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1996 Soundcheck Set Lists

Updated March 15, 2000

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 Dew Drop Inn Tour
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These are rough set lists from various sources. Usually at sound checks, Tori plays only a portion of the song. All are from the Dew Drop Inn Tour in 1996.

Austin TX - June 16

Cornflake Girl
Sister Janet
Caught A Lite Sneeze

Los Angeles, CA - June 28

Many thanks to Dorothy Dotson (Dor) for identifying Hyperballad for me!

Hyperballad (by Bjork)
Yes, Anastasia
Little Earthquakes
Cornflake Girl

Atlanta GA - August 8

Blood Roses
Smoke On The Water (Intro- Steve Caton Solo)
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Cornflake Girl

Vienna VA - August 16

parts of the Talula Tornado Mix
Killing Me Softly (!!!)
In The Springtime Of His Voodoo
Cornflake Girl
Space Dog
Caught a Lite Sneeze
more of Talula

Wantagh NY (Jones Beach) - August 25

A Special Thank You to Lila Tene for this set list!

unknown song number 1
unknown song number 2
Upside Down
unknown song number 3
Cornflake Girl
Little Earthquakes (without the ending)

"All I remember is from the first song, she kept repeating the word "cuckoo" at the end, and I remember the melody very clearly, it was very beautiful. (it was also very long! I think it lasted about 10 minutes or so). I liked it better than the other unknown songs. The second unknown song had a line that went something like "he's / you're in another galaxy" (??... all i remember for sure is that it had the word galaxy in it). another line that I vaguely remember sort of (but I'm not sure if it was the second or third unknown songs) is "I can't ever go there again".

Some fans have suggested that unknown song 1 (where she sings "cuckoo") could be the song from the Sound Of Music where the Von Trapp children repeatedly say "Cuckoo", "Cuckoo".

Holmdel NJ - August 26

2 improvisations
Happy Phantom
Cornflake Girl
Space Dog
Caught a Lite Sneeze
Talula (Tornado Album)

Rochester NY - August 29

Thank you for this set list.

unknown song
Voodoo ( with Caton)
Space Dog (Last section)
Cornflake Girl (with Caton)
Caught a Lite Sneeze (with Caton)

The unknown song lasted about 10 minutes. Tori just kept playing and playng. It was a really fast melody, but with Tori's signiture morose quality. She kept singing , and the lyrics repeated themselves. Right in the middle of one line, Tori said "That's good Mark", in perfect harmony with the notes and the rhythm. It was neat to hear her velvety voice :)

Boston MA - September 9

Thank you Tuan N. Pham for this set list.

Improvs, 2 too be exact.
New Material that is unknown at this time (That's what people told me, I
thought it was an improv.)
Space Dog
Cornflake Girl
Caught a Lite Sneeze
Cornflake Girl (Whole Version)
Little Earthquakes

Rockford IL - September 20

Thank you AllFullOfGlory for this set list.

(Another song I didn't recognize.)

Lawrence, KS - November 3

Thank you Christa Madrigal for this set list.

Smells Like Teen Spirit
Little Earthquakes
Space Dog
A few bars of Caught A Lite Sneeze
A song I have never heard before that mentioned Doris Day (new album?)

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