TV & Radio Appearances - November 1996

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Acoustic Cafe
Weekend of November 16-17, 1996

    Tori was the featured guest on the Acoustic Cafe, a nationally syndicated radio show, the weekend of November 16 and 17. This weekly, two-hour program focuses on singer-songwriters and features in-studio interviews and live acoustic performances.

    In addition to an interview, Tori was featured playing three new songs. The three songs were "Abbey Road", "Om La Boomleigh", and "This Old Man" (with a new intro). For those of you who missed the show, you can hear these songs on the net using Realaudio at the Acoustic Cafe Web Site.

    The Michigan Live Acoustic Cafe Web Site

    Another Acoustic Cafe Web Site

    Here is a link to the Tori stuff on the Acoustic Cafe web site where you can still listen to Tori's complete performance.

Maryland Public TV (MPT)
November 15, 1996

    Lynn posted to the Torinews mailing list about a show on Maryland Public Television called Inside Maryland. Back in 1996 they did a feature on Tori which included an interview and footage of her singing Pretty Good Year. Richard Handal has now provided me with more details of the feature. It originally aired on November 15, 1996, and has been shown several times since then. The reporter/producer for this short but extremely good feature was Scott Hileman. This show was repeated again Tuesday night, March 25, 1997 on MPT.

    Scott Hileman, the producer and reporter for the Inside Maryland piece, wrote me a very nice email. He thanked me for choosing a good video still of him to include in my screen shots, and says, "I'm cutting/pasting an article I've written about my experience with Tori. I thought you might like to post my first-hand account on your page to share with your readers. Feel no obligation to do so. It's just my way of saying thanks."

    Read Scott Hileman's article entitled When Tori Comes Marching Home, My Experiences with Tori Amos.

    Read Details About The Show And See Some Photos

    Go To Maryland Public Television's Web Site

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