie eater" {ok at this point i lose it because my brain boggles over the concept of what Raspberry Swirl would sound like solo on the piano, so if i mess up what she was saying/meant after that point, that's why} something about to make sure we eat because she'd want a girl with a big backside. **Spring Haze. The last song i was expecting after that story, but lovely. **Starts doing this little one-note thing and i'm going.. "oh... no.. DON'T do Jupiter. Stop right now and do Doughnut Song." I love Hey Jupiter but again, half the song is chopped right out when it's played live. (and not even throwing in the wonderful Dakota Version verse in to make up for it!) Anyway, i realise that it would be off-key for Jupiter.... and she goes into... **Little Drummer Boy. An altered, very sweet version of it which blends seamlessly into... **Hey Jupiter. With all the middle parts missing and of course, no Dakota lyric. But it's so beautiful you don't complain while you're getting the chance to actually hear it _live_. **Yes Anastasia. Very surprising, never heard her live before. Started at the "1919" verse. You can hear Tori's vocal acrobatics a million times but when you're actually there _live_ hearing her reach for that
"We'll see...." it is one of the most amazing moments of your life. **Juarez. I'd read about the solo version, and heard the mp3 but again it is NOTHING compared to SEEING it. As she leans over the piano and bangs on the strings inside the piano... wow. It was incredible. And of course the "no angels came for my little girls" part at the end. I mean, it sounded _exactly_ like the London mp3 but SEEING it was maybe the highlight of the night for me, defintely visually at least. she leaves. we freak out. clap a lot. try to squeeze as much encores as possible from her. She returns.
**Landslide. Another cover! But i have to say, this is the one she seemed the saddest during. I was watching the projection screens on this one and her face seemed so sad... As if she really is starting to feel older.... This song is probably going to make me cry everytime i hear it now.
**Tori says: "If you're ever up in Cornwall and you get cold, stop by, i make a mean spaghetti. My husband is going to spank me later for saying that" **Black Swan. Another bee-side i'd never expect to hear, felt very lucky. I noticed she forgot a word and went "Something.. and fishing flies" which made me giggle.. but messed me up because for the rest of the night *i* couldn't remember what the word was that goes there. [Buttercups!]

Then she left again and she didnt come back.

It was a little dissapointing after the torture we waited through before hand... i was too tired too full appreciate the show. Proof of that is the fact i didn't cry once.... i mean... i cried during the Roger Waters show let alone a Tori show. I think you can get kicked *out* of a tori concert for not crying. But seriously, it worked on a "delayed reaction" sort of thing. I woke up the next morning at 6 am and couldn't get back to sleep because i was so emotional and excited and everything about it so there you go.

oh! and i wanted to mention that she was VERy expressive that night. Lots gyrating and gestures and all the sorts of stuff she's famous for.. but keep in mind the only time i've seen her in person prior to this was the plugged 98 tour when she was sick and needed to save up all her voice and energy so we got no stories and limited movement.

I started writing this at 6 am the following morning, and finished/edited it about 4 days later [busy weekend] so i'm not happy with it but if i don't send this out i know it'll never get done.


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