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Jalouse Magazine (France)
July 1998

Entertainment Weekly
July 10, 1998

Sydney Sunday Telegraph
July 12, 1998

The Flint Journal
July 24, 1998

The Montreal Gazette
July 27, 1998

New York Post
July 30, 1998

Now newspaper (Toronto)
July 23-29, 1998
    An article/interview appeared in the July 23-29,1998 issue of Now Magazine, which is a local publication in Toronto.

Newsweek Magazine
July 27, 1998
    A joint interview with Tori and Dave Matthews appears in the July 27, 1998 issue of Newsweek Magazine. You can read the interview and see the photo in my Articles Section. Thanks to the many Toriphiles who wrote me about it, and to Amy Stoddard and Dave L. for typing the article and to Danielle for sending me the photo from the article. There is also another older photo of Tori at the piano from 1994.

Cincinnati Enquirer
July 17, 1998
    An interesting article by the respectable J.D. Considine from the Baltimore Sun has been appearing in several newspapers across the country. For example, the article appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune on May 29, 1998, and appeared later in the Cincinnati Enquirer on July 17, 1998. Thanks to Kelly Stitzel and Kim for telling me.

Chicago Sun Times
July 17, 1998

Chicago Daily Herald
July 17, 1998
    A short Tori interview was published in the July 17, 1998 edition of the Chicago Daily Herald. Thanks to JoniDoe24 who typed it up for me!

Sound On Sound (U.K.)
July 1998
    EWF Toni Rolland sent me a wonderful article that appeared in the July 1998 issue of Sound On Sound magazine, which bills itself as Europe's no.1 Hi-tech music recording magazine. The article interviews Tori's sound crew, including Mark Hawley, who is also Tori's husband. The article is called: CHECKING IN WITH THE CHOIRGIRL - MARK HAWLEY: RECORDING AND TOURING WITH TORI AMOS. It is an interesting look at the technical details behind Tori's recordings and concerts. The photos from this article were sent to me by Andy Tebbutt + Emma Taylor.

    Read The Article And See Photos From The Magazine.

Teen Grrl Web Site
July 6, 1998

Minneapolis/St. Paul City Pages
July 8, 1998
    An article by Jane Dark about songs with memorable music and lyrics in the July 8, 1998 edition of the Minneapolis/St. Paul City Pages (which is a few publication in the Twin Cities area) included several paragraphs about Tori. They also printed a photo, which is the same one that appeared in a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly. Many thanks to Hoshi who posted this to the TorNews mailing list. Here is the part of the article about Tori:

    In southern Mexico, where I am writing this from, the half-dozen local bohemians who've heard of Tori Amos like to run her name into a single word out loud, toreamos, invented but consistent: Literally "we are bullfighting," it's understood more directly as "we bullfight." Apparently this is hilarious; I suspect at least in part because Tori is an elementally female principle, and bullfighting, well, bullfighting is all about balls.

    Not to say that radical femaleness can't be as powerful and fearless and confrontational as any spasm of machismo, without the childishness of blood sport attached. In Rockville, the classic example of this (it appears emblematically in the crucial essay collection _Rock She Wrote_, for example) is Kathleen Hanna ripping up her shirt and shouting at the audience, "Suck my left one!" (a Bikini Kill title from their first EP). That was revolution girl-style then: co-opting boys' suck-my-diction, demanding pleasure or even subjection, assuming the right to make any and all such demands. And all the time refusing theorist Luce Irigaray's famous philosophy of body parts to the effect that "man is what is always touching something else; woman is what is always touching herself." It's hard to imagine Tori Amos reading Irigaray or, fo rthat matter, giving a second thought to Kate Hanna. But she knows all this and more, and she's ready to take the two and go one better.

    The buzz is that "She's Your Cocaine" is the Ballad of Trent and Courtney: "She's in control and then she says to control her then she said you're controlling the way she makes you crawl." But it's not going to settle for being a celebrity skin flick. For two minutes the song is a murderous blue streak, banging and furious, noisier than anything we've heard in three and a half records. Then everything falls away: The multitracked guitars and bitchslap bass, the drums and the metallic digital whistle all yield. It's an area opened up within the body of the song, and she invites you inside: just the familiar piano and the voice gone from sneering to direct, suddenly in the first person, as close to plain speech as Tori Amos will ever come--"If you want me to, boy I could lie to you--you don't need one of these to let me inside of you."

    The moment for which we wonder what "one of these" might be is a brief one. And the boys cringe and the girls smile, all the debt that the romantic idea of "inside" always owes to the physical utterly put paid; the abstraction collapses and we remember there's a real inside, that this belongs to the girls, and everyone knows this is somewhere.

"First for women" magazine
July 20, 1998
    Tori appeared in the July 20, 1998 issue of First for women magazine. On page 121 there is a section called "The secrets hidden in these hands." They make comments about famous people based on their hand mannerisms. Thanks to FioTo, Hereinmyhd and Courtney Key for sending me the information. There's a picture of tori waving her famous two-handed wave and the caption under the picture reads:

    Confidence: Tori Amos' open hands with fingers spread indicates she's confident. Her pinkie, short and spread wide, is further proof; it indicates she's an independent women who is not much for small talk. Her heart line conveys that she is a warm, strongly physical lover.

Iowa State Daily newspaper
July 16, 1998

    Greg Jerrett, a daily columnist at the Iowa State Daily (A newspaper that serves Iowa State University and Ames, IA.) interviewed Tori and the interview appeared in the July 16, 1998 edition. I strongly recommend you read it. You can read it at the ISU Daily web site. The article should also be archived soon on Greg's Own Web Site as well.

Rocktropolis Allstar News
July 16, 1998
    A Milwaukee, WI concert review appeared in July 16, 1998 edition of the Rocktropolis Allstar Daily Music News, which is a web site and a mailing list. Read it on the Milwaukee Reviews Page for the Plugged '98 Tour.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
July 15, 1998
    An article about Tori appeared in the July 15, 1998 edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. (Articles on Tori usually appear in the cities she plans to play in concert, anywhere from a few weeks in advance, to the day of the show in this case.)

    Read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article.

Minneapolis Star Tribune
July 14, 1998
    The July 14, 1998 issue of the Minneapolis Star Tribune contains an article about Tori titled "There's a certain detachment between Amos, fans." Tori has interesting things to say about her net following and several web sites are mentioned. Read it in my Articles Section. Thanks to Richard Handal and Ally for sending this to me.

Herald Sun newspaper (Australia)
July 9, 1998
    Toriphile Marki informs us that an article called "Shock and bull TORI" appeared in the July 9, 1998 issue of the Herald Sun newspaper in Australia.

    Read the article.

"Top" (free magazine from Tower Records UK)
July/August 1998
    Boolbar sent me a review of Tori's June 2, 1998 concert in London that appeared in the July/August 1998 issue of "Top", a free magazine from Tower Records UK. I am still lauging about the fact that they talk about a song called "Raspberry Swill"! They also review her opening act The Devlins.

Marie Claire (U.K.) Magazine
July 1998
    The July 1998 issue of Marie Claire in the U.K. has a small article where Tori gives a list of songs she would put on the perfect drive time tape. This was sent to the Dent by Helen Dickens. The article included a small photo.

    On the road - my perfect drive time tape by Tori Amos:

    Bjork - Human Behaviour
    Marvin Gaye - whats going on
    Beck - New Pollution
    Divine Comedy - Something for the weekend
    The Beatles - Norwegian Wood
    Joni Michell - A case of you
    Led Zeppelin - When the levee breaks
    PJ Harvey - 50f Queenie
    Bartok - Bluebeards Castle
    Nick Cave - Henry's Dreams

NME & Melody Maker
July 4, 1998 issue for Melody Maker
??? for NME
    Tori's recent performance at the Glastonbury Festival in the U.K. was briefly covered by 2 British publications. The comments come from a 1998 issue of NME and the July 4, 1998 issue of Melody Maker. Read them on my Glastonbury Reviews Page.

Stereo Review
July 1998
    The July 1998 issue of Stereo Review magazine contains a favorable review of "from the choirgirl hotel."

    Read the review.

Guitar Player Magazine
July 1998
    Tori's good friend and guitarist, Steve Caton (who is touring with Tori during the Plugged '98 tour and who has played on all of Tori's albums) appeared in an article in the July 1998 issue of Guitar Player magazine in the U.S. (Many thanks to Lisa Street and Melissa for informing me.) The article featured studio and touring musicians ('the unrecognized greats'). Bonnie Raitt was on the cover.

    Read the part of the article about Steve Caton.

US Magazine
July 1998
    Gina Reinert and Jenny were the first to tell me that Tori is on the cover of July 1998 issue US Magazine in the United States. I now have the entire text of the article thanks to Gina, and a scan of the main photo that is printed with the article.

    Read the article from US Magazine and see the photos.

Alternative Press
July 1998

    There was a major Tori article in the July 1998 issue of Alternative Press Magazine. Tori is also featured on the cover. The article is a "must read" and the photos are really great.

    Read the entire article and see the photos.

Musician Magazine
July 1998

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