The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
November 16, 1999

On Tuesday night, November 16, 1999 at 11:00pm ET, Comedy Central in the U.S. showed the episode of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart that included Tori. (This was actually taped on October 20, 1999.) Look below for more details and photos from the show, as well as a complete transcript of the interview! I also just added 12 more screen shots from Heather G. which are larger than mine!

The show was repeated four times in the 24-hour period following the original broadcast.

During the Daily Show's fourth anniversary special on Comedy Central on July 19, 2000, Jon Stewart mentioned Tori at the start of the show, then towards the end they showed the clip of her pouring the water on the floor from this episode during a guest montage showing odd or uncomfortable moments! Tori was one of the few celebrities whose names they actually put on the bottom of the screen while they were on....

On November 25, 1999, Aaron Barnhart's web site included a comment about Tori's appearance on the Daily Show in their Reader Mail column from someone named Darren Glass. You can find the exact comments here, and I repeat them below:

Richard Handal wrote a really good reply to this, which was posted on on December 2, 1999. You can read Richard's letter at or below:

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Complete Transcript

Special thanks to Heather G. (RaysinGyrl) for going to all the trouble to type the following complete trancript. We appreciate this! She is not sure of a few spellings and says that Tori only uttered 107 words during the interview!

Js: Tonight's guest is a 4 time Grammy nominee. Her latest is a double CD
called "to venus and back." Please welcome Tori Amos.

Tori enters.

(inaudible to audience: Tori says hi to Jon, he says hi, she says how are
you, and kisses him on each cheek. She asks where she should sit and Jon
shows her where to sit on the couch, reminds her to watch the step. Tori
gives a double hand wave to the audience.)

Js: Wow, I gotta tell ya, when we told the audience that you were going to
be here today, and they weren't aware of that..

Ta: Um hum..

Js: Uh they literally, I could have said, like it was the "Price is Right"
come on down. They were hyperventillating, one woman; blushing, Uh, huge
fans of yours.

Ta: (turns to audience, waves) Hi

Js: Alright, fair enough. You have, I would say, a very rabid fan base,
wouldn't you argree?

Ta: Um, well..

Js: There was a woman that passed out when I mentioned your name.

Ta: Ok, some of them. But I think some people really kinda get them wrong

Js: Get them wrong in what sense?

Ta: Well they're not all out of their minds. I mean there are a few
sociopaths. but..

Js: Right

Ta: Just a few.

Js: I wasn't casting aspirsions on all of them, just the one who vomited
when I mentioned your name. Just the one who your name actually sent into
peels of estacy. No, it was good though, I think it's a marvelous thing.
It's a tribute to what you do, it moves people, that's all I'm sayin'.
'Cause I can't .. singin 'to me is magic, do you know what I mean? I can't
sing or think of music. But you can think of music, play it, and then uh,
sing it to the people.

Ta: Yeah but um..

Js: Whereas I uh.. honestly..

Ta: Yeah but what else do you do things well, other things? Like, not
singing, but other things.. (jon pouts audience 'awhs')

js: Do you mind if I get on the couch too?

Ta: (giggles)

Js: I.. honestly, I did, I made up a list once, and uh.. it was I.. the only
thing on it was making up lists that's all. I can't.. I do nothing well..

Ta: I don't, I don't buy that.

Ja: Well, you've never spent 24 hours with me and you would see. Are you
enjoying yourself? You just got off a tour right? Didn't you and Alanis
Morrisette tour for a bit?

Ta: Yes.

Ja: How was that? Was that enjoyable?

Ta: Fantastic, it was great.

Ja: Big studio, big arena type uh..

Ta: Yeah, big.

Ja: Yeah, feel free, by the way, not to fill in any of the blanks. Feel
free to just, you know, use just the one words.

Ta: Well, you do it all so very well, I'm just letting you fill the space.

Js: Do you have any idea, I literally have ass sweat right now. I.. there
is a droplet, and I dont meant to share that.. but uh, but I just did. It's
cause I get nervous around talented people, that's what happens to me. Tell
me about this.. (audience 'awhs') By the way, feel free not to comment on
that. Um.. the uh.. how do you get your piano there.. do you have to..

Ta: (picks up her water cup and pours the entire cup of water out onto the
set to the side of Jon's desk)

Js: Hey! That was Stolichnaya, how could you do that? Well if you want
water during this, you're not having any of mine because that was in utter
disregard for what was delicious water. (Jon moves all cups and papers on
his desk away from Tori). Is there another beverage you'd prefer? Would you
like a coke?

Ta: Not ass sweat (giggles).

Js: I.. I wasn't going to squeeze it out into the cup, I'm not insane! Uh,
what's your favorite beverage?

Ta: Good wine.

Js: Wine, oh see now we're getting somewhere. What kind of wine?

Ta: Well.. good wine...

Js: Uh huh.. just like that kind.. like "GOOD."

Ta: Margeaux '83

Js: Ok, Margeaux '83, which uh, I had the '84 it was delicious.. I don't know
anything about wine.

Ta: It's really good.

Js: I know nothing about wine. Did you ever have uh.. what's it called...

Ta: No

Js: You don't have beer?

Ta: No

Js. (Jon taps fingers on his desk, seemingly defeated, and stares blankly
into the camera taking deep breaths). Here's the thing, I am quite fond of
you, and yet I feel like afterwards you're going to tell your friends it's
the worst date I've ever had. That's what I think will happen.

Ta: Why do you think that?

Js: I'm uh lonely. No I'm not, I'm actually very.. I'm healthy and have
wonderful.. I'm somebody's secret santa.. There's a lot that I have that..
I have to go.

Ta: Do you?

Js: Yah, you.. honestly,, if you'd like to stay that's fine . Just don't
all get yacky when I'm doin' the show you know? I'm going to hold up the CD.
I am very pleased that you came by, will you come by again?

Ta: Sure

Js: Oh you're good. Alright, to venus and back is the double cd, it's
excellent, it's in stores now. Tori Amos ladies and gentlemen.

A piece of the interview was featured at the end of the show as the moment of

Comments On The Show

I found Tori's appearance on this show to be hilarious! She did not really say much, but she seemed to be enjoying herself in my opinion, and I was really laughing hard at points during the "interview." One of the highlights was when Tori unexplicably poured her water on the floor behind the desk! Here are some of the comments from my online forum about this appearance. Some people enjoyed the appearance like me, while others found it rather lacking... As you will see, some people think that Tori was not having a good time, but I disagree!

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