TV & Radio Appearances - December 1996

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MTV 12 Days Of Christmas Commercial
December 1996
    Tori was one of many artists who were part of several Christmas commercials that aired on MTV. Each artist took part of the song The Twelve Days Of Christmas. In one version of the commercial Tori was shown briefly singing "8 maids a-milking," which is rather funny when you think back to the piglet photo in the BFP CD booklet :)

MTV 120 Minutes
December 25, 1996

    MTV 120 Minutes aired their KROQ Almost Acoustic special early Christmas Morning in the US from 1:00AM to 4:00AM (and showed it again at midnight December 29th). They showed regular videos and only showed 5-10 second clips from the actual KROQ Christmas concert, which took place on December 13, 1996. The concert was a benefit for several organizations, one of which was RAINN. Matt Pinfield talked to the artists backstage for about 1-2 minutes. They showed a 10 second clip of Tori singing Precious Things, and they played the Silent All These Years video.

    See photos from MTV 120 Minutes and read a transcript of what Tori said to Matt.

Kevin & Bean Morning Radio Show
December 10, 1996

    Tori appeared on the Kevin & Bean Radio Show on KROQ radio in Los Angeles on Tuesday Morning, December 10th, 1996 for about 45 minutes starting at 9:00AM. She was in town that week because she was part of KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas concert. She answered some listener questions and spent most of the time actually talking. I now have the complete transcript of the interview, carefully transcribed by EWF Kim H. who deserves high praise for doing this, and doing it so well! I also have an account by Dor of meeting Tori at the radio station that morning.

    Complete Transcript Of Tori's Appearance.

    Dor's Tori Encounter AT KROQ.

MTV: The Week In Rock
December 6-8, 1996

    On December 4, 1996, there was a press conference in New York held by CALVIN KLEIN with Tori Amos to announce "Unlock the Silence", a year-long program to support RAINN, The Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network. The photo below shows Tori and Calvin Klein at the press conference. It is from The Week In Rock, which aired on MTV the weekend of Dec 6-8.

    The Week In Rock Transcript & A Photo

CNN: The Hollywood Minute
December 5, 1996

    On December 5, 1996, CNN briefly covered the Tori / Calvin Klein RAINN Press Conference. Here is what they said:

    "Tori Amos is using her status as a rape survivor to assist other rape survivors. Amos will work with the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network as a part of "Unlock the Silence," a program that sponsors a 24-hour rape victim hot line. Amos will do a fund-raising concert for the program."

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