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Dew Drop Inn Tour Timeline
Major Events During The Tour

Updated June 30, 1997

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Timeline Of Major Events

This does NOT contain a list of every show she performed. (You can find that here.) This is a rough timeline of the tour, with emphasis on the shows where something unusual happened. It must be said though that every Tori concert is special. The uniqueness of each concert is not reflected here. For that you need to read the full reviews. Use this page to answer questions like, "During what show did she first sing Pain In My Hole?" or "Where was her birthday concert held?" or "Where and when did she sing Live To Tell?"

February 1996

February 23 - Ipswitch U.K.
  • The opening show of the Dew Drop Inn Tour (She will play a total of 187 shows in all!) Tori plays The U.K. and Europe before she goes to the states. The European audiences prove to be FAR MORE respectful than the U.S. audiences, as you will see.
February 25 - Manchester U.K.
  • Tori describes to the British audience the difference between audiences in the North and the South.

March 1996

March 5 - Newcastle U.K.
  • Tori performs Wrapped Around Your Finger and Agent Orange for the first time this tour.
March 9 - London U.K.
  • During this second night in a row in London, Tori sings a little excerpt from South Pacific.
  • Tori is really emotional tonight. The Royal Albert Hall is HUGE, her parents are in the audience (as they were for many shows in the states), and Tori struggles through Me and a Gun. She pauses for a long time in the middle of Me and a Gun while thousands of people sit there in silence.
March 13 - Portsmouth U.K.
  • On the evening of this show, news was breaking of the horrible tragedy in Scotland where several kindergarten children and their teacher were killed by a gunman. Tori is obviously affected by this, and adds lyrics at the end of Not The Red Baron and before Amazing Grace that mention this.
  • Tori does 3 encores.
  • Tori does Alamo for the first time this tour.
March 15 - Den Haag Holland
  • Tori's shows in England and Scotland end, and she crosses over into Europe, starting in Holland.
  • Tori tells the audience that she is still upset over the tragedy a few days before in Scotland where the Kindergarten children were killed by a gunman. Tori says, "....And I asked them all to come down and dance with us tonight, because people who get murdered need a place to dance."
  • After Holland, Tori goes on to perform in Germany, Belgium, France, and Italy.
March 16 - Amsterdam Holland
  • Tori plays Flying Dutchman the first time for the Dutch!
March 29 - Milan Italy
  • Tori performs her final European concert in Italy. She raves about the wonderful food!

April 1996

April 9 - Tampa FL
  • Tori begins her Dew Drop Inn tour in North America. The day before she was in New York City to tape the David Letterman show. Then she flew back to Tampa for this show. This would prove to be an incredibly busy week for Tori.
  • A few hours before the show, Tori took part in an MTV online chat on the net and AOL. Sadly, technical problems pretty much ruined the event. However, once the show started, MTV's Matt Pinfield was online for the first 6 songs or so narrating the action.
  • The U.S. audiences immediately demonstrate how rude they can be. The noise and screams get so distracting to Tori that she interrupts Crucify to ask for quiet.
April 10 - Gainesville FL
  • Tori performs Samurai for the only time this tour. (Actually she TRIED to play it, but forgot the lyrics!)
April 11 - MTV Unplugged taping in New York City
  • Tori flies all the way back to NYC to tape her unplugged performance, which was later aired in June (They only showed half of what she played however.)
  • Tori struggles a bit, and has to leave the stage "to find the girl that plays the piano." Some local radio stations the next day blew this incident way out of proportion by saying that she had a breakdown onstage.
April 12 - Ft. Lauderdale FL
  • Tori then flies from NYC back to Florida (whew!) and performs a concert in Ft. Lauderdale.
  • Some guy jumps onstage and tries to get to Tori. He is quickly dealt with by security.
April 14 - Atlanta GA
  • Tori first mentions the dwarf war being waged between her light and sound crew. She cracks up laughing at some "dwarf envy."
April 19 - Louisville KY
  • Mikewhy's first show of the Dew Drop Inn Tour.
April 20 - Lexington KY
  • During one of the best shows of the tour, a fire alarm goes off backstage while Tori is performing Not The Red Baron. Her reaction is hilarious.
April 21 - Asheville NC
  • Tori performs a version of Honey that you can now hear on the Hey Jupiter single.
April 23 - Knoxville TN
  • Tori announces during a rare third encore that she is going to do a song she had not performed in 15 years. It was Fleetwood Mac's Songbird. East Tennessee was graced with this beautiful song one more time later in the tour.
April 24 - Columbia SC
  • Tori's performance of Caught A Lite Sneeze was so intense she blows out a microphone on the harpsichord.
April 26 - Washington D.C.
  • Tori returns to a city where she is very well known with the first of 3 nights of performances. The crowd welcomes her home and she says, "It's good to be back."
  • Tori gives Marianne a special introduction where she talks about receiving a letter from high school kids who mention a classmate who killed herself, which reminds Tori of her childhood friend Marianne.
April 28 - Washington D.C.
  • Tori shocks the crowd by playing a song from Y Kant Tori Read for the first time this tour, Etienne.
  • This was also the show where the organ version of Professional Widow made its first appearance. Tori would report at a later show that the first time she did this, she almost gave herself a brain aneurism!
  • Another tearful version of Marianne. There were people in the audience who knew her.

May 1996

May 1 - Philadelphia PA
  • Tori reprimands the crowd. "I know you love me, but let me play this song, okay?" This will happen frequently on the tour.
  • Tori's first mention of the internet in tour. "For those of you who aren't on the internet, this is Caton..."
May 2 - Philadelphia PA
  • During the tour, there were many instances of people doing inappropriate things during Me and a Gun. Tonight, a woman shouts, "Lose this song." Tori reacts perfectly and professionally.
May 3 - Philadelphia PA
  • For the third night in a row in Philly, Tori was distracted during Me and a Gun, this time by a loud banging noise backstage. "These things happen," she says.
  • Tori does a brief Riders On the Storm improvisation.
  • Tori performs Cool On Your Island for the first time on tour!
May 6 - Montreal Canada
  • Tori plays Frog On My Toe for the first time.
May 11 - New Haven CT
  • This show gets my vote for having the most innovative comment yelled out to Tori: "Tori, I dreamed I was your cat!"
  • She updates the audience on the continuing war between her sound and light crew, telling them that light has kidnapped Dopey the dwarf and is demanding 10,000 frozen Snicker bars or else "Dopey gets it."
May 13 - New York NY
  • A busy day for Tori! Early in the afternoon she does an in-store appearance at the Virgin mega-store in Times Square, performing 4 songs and answering questions.
  • At the concert that night, someone yells out during opening act Willy Porter's set, "We want Tori." Willy replies calmly, "I know. I want Tori too-- everyone does."
May 15 - New York NY
  • During the third night of shows in New York, Tori tells the audience that Dopey has been killed in the war between her light and sound crew. Her sound guy Marcel comes on stage dressed as Snow White to pay homage to this event!
  • Tori plays the version of Sugar that later appears on the Hey Jupiter single.
  • Tori plays Professional Widow for the famous Toriphile Frankie, who saw her frequently on the east coast, and who once ran after Tori in her limo holding a Winnie the Pooh doll.
May 17 - Springfield MA
  • This show had something very special...a respectful and quiet audience, which reminded some of the old days, when all the audiences were like this. (To be fair, there were several other shows during the tour that also had good audiences.)
  • After Me and a Gun, a lone female voice appropriately shouts "Thank You."
May 18 - Syracuse NY
  • Tori says the following line TWICE in a row in order to calm down the crowd. "I know you're there and I love you, too, but I need to hear myself sing"
  • Tori starts to reminisce about the Peabody Conservatory, and this leads to her singing You Make Me Feel Brand New, by the Stylistics.
  • I receive an incredible account by Toriphile Victoria Parker about an encounter she had with Tori after the show and some advice Tori shared with her. This is required reading.
May 21 - Boston MA
  • Tori sings an incredible version of Professional Widow on the harmonium organ. You can hear this version of the Hey Jupiter single.
May 22 - Boston MA
  • This was Steve Caton's birthday, but Tori forgot until Steve told her during the second show that night!
  • Tori only performed 1 encore during the second show.
May 28 - Toronto Canada
  • Tori said she was performing Frog On My Toe for the first time this tour. In reality, she had already played it first for Montreal on May 6.
  • Tori did sing Bad Company for the first time on the tour.
  • Tori also did the tour's only performance of the beautiful cover When Sunny Gets Blue.
May 30 - Pittsburgh PA
  • Tori performs her version of Whomp There It Is.

June 1996

June 3 - Cincinnati OH
  • Mikewhy's choice for one of the BEST shows of the tour...pure fireworks!
  • Sang a short ditty with lyrics like "How are things in Cincinnati? Things are better since I've been here."
June 4 - Cleveland OH
  • Tori made up Pain In My Hole at this show! But it was originally called Pain In His Hole. It turns out that the person shouting this request was really saying "Caton's cool!"
  • Did a rare cover from Billie Holiday, Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be).
June 6 - Chicago Il
  • A girl hops on stage and is promptly removed. Tori responds by playing a little bit of "Did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world?"
  • People are requesting the now famous Pain In My Hole. Tori replies that she does not remember the song she made up, and tells the audience that during a previous show in Cleveland she thought that someone was asking for a song called Pain In My Hole. "Well, I've never heard of such a thing... well I HAVE actually, but I haven't written it..."
June 8 - Milwaukee WI
  • Tori shows off her "nifty" Dumbo stuffed animal in the 2nd show.
  • "I looove you like I love my left testicle..."
  • Tori's microphone breaks right before she is to sing Me and a Gun.
June 10 - Minneapolis MN
  • Neil Gaiman and his daughter (Little Peanut) are in the audience.
  • Several reports say that the live version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow that you hear on the Hey Jupiter single was recorded during this performance.
June 12 - St. Louis, Missouri
  • Tori performs Elton John's Tiny Dancer for the first time this tour.
June 13 - Kansas City KS
  • Tori performs China for Tara, who had someone close to her pass away.
  • Tori plays with a speaking star wand that someone gave her in Milwaukee.
  • A rude interruption during Me and a Gun. Tori later says, What would we do without our asshole?"
June 16 - Austin, Texas
  • Tori fights bugs onstage, but little does she know that as she plays, her harpsichord is getting infested with fleas!
  • Tori is angered by feedback blasting through her headphones during Blood Roses.
June 17 - Houston, Texas
  • "The people on the internet know more about what I am doing that I do..."
June 21 - Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Tori calls someone up front to come on stage and hold her microphone during Purple Rain, the last song of the first show.
  • Tori performs Daisy Dead Petals for the first time this tour during the second show.
June 24 - Las Vegas NV
  • The infamous "no encores" show.
June 25 - San Diego CA
  • Tori admits that the Frog On My Toe story about drinking too many margaritas was a lie!
  • Tori declares that her harpsichord seems to have recovered from the fleas she picked up in Austin.
June 28 - Los Angeles CA
  • Tori plays Bjork's Hyper-Ballad during sound check.
  • Tori declares that there is a critter on her F key. (The theatre is outdoors.)
June 29 - Los Angeles CA
  • Tori plays along with a trumpet heard in the background.
June 30 - Los Angeles CA
  • The full moon urges Tori to break into an impromptu rendition of Blue Moon.

July 1996

July 2 - Phoenix AZ
  • Some guy leaps onstage and is dragged off.
July 12 - Oakland CA
  • Tori performs There Is A Balm In Gilead.
July 14 - San Jose CA
  • Tori talks about a letter she received asking her why she hated Jesus so much!
  • Tori performs Graveyard for the first time this tour.
July 17 - Seattle WA
  • Tori performs Tiny Dancer and Daisy Dead Petals during the first show.
July 19 - Vancouver Canada
  • Tori declares that her once flea infested harpsichord was cured in LA. However, it was actually during the concert right before LA, in San Diego, where she originally made the announcement that her harpsichord was free now from the pests.
  • Tori says she missed performing here during the last tour, but says that she might be arrested if she tells the audience why!
July 21 - Portland OR
  • Performed Landslide for someone who was supposed to be there that night, but did not make it.
  • Tori performed 2 shows that night, and for the ONLY time during the tour, she did NOT sing Me and a Gun during the second show. In fact, the 2 shows seemed to be one big show, with only a few songs played in common during both performances. One of the best shows on the tour.
  • Tori apologizes for the technical problems that prevent the background movies from being shown and talks about mushrooms.
July 26 - Cedar Rapids IA
  • Tori demonstrates the metal forever handshake.
July 27 - Springfield IL
  • Marcel, a sound guy, bicycles in bikini briefs with a cowboy hat before the show!
  • Tori sings Whole Lotta Love for the first time this tour.
July 28 - Indianapolis IN
  • Marcel, a sound guy, bicycles again in bikini briefs with a cowboy hat before the show!
July 29 - Peoria IL
  • The almost nude bicyclist with the cowboy hat makes yet another appearance on stage again before Tori comes on.
  • "Everyone on the fucking internet knows that Cornflake Girl is next."

August 1996

August 3 - Dayton OH
  • Tori performs Way Down for the only time this tour.
August 4 - Chattanooga YN
  • Tori performs Fleetwood Mac's Songbird for the second and last time this tour.
August 5 - Birmingham AL
  • Tori performs Oh, Susannah.
August 8 - Altanta GA
  • The show was at Chastain Park. "Ya know, I'm kinda nervous cause you're the biggest I've ever done."
  • Mega rude audience reactions during Me and a Gun. In fact, according to one review when she sang: "And i must get out of this", she laughed, as if she were refering to Chastain Park.
August 11 - Jacksonville FL
  • "Tonight is one of the most unusual shows I've ever done. But you just have to flow with it."
  • Problems with the lighting onstage.
  • "No. . .no, I've sung Precious fucking Things every night . I'm not doing it."
  • 3 encores (kinda!)
August 16 - Vienna VA
  • Tori sings the chorus of God while drumming on the harmonium organ!
August 21 - Charlotte NC
  • Many have called this show one of the best of the tour.
  • Security guard Joel had to put a stop to a shower of objects being thrown onstage for Tori to sign.
August 22 - Greensboro NC
  • Tori's birthday concert! She is surprised during the Cornflake Girl dance with a cake and stuff.
  • Tori performs Live To Tell, a song she went to alot of trouble to learn in order to fulfill a request.
  • She preceded Frog On My Toe with the REAL story behind the song, a sweet story about her Poppa (grandfather)
August 24 - Providence RI
  • Tori sings for the only time this tour the Beatles cover Here, There, and Everywhere.
August 25 - Wantagh NY
  • Tori sings a special message to someone during Little Amsterdam.
August 26 - Holmdel NJ
  • This show had some of the rudest interruptions of the tour. Tori's security were really angry after this show! There were so many things being shouted out during Me and a Gun that Tori had to stop singing the song in order to say that things were okay. Several people jumped on the stage at the very end as well.
August 28 - Buffalo NY
  • For the first and only time in the States and the second time on tour, Tori performs Wrapped Around Your Finger.
August 29 - Rochester NY
  • A reviewers says that there was a woman signing to the right of the stage for the deaf people in the audience.
  • A female fan leaps onstage. She is removed instantly.
  • Tori sings Whole Lotta Love.

September 1996

September 1 - Wallingford CT
  • The crowd rushes forward during the second encore. Tori replies, "They think I'm Metallica."
  • Dedicated Flying Dutchman to her recently married friend Rantz.
September 16 - Akron OH
  • Tori sings Neil Young's Ohio.
  • Makes up a song called Lucky Ducky.
September 18 - Muncie IN
  • Tori sings Killing Me Softly for the first time this tour in response to my request :).
  • Tori tells Muncie that they have the coolest looking seats on the tour!
September 20 - Rockford IL
  • Tori sings Bad Company.
  • Tori sang a brief ditty to a blue stuffed animal.
September 22 - Green Bay WI
  • Tori sings the cover Boys In The Trees for the only time this tour.
September 23 - Madison WI
  • Two years earlier in Madison during the Under The Pink tour, Tori got sick after performing for an hour and had to be taken to the hospital. This time Tori said humorously that she guessed some of the crowd had been waiting 2 years for her to come back and do an encore!
September 24 - Normal IL
  • Tori performs Wrong Band for the first time this tour.
  • Tori receives some aspirin from her bodyguard Joel to help her with her hangover from the night before. She performs a short 'Sweet Little Pill' ditty.
September 27 - Ann Arbor MI
  • Tori performs Agent Orange, while Joel's (her security guard) picture was displayed, along with shots of Mr. Bill!
  • Tori performs the rare Humpty Dumpty for the first time this tour to fulfill a request.
September 28 - Chicago IL
  • Tori performs an emotional version of Elton John's Daniel, which she dedicated to Ana Coiner, a young Toriphile who passed away in the crash of TWA flight 800.
September 30 - Baltimore MD
  • Tori performs Killing Me Softly again.

October 1996

October 1 - Baltimore MD
  • Tori dedicates Daniel to Ana for the second time this tour (See the September 28 Chicago show above for more details). There were people in the audience who knew her.
October 2 - New Brunswick NJ
  • In yet another example of how the OJ Simpson trial was everywhere, Tori mentions the subject tonight.
  • Tori really played around with the lyrics to The Wrong Band and Upside Down!
October 6 - Binghamton NY
  • Tori mentioned that the hotel they were staying in was the worst of the entire tour! She also said she was writing a song the previous night, and that if that song made it on the next album, she'd mention the hotel in the notes.
  • Tori agains talks about Ana, the young Toriphile who died on TWA Flight 800, and why she plays Daniel for her instead of Somewhere Over The Rainbow.
  • Tori does her own brief & dark version of I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston.)
October 7 - Buffalo NY
  • Tori tells another variation of the Frog On My Toe Speech. She spent most of the tour saying that it was a silly song she made up after having too many margaritas. She admitted this was a lie in San Diego. The song is really about her grandfather whom she misses. In Buffalo, Tori combines the stories by saying that when she has tequila, she thinks of her grandfather.
October 10 - Athens GA
  • Tori's organ is naughty during Etienne.
October 11 - Roanoke VA
  • Tori talks about a letter she received from a group of young boys who live in a home for abused children.
October 14 - Lafayette LA
  • Tori thanked the people of Breaux Bridge Louisiana for all their cooperation "when I was nursing that pig about a year ago."
October 16 - New Orleans LA
  • Tori wears a Mardi Gras mask as she begins singing Beauty Queen, but then throws it off as she launches into Horses.
  • Bass player George Porter Jr. was in the audience.
October 18 - Melbourne FL
  • Tori performs Blue Skies and The Wrong Band.
October 19 - Clearwater FL
  • Tori performs Fire On The Side and Ode To The Banana King.
October 20 - Ft Myers FL
  • What stood out was Tori's performance of the b-side Alamo, which she introduced by saying that she often likes to drive her truck into the desert and that this song emerged from one of those trips. She said she doesn't perform it often, but that there was a very special person in the audience who requested it. While this song played, images of desert Indians flashed across the monitor.
October 22 - Miami FL
  • Tori Performs Killing Me Softly.
October 23 - Miami FL
  • A sad, yet triumphant show. Tori abruptly stops playing Space Dog. She tells the audience in tears that she is sick and leaves the stage. She returns and performs the most unique and tender show of the tour.
  • She performs a special version of Girl and Let It Be.
  • She performs a brand new song called Cooling, which may appear on her next album.
  • Tori's best friend Beenie joins her onstage for Me and a Gun.
October 24 - West Palm Beach FL
  • I have one report now that says while Tori was playing her B-side Alamo, she subtly included another new song called Om La Boomleigh. This song was heard in it's entirety on the Acoustic Cafe Radio Show during the weekend of November 16-17 1996.
October 28 - College Station TX
  • Tori reveals that she was not only kicked out of the Peabody, but out of the girl scouts as well.
  • She makes up a song to the tune of Sweet Home Alabama.
October 29 - Austin TX
  • She performs Humpty Dumpty.
October 30 - Oklahoma City OK
  • She entered the stage wearing a white Mardi Gras mask with feathers that she flips back after Beauty Queen and before Horses.
  • Performs Surry with a Fringe on Top from Oklahoma!

November 1996

November 2 - Tulsa OK
  • Tori has a foodgasm.
November 6 - Davenport Iowa
  • Steve Caton broke a guitar string at the beginning of Cornflake Girl. While waiting for him to get a new guitar, Tori does a lively and incredible improvisation on the piano.
  • Mikewhy's last show of the Dew Drop Inn tour.
November 7 - Omaha Nebraska
  • Tori talks about one of her favorite gifts of the tour, two ears of corn!
  • Tori sings the rare Daisy Dead Petals.
November 10 - Boulder CO
  • Tori introduces her new friend Flying Duck Face!
  • Tori comments on the effect the high altitude of Boulder is having on her.
November 11 - Boulder CO
  • The last regular concert of the Dew Drop Inn Tour.
  • Tori thanks her devoted following for seeing all the shows and for supporting her 'Boys For Pele' album, especially since her record company had reservations when they first heard it.
  • Tori performs a unique God, Amazing Grace, Talula combination.
  • All the encore songs were "goodbye" songs, which made the show really special and sad. She sang Landslide, China, Tear In Your Hand, Daniel, and Hey Jupiter (on the piano!)

December 1996

December 13 - Los Angeles CA
  • Tori performs 5 songs tonight as part of the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas concert, which benefitted several charities, including RAINN.
  • Many other great female artists joined Tori during this concert. They included Natalie Merchant, Fiona Apple, Jewel, Sarah, and Garbage.

January 1997

January 23, 1997 - New York NY
  • Tori does a benefit concert for the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN)
  • She is joined on stage by Maynard from Tool, and they do a duet during Muhammad My Friend.

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