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This Dent is nearly 10 years old now. It began posting the latest Tori Amos news on March 25, 1996. I love running this web site, and it is not my intention to make money doing it. But the costs involved in maintaining the Dent are substantial, and I need to have ways available to cover that. Luckily, some changes made in early 2003 reduced my bandwidth considerably and made covering the costs a little easier. However, it would be nice to cover the costs I still have. Those costs average $1500 a year. Here are the current ways you can support this web site financially and help out. I may add more ways later.

1) links

If you use any of the links on the Dent or use the Amazon search box on my ToriNews Page and then purchase anything at all (Tori items or non-Tori items), a certain percentage of the purchase will go to The Dent. This is the number one way I make up my costs, and it currently covers about 45%. So if you need to order anything online using, please consider using the links on the Dent.

2) Submit news items to the Dent

This one does not involve money, but when you help The Dent by emailing me with Tori Amos news items (, you make this site that much more informative, and in so doing assist me in my mission to inform Tori fans/Toriphiles. And that is very much valuable and needed!

Thanks you so much for your support and help in running this web site. I could not do this without you.

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