Showbusiness Weekly
November 14, 1999

Mike Snowden reports that Tori recently appeared on a program in the U.K. called "Showbusiness Weekly" on UK Satellite Channel "Sky News". It was initially shown on November 14, 1999 at 9:30PM British time. It was repeated several more times after that. There was a short interview and clips from the Glory Of The 80s & Professional Widow videos. You can read a full transcript of this what Tori said below. Thanks to Nathan Cyran for sending this to me! The interview was also seen in Australia.

The interview is conducted by Tim Muffett.

Over the last 10 years, Tori Amos has championed the art of hard hitting, angst-ridden songwriting. Love it or hate it, it's been incredibly successful and now it's time for her latest album 'To Venus and Back.'

[Glory clips]

Raised in LA, Tori began her career performing in bars before her devoted fan base became global.

TA: I do think you're born a musician or not and that means you might not pick up an instrument until you're 26 but it's really something that's in you, you know. The reason things have worked for me is because I, you know, really have had to accept that sometimes redheads are in and sometimes they're not, I'm willing to play that game.

But for all her fans there are those, especially men, who seem to find Tori's songs and ideas somewhat grating.

TM: I was reading that you look at the piano as almost a person and you kind of talk to it and have a sort of an emotional connection with it. Was that something which was always there?

TA: The guys look at the women and sculpt the body of the piano like the women and it takes 9 months to birth these things like it takes to birth a human. You're gonna make me sound like I'm nuts now.

The thought never crossed my mind.

TM: Are you happy with your image in that within the media?

TA: It's my voice and if I come across as a dingaling with no balls then shame on me. Then that's your perception of me and maybe that's who I am.

[clips of Pro. Widow]

Despite her love of ballads, it took a dance mix to get Tori to No. 1 in the UK, when Armand Van Helden got hold of Professional Widow, the result was unrecognizable from the original and consequently very popular.

TA: Completely indicative of pop radio. Pop radio isn't about Pink Floyd, it's not about Neil Young and of course they're my heroes. It's not about that right now, it's about 'can you sing it in the shower?' Everyone would like to sing 'gotta be big' in the shower.

Many men's nightmares came true recently when Tori toured with Alanis Morrisette.

TA: I like her.

TM: Did you have a similar outlook on things?

TA: No, but I like her. She's really, you know, working from this beautiful place and I'm like, you know, someone runs into my piano with their camera and I know they're just trying to be a prick.

Fair enough.

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