European Plugged '98 Tour
London, UK
June 2, 1998

Updated July 15, 1998

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Tori performed in London, U.K. on June 2, 1998 at the Royal Albert Hall during the European leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Rick McCartney was the first to email me this set list.

Black-Dove (January)
Cornflake Girl
Liquid Diamonds
Precious Things
Jackie's Strength
Northern Lad
The Waitress

1st Encore:

Tear in My Hand
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:

Baker Baker


From the Evening Standard (U.K.)

July 15, 1998 - The following review appeared in the June 3, 1998 issue of the Evening Standard newspaper in the U.K.


The best gauge of the strength of Tori Amos s show last night was to cast one`s gaze across the steepling banks of people within the Albert Hall.

They were transfixed like butterflies, eyes gazing and mouths agape as the Medusa- flamed singer delivered a performance that turned acolytes into jelly and rendered cynicism meaningless.

Amos deals in the litany of the sisterhood, whether that be experiences shared of abuse, rape. miscarriage or the morning-after pill, but she does so with a humanity that elevates the everyday into a recognisable art form.

Aided by a superb trio of musicians, Amos simply put one through a gamut of emotions that lesser players seldom touch. Her Latest album, Songs From The Choirgirl Hotel. provided the charismatic impetus and, yet, the entire event was focused an a dynamic that had nothing to do with selling a product and everything to do with locating what Springsteen calls "the human touch".

So, If you weren't applauding her blistering keyboard ability during Cruel, or wallowing in the sheer sensual brilliance of Waitress or Black Dove, you were Left to applaud her nerve for attaching the big issues that beset the common herd. To paraphrase her own song, this girl is liquid diamonds.

Madonna? Not even in the same League.

From Emma Taylor + Andy Tebbutt

July 11, 1998 - This London concert for us was not planned - we had NO tickets and had NOWHERE to stay overnight... but after the emotion of the Sheffield gig, we just wanted one more chance to meet Tori - for the last time...

So, two very poor Tori fans (that's us !) got the train down to London, which took 4 hours. Our plans were to hopefully see Tori arrive in the afternoon and see her leave after the show, then try to see her arrive the next afternoon, before having to get our train home. We thought we'd get the tube to Heathrow Airport after she had left on the first night, as sitting in a departure lounge (hopefully getting some sleep!) felt a safer idea than walking the streets all night. That was the plan anyway... but this is how it really turned out !

We got to the Royal Albert Hall at 12:10pm and walked around the venue, at least as far as we could, because the back of the building was fenced off and building work was taking place. (You couldn't do a full circle around the Albert Hall). Even the crew weren't too pleased later at having to walk all the way around the front, to get to the other side of the fenced off area ! "Door No.1", which is the stage door, temporarily no longer existed, so we had no idea which door Tori would go in by !, so we hung around near the box office outside which were two shifty looking ticket-touts doing business all day (both shows were sold out.) Two over-zealous traffic wardens came and went throughout the afternoon eyeing up the crew buses/trucks, they even made them move The Devlins tour bus !

The first Tori fan we met (David) had come all the way from South Africa with a friend just for the London shows. He seemed impressed that we'd been to some of the other shows, but when he found out we had no tickets, he thought we really were true fans for coming to London just for the meet and greet !

Tori's tour bus pulled up at 1pm, but she wasn't on it. By now, there were quite a few small groups of fans sat about waiting. David approached us holding two tickets for tonight's show, and said that they were a present for us - someone had told him about Emma and I getting engaged (with Tori's help!) at the Manchester show - and him and his friend said that this was the nicest thing they'd ever heard, and wanted us both to go to tonights show, so they'd clubbed together and bought us a pair of tickets. They said this was an "engagement present". We really couldn't believe this. Two people we'd never met before today, had given us two free tickets to see Tori tonight ! We couldn't (and still can't) believe the incredible generosity of two fellow Tori fans... We were genuinely touched, and thanked them endlessly. This was such a happy and moving occasion, we only had enough money for the tube to the airport after the show (and back), but now, we'd found ourselves with tickets for the concert... IF YOU'RE READING THIS DAVID (and your friend), "T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U S-O M-U-C-H". We'll never forget what you both did for us. Hope you enjoyed the show ?

Time flew by, and we kept watch on the traffic along the main road looking for Tori, and by 4:25pm, we decided to go around to "Door No.2", which is obviously next to the fenced off "Door No.1" ! For some reason, everyone seemed to follow us down and just after we got there, the band arrived and went inside. John Witherspoon came out and got people to move up to "Door No.4", and line up against the permanent barriers on the pavement ready for for Tori's arrival. At 4:55pm, a blue Mercedes pulled up, and she got out with Joel. Being first in line, Tori started with us and greeted us happily with "So you guys made it then !". We were so overwhelmed and so glad that we came down afterall - understatement of the year !!!. We briefly talked privately, and then at Tori's invitation, had a photo each with her; she is so understanding, and gave Emma a hug. As we were first in the line, it was very sad to watch her move away down the line, knowing that this time tomorrow would be the last time we'd see her... She seemed very bright and happy, and when someone came forward and gave her a 7" David Cassidy single, she grasped it to her chest with delight ! She looked perfect as she waved goodbye and went in at 5:08pm. Other fans left so we went over and sat in the sun in Kensington Gardens, facing the Albert Hall directly opposite, letting the brilliant events of this afternoon fill us with total joy !

At 7:05pm, we went in and up to the balcony boxes where our seats were, however the doors were still locked - you could still hear 'The Devlins' soundcheck so things were running a little late. Our tickets said "Members boxes, Grand Tier" and we felt uneasy upon reading the name on our box door, "Earl Spencer" ! Were we in the right place ? And would we be let in - we didn't want to end up getting thrown out... After five minutes, the doors unlocked and people were allowed in. We took our seats and gazed down at the stage, and then at the impressive surroundings. We were sat in a box on the middle tier up (with more boxes above us) facing the side of the stage, we were so pleased !

The Devlins came on at 7:44pm until 8:12pm, and then Tori took the stage at 9:01pm, going off after 1 hour and 34 minutes of pure magic, at 10:35pm. (We won't do a song by song review as other people have already done so, and we've already gone on long enough anyway - sorry !)

We had a good view, but it certainly felt different watching her from "up above" for once - especially after having had front row middle for our other five shows - you miss the eye contact and the looks you get from being right in front of her. It's the last time we'll hear these songs live so we concentrated on the "whole experience" of a Tori show. We were delighted to have just been there...

Andy: Hearing "Winter" for the first time on this tour - for me - really made me fill up, it was so beautifully done, and as this is my favourite song, it moved me so much. Emma: When "Baker Baker" started, I just couldn't hold back any longer. I'm not ashamed to admit I was crying my eyes out, leaning on Andy. Every emotion came to the forefront and I felt an emotional wreck, both sadness and happiness came together at once. This is one of my favourite songs anyway, it really means so much to me - much more than anyone will ever understand - and it was played so beautifully, with such passion and feeling. Knowing it would be the last song I'll hear on this tour, made it the perfect yet bittersweet ending for ended with me feeling totally emotionally drained as the lights came up. How I love Tori and her music...

And that's how it ended. That was the LAST concert for us this tour. We'd managed to see her 5 times before tonight (on this tour), each show as unique and special in it's very own way, yet knowing that now it's all over for another two years (at least), really felt so sudden and final. We just didn't want the magic to end. At least we still had the chance to see her leave tonight, and arrive again here tomorrow afternoon... hopefully.

We went outside and got round to the fixed barriers where we met her this afternoon, at 10:35pm, everyone who had met her this afternoon agreed we should all stay by the barriers, so there were about 15 of us. A large crowd gathered further up by one of the exit doors but we all believed Joel would never let her leave without barriers in place first, so we thought they'd all be moved over towards us. Then, Andy ran back round the other side of the building and asked her tour bus driver (who was hanging around with some of the crew) what time Tori would be coming out and where, as there was obviously a large crowd of fans waiting for her. He replied that "She had already gone. Got into a car and left straight away." But I knew that he was lying to me. I don't know why but he was. The car she arrived in was still in the car park... So I ran back around and re-joined everyone at the barriers. Tori's parents left the building at 11:40pm and waved to everyone, looking rightly proud of their daughter. - We KNEW she was still inside ! (We found out there was an after show party).

The car from this afternoon pulled up and parked in front of everyone else by the exit doors further up, so we had ALL been stood in the wrong place after all... We got as close to the car as possible (three venue security guys were acting as barriers, and kept moving us away from it) and watched Tori appear at mid-night. Mark then came out and got in the back of the car and Tori did a very, very quick signing before joining him. The car then started to move off WITHOUT Joel (!) but he soon managed to get them to stop and he got into the front.

People started to leave, and we found out that the Underground tube trains stopped running at midnight. (It's 12:05am now). This is where our plans started to go wrong. We said bye and sprinted off to South Kensington station - just in case, but it was too late, it was all locked up. In total panic, we ran like hell for five minutes back to the Albert Hall, but everyone we knew had already gone. It dawned on us that we were now stuck in the middle of London with nowhere to stay, with no money. The happiness of the day had now disappeared and an air of uneasiness had set in :(

We walked right past Jon Evans as he was stood by the roadside, passionately kissing a woman before getting in a taxi with her! We then saw Steve Caton get into a taxi (with a couple of women already inside) - it's amazing what you see when you're out this late...! We felt it was safer to stay put, so we went and sat round in one of the large covered doorways at one side, near where the crew buses were. (Just out of sight of us, the crew including the tour bus driver looked to be having a real good time getting drunk in the cab of one of the trucks !)

We huddled back and felt safe under the lighting of the venue. It was bearable until 2am when tiredness set in and the cold was biting ! At 3am, we decided to stretch our legs and went to the back of the Hall, but just as we got there, the lights suddenly went out - which left us in total darkness and scared us to death ! We then went back to where we originally sat only for those lights to go out...! (We may be putting in lot's of ! marks now, but believe us, it WASN'T funny at the time!). You may not think any of this is relevant, but it links in with the next day, so PLEASE bear with us.

Having enough of sitting still, we left at 3am and went for a mini-tour of Kensington, it got light at 4am - so apart from the tiredness, it wasn't that bad. Great! Only another 12 hours or so until Tori arrives back at the Albert Hall again, we've had no sleep for over 23 hours now ! Amongst the places we visited in the early twilight hours were East West Records (Tori's UK record company home), and the famous Earl's Court concert venue...! The first tube train to the Airport was at 5:55am so we got that, and from 7-10am, sat exhausted in the departures lounge at Heathrow... but meeting Tori was definately worth it all! We do mean that, and we're not mad - honest !

If ANYONE out there cares if we made it out of the airport (!) and got to see Tori again for the last time, then PLEASE go to the reviews page for the second night in London (Wednesday 3rd June).

From "Top" Magazine

July 8, 1998 - Boolbar sent me a review of Tori's concert in London that appeared in the July/August 1998 issue of "Top", a free magazine from Tower Records UK. I am still lauging about the fact that they talk about a song called "Raspberry Swill"!


Royal Albert Hall

To prepare us for the challenge ahead we had musically pleasing Dublin-based trio the Devlins with a selection of songs from their Waiting album. Brothers Colin (vocals and guitar) and Peter (bass) plus dad (sorry, drummer Sean Devitt) provided an impressive balance of catchy melodies, lush guitars and thoughtful lyrics. All complemented by Colin's understated, plaintive vocals. Despite a reserved stage presence, he was confident enough during the album's title track to down his acoustic and calmly pick up his electric guitar, leaving a 30-second gap and a polite smattering of confused audience applause before resuming the song's rousing conclusion. To borrow one of their own lyrics, they are "Waiting for the bee stings they tell me that success brings". They should keep the TCP handy.

The first challenge with Tori Amos is to review her without using the words "kooky", or mention Kate Bush. The devotees packing out the Royal Albert Hall tonight know there is more than provocative lyrics or eccentric utterances. She is one step ahead of the hordes of guts-spilling female singer songwriters with songs of uncommonly beautiful melody and soaring vocal power. And her latest album, From The Choirgirl Hotel, with its curiously seductive underlying rhythms, confounds the critics who thought they had her pigeonholed. Oh, and she can still tinkle the ivories a bit. She tours with a band these days because, as she says "it used to get lonely up here" and there's no "Me And A Gun" tonight but Tori is one of the few capable of turning this auditorium into an intimate club date.

During her short solo interlude, she explained her "folks" were in the audience and addressed her father smilingly: "Dad, do you remember when I was younger and every guy I went out with you wanted to shoot! Like the cat burglar. Well, I guess you were right about him, he wasn't any good at that - he got caught!" The teenage daughter from hell turned million selling, newly-married star sings "Winter", perhaps the most poignant song on the inevitable changing nature of a father-daughter relationship and there is not a dry eye in the house.

The closing number, "Raspberry Swill". illustrates the other, vintage Tori. Facing the audience, pounding out a pulsating beat, playing the piano with her left hand, another keyboard with her right, grinding her hips to the rhythm and snarling "I am not your senorita". Great stuff. The ethereal Kate Bush never got this low down and dirty.

Damn, I failed in my resolution. but you get my drift.

by Ruth Morris

From Danica

June 19, 1998 - I was so excited for the two shows I would see at the RAH in London, as it had been my first time to England, and well I was seeing Tori in front row center seats, a first for me since I had never seen her on anything but 12th row and back. Before the show, we arrived at the Royal Albert Hall around 2pm, and met up with net friends and other people. Everyone I met was so wonderful and it was great to hang out with them and talk. Around 4:30pm we went around to the back of the venue, where Tori would pull up around 5:15 or so. She met and talked with people and signed autographs going down the line of the crowd. When she got to me, we talked briefly about songs for the show (I won't get into detail on that though) and she signed my Winter single for me. She talked with 2 other people briefly before disappearing into the venue for soundcheck.

When the band took stage for the first night in London, the lights were low and the crowd went nuts when Tori took the stage. When the lights came on showing Tori, I couldn't help but say "oh my god" softly outloud to myself. The seats were truly incredible. The first song, of course was black-dove, the leading into Cruel (one of my fav's on FtCH). Sitting so close was something I will never forget, because Tori makes this eye contact with you there and she seems to be looking right into your soul, singing only for you at that moment in time. I had tears in my eyes when I wasn't crying softly during the show. Luckily someone I had met earlier gave me tissue before the show started. After cruel, Tori and the band went straight into Cornflake Girl. Her singing was wonderful and she looked to be having so much fun, playing, as did the rest of the band. I have to say that Matt is the most incredible drummer. He and Tori seemed to make a lot of eye contact during the course of the show. Liquid Diamonds was next then Precious Things with still no spoken word from Tori. After PT she stopped to introduce the band, "I want you to meet these wonderful people that are up here with me, they are like my brothers. This is Caton. This um, magical creature who hits things, this is Matt Chamberlain. And this is the wonderful Jon Evans on bass". Then she goes straight into Jackie's Strength which was my first time seeing live she she didn't play that at the Chicago club show. It's such a great live song, so touching, and emotional. She graced us with the new version of Horses, which I totally adore, in all its seemingly darkness. It was time for the 'secret time'. The guys went off stage and Tori said, "So anyways the boys go off for awhile now, and it's just our time. Anyway, its good to have them around because I would get very lonely up here by I got some friends..." Then the single notes of the beginning of Leather start. "Um, my folks are here tonite, and um I remember walking in the snow of the Apalation Mountains with my....with my....with my daddy. And uh, it was the first time we had a really long talk, in a really long time. And um, I had gone out with every boy that he warned me I shouldn't. And um, can you believe dad, that cat burglar guy I went out with? And the thing is he got arrested, he wasn't even good! But um, dad and I are on different sides of the religious fence, but he's become a liberal now so things are fantastic, but anyway..." then she goes into the most beautiful version of Winter. After that was Northern Lad, then iieee. "I drive them all nuts cause I changed the whole set, I just went....south." Then Spark with a long drum into beginning, followed by the new version of The Waitress. End of long set, Tori comes to the end of the stage, bows and thanks the crowd and some girl goes up to the stage with a cd and a pen, as to get Tori to sign it. Tori says "not now" and shakes her hands and smiles, then goes off stage. When Tori comes back the girl does it again and she just waves to her instead this time, then gets back behind the piano and goes into Tear In Your Hand, which totally ripped my heart out. After that was over, I was in the for the shock of my life when matt went behind Tori's Bosey and starts to pound on oil drums/cans for Raspberry Swirl, which was the highlight for me that night. The song is so incredible live, especially with Matt 'pounding on things'. Tori and the band then went off stage after the 2 song encore. Tori came back alone saying, "I got a letter before the show tonite, and um, this is...this is for you" and goes into the last song of the night, Baker Baker. The night was more incredible than I can put into words really. The emotion of it, the eye contact with Tori that she makes with the fans there to see her. It was almost like a dream.

From Mike Barthel

June 19, 1998 - Hey. Well, I went to see Tori in London on June 2, and I just got back to the US as I went to a few other cities afterwards. The reviews I saw were missing a few things, so I though I'd fill in...

First off, I think someone complained about the crowd being too quiet. Well, I was so happy they were. Last time I saw her, on the BfP tour, people were yelling stuff in the middle of songs, which was just annoying and disrespectful. True, they could have been a bit more enthusiastic, but I'd rather have this than a noisy audience anyday.

Second, unlike most people who wrote in, I did attend the meet and greet. I was one of the first people she talked to, so it was pretty neat. I gave her a tape of an arrangement I did of Hey Jupiter--so if she does this in subsequent shows, let me know!! (not that I won't be keeping up, but you know) My gf (in a funky new purple goth dress she bought that day) shook her hand. I was really impressed that Tori remembered so many people's names, and took care to get ours right. Oh--and some guy came up to her that she seemed to know and gave her a David Cassidy 45 . Joel was unusually gentle, from what I hear. No rules, just a little strict aboot the barricades. Nice guy.

As for the concert itself--wow. Cruel was INCREDIBLE. THey had this extended jam session in the middle and Jon broke a STRING. A BASS string. I was very impressed, as this means he was really getting into the music. Matt continues to impress me, too. I like the band a lot--they play with passion, and they obviously ENJOY playing, which goes a long way with me.

Winter was so sweet--I was crying all the way through. Rasberry Swirl was really really neat. I hope they put out a live album for this tour, because between the new versions of old songs, they've also started to rework the NEW ones.

Songs I want her to play when I see her again: Playboy Mommy (pleeeease!), Merman, Pandora, Cooling, Do It Again.

Tori herself was wonderful--very cute, and obviously getting into the music quite a bit. THe best thing I can say abotu Tori, I think, is that she makes me want to make music.

From Mike Snowden

June 4, 1998 - Re the set list: She waved her hand at one point, and made a comment like "I've just changed everything - a completely different set". So the written list is wrong from probably half-way through, but it was definitely a number where the band were on - Winter was solo. [Note from Mikewhy: So was Leather as well...]

From Mike ( newgroup posting)

June 4, 1998 - Well, I'm not going to give a full set list, because I was a little preocuppied - my seat was center, one row back, right in line with the Bosey Keyboard. Wow! When Tori caught my eyes, rabbits in headlights had NOTHING on her. Her gaze is intense!

Scalpers were offering 50 pounds on the way in, even before they knew where you were sitting. I had been queuing by a Bostonian on the guest list (Bostonian, slightly built, shoulder-length dark hair, nasal piercing), who had been to several of the Club Tour gigs, and had followed Tori to the UK. Hi!)

"Devlin" were OK. It was a shame that the lead man didn't stretch his voice a little futher, but they promise well. The interval music was Bowie - according to the pair squatting behind me, picked by SteveC. (The blond American of the pair was also following the tour, and had also swapped tickets with the Bostonian for Plymouth. There were a lot of followers around. If I had been on my own, I'd have spent more time talking, but I had my partner and a mutual friend with me)

Tori came on around 10 or 15 minutes after schedule to start into"Black Dog". Then I think it was "Cruel" and "Leather". Then I got the first gaze, and my memory is a little hazy after that....

Particular highlights for me were "Winter" - which she introduced by talking about a walk in the Appalacians with her Dad ("liberal now" - BIG smile) who was there last night, and the rework of "Waitress", which they finished the first set with. The bass gave it a really menacing feel.

One encore with the band.

The second and final encore was a solo version of "Baker, Baker" - she said that she had read a letter from someone in the audience before the show. Very intense.

The bouncers did not want anyone standing, so the audience felt quite restrained, but without doubt, it was the most I've enjoyed a Tori gig since the original Shaw theatre LE performance. Our friend of - who last saw Tori at the Shaw - was blown away. She also seemed to like Steve a lot . Is it my imagination or is he a lot looser now? All in all, a wonderful night, and it makes me wonder why I didn't go in for several nights again this tour.

My only regrets were that she didn't talk much, and that I STILL haven't actually met. Maybe next time....

From Emily Randall

June 3, 1998 - I JUST got back from seeing Tori at the Royal Albert Hall, and it was, of course, AMAZING! I took my boyfriend and I think I have finally converted him, but we'll see...

OK, first, the set list, in exact order:

Black Dove (January)
Cornflake Girl
Liquid Diamonds
Precious Things
Jackie's Strength

Secret Time:

With Band Again:
Northern Lad
The Waitress

First Encore:
Tear in Your Hand
Rasberry Swirl

Second Encore:
Baker Baker

Tori was in top form tonight piano-playing wise. She started off a bit lethargic but really got into it towards to end of Cornflake Girl. I think she was probably tired from getting back from Pink-Pop. She didn't talk much compared to other concerts I've been to except to introduce the band and to add that her parents were in the audience. She introduced Winter by talking a bit about her relationship with her father, and how they differed on religion, but now he's a liberal, so its OK, or something like that. This songs was an emtional high point as well as Baker, Baker, which she dedicated to someone whose letter she read before the concert.

The highlights for me were Black Dove, especially when the band comes in-they really rock! Cruel, which was particulary groovy, and Cornflake Girl of course, although she didn't always strive for the high notes, Winter and Rasberry Swirl. I know alot of people don't like Rasberry Swirl but I think its an awesome song and I can't wait to hear it out on the dancefloor. Matt showed off his "psychic rythym" on this one by drumming on a barrel and creating an addictive background rythym! I only have a few complaints. My boyfriend and I both enjoyed the songs Tori played by herself, first of all because they are so much more dear to my heart, and also because sometimes with the band you can't hear Tori's voice clearly and you can't understand what she is saying! But the band definately adds an element to the music that wasn't there before. It enhances the strength of songs like Precious Things and Cornflake Girl, but I will always cherish the intimacy of Tori's "secret time."

My other complaint is that the audience was really pathetic. Hardly anyone was getting into it! Everyone seemed to enjoy the show in the end, because she received two encores, but during songs like Rasberry Swirl I wanted ot get up and dance but nobody else was, and that's just how I am. Only one or two people ever shouted anything to her. Part of the problem is that RAH is huge and many people, especially me way up in the balcony, felt too far away, and alot of the material was new. Maybe it is just that Brits are bit more shy and reserved? (When sober-ha ha!) One really annoying girl had the gall (and stupidity!) to go up to the stage as Tori was making her entrance for her second encore to ask her to sign something! Hello! During the show??? She then tried to do it again as Tori was leaving the stage. I guess these people don't read the Dent so they don't know the "procedure." Or is this a British thing to do? (I'm American). Overall, it was a very good show, but I wished she would have played more of her older songs. I'm very jealous of anyone who was at Sheffield and got to hear Space Dog, Upside Down, Donut Song and Angie! wow! Oh, well, I will just have to see her again!

From Nicholas

June 3, 1998 - Perhaps you've already got a list from tonight (2 June)'s concert in London, if not, here it is:

Black Dove
Cornflake Girl
Precious (introduced band)
Horses (talked about being lonely on stage for the two tours and now she's
a band with her)
Leather (told us that her folks were with us that night and about the
difference between her and her father in religion)
[Note from Mikewhy: I think this was actually "Winter".] Lad

Tear in Your Hand

(she said she received a letter just before the show and this show is for
Baker Baker

I wonder if we'll hear the story about the special request for Baker Baker. The show is great and i don't think the audience was that boring... well, her folks were there and i saw them sitting in a private cabinet at the K section. I sat just a row behind the remix desk where Mark was (I think that was him!), i saw the list they had and apparently Tori did hers in a different order from the written sheet; for songs like Liquid Diamonds, Jackie's strength, Northern Lad, they just used the one word form as above... Mark was also doing something on his PowerBook just before the show... he looks younger than i thought. I think i saw someone from the crew doing some video tapes, i wonder if it's to be used for an official release or just for private collection. Anyway, got an exam tomorrow so i think i'll stop here.

BTW, there was this official poster for UKP3.00, 11 (?) different styles of t shirt/sweaters, etc and the necklace (from UKP13-15?). The programme is UKP6.00. The quality of the t-shirts are not so great, the pictures on them look weird - i think it's because the original pictures are photocopies? But it looks okay from a distance...

From Rick McCartney

June 3, 1998 - The version of "Horses" is unrecognizable except for the lyrics. "The Waitress" was also very different. Light show is very good. She sounds fantastic and plays very well. She didn't talk much which is a bummer. Also, her folks were in the audience (she mentioned them) and she kind of dedicated "Winter" to her father. Apparently she had a long talk with him in the snow one time after a long time of not-so-much contact. She cited their "different sides of the religious fence" and that all the boys she dated her father "wanted to shoot." Her piano solo in Cornflake Girl was the highlight for me. She jammed. I would have loved to have been the piano.

From Tyrone Fay

June 3, 1998 - Tori Rocked.

It is that simple

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