TV & Radio Appearances - November 1999

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Videotech (U.K.)
November 25, 1999
    Dane Buckley, Jonathan Oakey, Mike Snowden, and Lucy Bennett told me that Tori appeared on a TV program in the U.K. on the Carlton TV Network called Videotech on November 25, 1999. This is a weekly music charts program that includes performances and interviews. Tori played Concertina and Lust live and did an interview. She reportedly wore the same outfit that she wore for the London solo concert on October 29, 1999, so it was likely recorded around that time. Calum has kindly sent me a transcript of the interview, and you can read that on my TV/Radio Archive.

Showbusiness Weekly In The U.K.
November 14, 1999 & Later
    Mike Snowden reports that Tori recently appeared on a program in the U.K. called "Showbusiness Weekly" on UK Satellite Channel "Sky News". It was initially shown on November 14, 1999 at 9:30PM British time. It was repeated several more times after that. There was a short interview and clips from the Glory Of The 80s & Professional Widow videos. You can read a full transcript of this what Tori said in my TV/Radio archive. Thanks to Nathan Cyran for sending this to me! The interview was also seen in Australia.

Swedish TV Show "Sen kväll med Luuk"
November 18, 1999
    On Thursday, November 18, 1999, Tori appeared on the Swedish TV program "Sen kväll med Luuk" (Late Night With Luuk). She played 1000 Oceans solo at the piano and did an interesting interview. Tori taped the program on Thursday, November 11. You can read a transcript of this interview in my TV/Radio Archive.

Triple J Radio Interview - Australia
November 3, 1999
    Tori was interviewed on JJJ (triple J) Radio, on the 3rd of November, 1999 in Australia. Benjamin sent me a transcript of the interview, which you can read in my TV/Radio Archives.

The Daily Show
November 16, 1999
    On Tuesday night, November 16, 1999, Comedy Central in the U.S. showed the episode of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart that included Tori. (This was actually taped on October 20, 1999.) For details about Tori's appearance, a complete transcript, and screen shots, go to my TV/Radio Archives. You can also read comments from this appearance that appeared at the web site

MTV 120 Minutes
November 14, 1999

Dutch Radio Show 'Isabelle'
November 15, 1999
    Tori performed a mini-concert (6 songs) at Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum, Netherlands on Friday, November 5, 1999 for 50-100 contest winners. Read all about the show on the Netherlands Mini-Concert Page. The Dutch radio show 'Isabelle' (on 3FM) broadcast part of this performance on Monday, November 15, 1999. Toriphile Geert-Jan van den Hoek tells me that 4 songs were played over the radio.

    Later, on Monday, January 31, 2000, the Dutch radio show Isabelle broadcast the other 2 songs from the performance, which are, I think, 'Purple People' and 'Lust'.

    On July 18, 2000, 3FM played all 6 songs from the Hilversum show, as well as Bliss from a performance Tori did on Studio Brussels on November 3, 1999. (See below.)

Radio France Inter
November 8-12, 1999
    feldelys informs me that a radio station in France had a "Tori Week" from November 8-12, 1999. The station is called France Inter and this is what feldelys reports about it:

    I just wanted to inform you, in case no-one else has yet, that a radio-station in Paris, France, just had a kind of "Tori-week". The radio's name is France Inter. They probably only gave her about 15 minutes a day or so, and unfortunately I only stumbled onto it at the end of the week. I heard Tori playing the end of 1000 oceans, and then there was a short interview (apparently this was live). The interviewer asked what the song was about, and Tori repeated the story about being woken up early in the morning by an ancient African woman's voice. She added that this woman had a love that was something like "the Earth's love for us", and that she had started falling in love with her then. She was then asked about her plans for the future - "dormir", she answered : to sleep, because " I haven't stopped in a few years". The show concluded on the announcement that she would be giving a concert in Paris sometime in March.

    This is all I had time to hear, but a friend of mine reported that the host had commented earlier on how impressed everyone in the studio had been when, arriving early for her performance on the station, she had spent half an hour fiddling with the piano, listening to it, and tuning it herself, instead of breezing through.

    Etienne Raynaud emailed me with additional information about Tori's appearances on radio France Inter:

    Tori performed in 2 shows on radio France Inter. The first was 'Rien A Voir' which usually hosts not very interesting artists - well, this was the exception to the rule. She performed 3 songs : '1,000 Oceans', 'Concertina' and 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' (piano version).

    The other program was more of an interview : they aired 'Bliss' (studio) and a bit of 'Crucify' (like, the only hit she has here). They also aired a live version of '1,000 Oceans' which was recorded a few days earlier and that is part of a "White Session" (another program on the same radio - the entire show was supposed to be aired later but I got no news from it - I hope I haven't missed it).

    In the interview, she told the story of how she wrote '1,000 Oceans', answered a few boring questions and said she'd probably be performing live in March (which, from your news, seems not so scheduled after all) in Paris.

French TV Show "Nulle Part Ailleurs"
November 9, 1999
    Gerard Guero and WILL Jean-Philippe tell me that Tori appeared on the French TV show "Nulle Part Ailleurs" on Canal + on Monday, November 8, 1999. She played 1000 Oceans alone at the piano. There was an interview planned but it was not done because they ran out of time. The host mentioned that a tour around March 2000 was planned for Europe and Tori did not deny it. (However, there is no evidence at this time that such a European tour is planned.) After the show, Tori spent time with the fans who were there signing stuff and talking.

Dutch TV Show 'Laat de Leeuw'
November 5, 1999

Studio Brussels
November 3, 1999

    On November 3, 1999, Tori did a promotional performance for Studio Brussels, an alternative radio station in Belgium. She performed in front of a small group of people and also did an interview. Thanks to Toriphile Jill Verbaendert, I now have a complete transcript of Tori's interview, as well as the full set list she did during the performance. (The radio station only aired 4 of the 7 songs she performed.) Read the transcript and additional details in my TV/Radio Archive.

Live aus Berlin on MTV Central
November 2, 1999

Glory Of The 80s Video
November 1999

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