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Updated September 16, 2001

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This page gives details about the CD booklet for Tori's Strange Little Girls album. If you want to read about the album cover, back of the album, or actual disc itself, go here.

As shown above, the CD booklet includes 16 pages, including the cover image, 2 pages of text, and 13 pages with the characters on them. The booklet is not really a book with pages, but folds out into a long strip. One of the pages of text includes album credits and Tori's thank yous, and the other includes detailed information about each track on the album. The remainder of the booklet includes the characters Tori portrays for each song. There is one page for each character. Each image has a sentence of text over it, which was written by Neil Gaiman for each character. This is the first Tori album that does NOT include lyrics in the CD booklet.

Click on any character above to see it larger!

Special thanks to Jonathan for sending me a scan of the entire booklet. The top part shows one side when it is fully unfolded, and the bottom part shows the other side.

A big thank you to Martijn Tulp, Arjan Welles and Kirily Suggett for scanning each page of the CD booklet for me.

Here are the sentences Neil Gaiman wrote for each character. (Thanks Hirjas.)

New Age: All your tomorrows start here
Strange Little Girl: Whenever it rains you think of her
Time: One day you will open your eyes and see her
Enjoy The Silence: Thirty-five years a showgirl
Rattlesnakes: She rides rollercoasters but never screams
I'm not in Love: She forgets him utterly and forever
Bonnie & Clyde: She wonders what her daughter will do
I Don't Like Mondays: She found the first body in a stairwell
Happiness: The smell of cordite always makes her think of the fourth of July
Raining Blood: Actually the Gestapo picked her up
Heart of Gold: It's not glamorous... (on the twin pic)'s just business.
Real Men: All of these things are true.

There are other web sites where you can see full scans of the CD booklet, including the Little Amsterdam web site, as well as

The Text in the CD booklet

Here are the credits and thank you in the CD booklet:

Produced by Tori Amos. All tracks recorded and mixed by Mark Hawley & Marcel van Limbeek at Martian Engineering, Cornwall, England except for John Philip Shenale's contributions recorded at The Nut Ranch in Los Angeles, CA. Executive Producer: Natashya. Album Project Manager UK: Mike Rose. Mastered by Jon Astley. Management: Spivak Entertainment - Arthur Spivak and John Witherspoon. Chef: Duncan Pickford. Piano Tech: Trevor Lowe. Studio Technical Saviour: Adam Spry. Photographer: Thomas Schenk, Impressions of Girls written by Neil Gaiman. Makeup: Kevyn Aucoin. Assistant: Evelyn Lange. Hair: Wair Stegerhoek. Stylist: Karen Binns. Design: Blue Source.

Tori thanks: Mark & Tash. Mom, Dad & all the family. Irene, Mollie & Dave Ward & Arminda & Beene. Arthur, Johnnie & Chelsea, Neil Gaiman, Phil Holthouse & Cindy Cooper at HCVT, John Branca & Jamie Young, Ahmet, Val, Ron, Craig, Vicky, Patti, Linda, Sharon, Laura, Andrea, Kris, Bonnie, Lee Anne, Danny, Jason, Rick, Steve, Andi, Bob, Nikke, Fran & all at Atlantic. Christian, Elyse, Matthew, Peter, Carla, Stella, Nisha & all at EastWest. Carol Kinzel at CAA, Mike Dewdney at ITB, Bruce & Kelly at FEA, Bill V and Evelyn at Provident Financial Management, Marla Ferguson at Linden Travel US, Dave Brock at Rima Travel UK, Mog at Warners UK, Richard Bates, Tim Shaxon at HHB, Tony Larkin at TL Audio, Steve Trim at Stirling Syco, John & Heather and all at SSE, Jason Ogarro at Macwarehouse, Neil at Neve, Su & Bruce at Digidesign US, John Philip Shenale - vintage keyboard finder, James Naylor at Corney & Barrow and a special thanks to David Slade. Huggs to Lesley Chilkes, Cim Mahoney & Bernice Brobbery - The Glam Squad. The Bude Contingent: Cliff 'The Fish' Bowden, Helen Gilbert, Super Debs & Adam at Martian, Thea & Dana, John Gardiner & Family, Hayley, Trevor & Emily, Ros, The Falcon Hotel, Mick & Pearl and Phil & Jody. Stolichnaya & Van Nelle. And finally to all the musicians.

There is another page of text that includes musician and songwriting credits for each track on the album.

Click here to see a scan of that page from the booklet at

Read about the SLG covers, the back of the album, and the disc artwork

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