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Sightings reported from March 8, 1998 through May 12, 1998

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Tori mentioned in quiz in Seventeen Magazine

(May 12, 1998) - Ears With Feet Becca reports:

    Tori is mentioned in a quiz in Seventeen Magazine's June issue (I don't know if this is a good thing or not :-) ).It reads like this : "Your boyfriend surprises you with Tori tickets on the same night that you promised your neighbor you'd babysit.You back out on her,giving her some excuse about your dad switching his visitation schedule.When she busts you getting into your boyfriend's car on the night in question you's not a big deal.There are a zillion babysitters in the world.b)feel totally guilty,and rightfully so.You go over to your neighbor's house and apologize-you can't even think of watching the show now c)feel bad for lying but convince yourself that maybe your neighbor didn't notice you." I'd personally pick c :-).That whole question was funny :-)

Heather Graham compared to Tori

(May 5) - Ears With Feet Daisy Little reports:

    In the March 1998 issue of "the Face" magazine (UK), Heather Graham is described: "She is, perhaps, the less articulate, less bold, less viscerally fixated, far more elusive Tori Amos of the Movies, though whether she'd suckle a piglet on screen remains to be seen." (Rollerskates Extra-Sylvia Patterson)

Tori At Scripps Women's Liberal Arts College

(April 28) - Ears With Feet Sara Gray reports:

    After I took the PSAT test, I've been getting tons of college brochures, an experience that many other juniors and seniors out there probably know all too well. Anyway, one of them was for Scripps Women's Liberal Arts College in Claremont, California. Inside was a picture of a bunch of girls hanging out in their public room, or something. One was sitting at the computer, and above it were four or five pictures of Tori! Some cool people obviously attend this school ;)

Tori Mentioned In "Bitch"

(April 27) - Ears With Feet Kim reports:

    Tori is mentioned in bits and pieces throughout Elizabeth Wurtzel's new book, "Bitch". Several song quotes from Tori, as well as interpretations of some of the hows and whys of her music and women's rock, etc. At the very least, a really good book with lots of connections for the Tori fan.

Tori in Airshop's "magalog"

(April 26) - Ears With Feet Arielle Caron and Meghan report:

    In the newest issue of Airshop's "magalog" (really a catalog with a few tiny articles in it), they have a section of newsbytes. Tori is mentioned:

    "Lilith Fair role-model TORI AMOS, ditched her single status and wed her sound engineer on February 22 in London. Congrats to the CORNFLAKE GIRL and her new hubby!!!"

    Airshop is a bunch of clothes for teen girls...

Tori In May issue of BUZZ magazine

(April 26) - Ears With Feet Kristin M Evans and Michael report:

    In the May 1998 issue of Buzz: The Talk of Los Angeles magazine, p. 52:

    May CDs
    Tori Amos--from the choirgirl hotel (Atlantic)

    The queen of the superedgy alterna-chicks eschews the introspective histrionics of her first three LPs, opting instead for live drums, jazzy guitars, and as Amos puts it, an "old sound" that draws from such sources as Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On and "Led Zeppelin III."

Tori Mentioned In Book About Stevie Nicks

(April 26) - Ears With Feet Georgia Bleichner reports:

    I was just reading a book about Stevie Nicks and the author mentioned Tori. In fact he devoted a whole section of the book to her because he was comparing her music to Stevie's. This was mostly because he believed that Tori had a lot of mysticism in her songwriting like Stevie does. The book is called Lady of the Stars by Edward Wincentsen and there is also a full page picture of Tori.

Rocktropolis Thinks Tori Dresses "Well"

(April 26) - Ears With Feet Siobhan reports:

    At the Rocktropolis Website, there is an article called "Leotards & Lace: The Flawed Fashion Fancies Of Female Pop Stars, Past and Present." The article basically compares the fashion habits of today's top female artists to females artists from the past. The article says that they will not be talking about women artists who actually dress well. "(Which means: just put- together enough not to be sloppy, but not designer-y enough to damage their cred. A field that consists entirely of Tori Amos and D'Arcy from the Smashing Pumpkins.)"

Tori's Music & Fans Help An Attack Victim Recover

(April 25) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy reports:

    Richard Handal pointed out to me an article that appeared in the college newspaper the Kansas State Collegian on April 20, 1995. The story is about a Junior in college named Chris Reeves who was viciously attacked on campus and almost killed. His recovery was a long and difficult one, but the music of Tori Amos and the support and get-well cards from Amos fans on the net helped him in his recovery. It is a pretty inspiring story and you can read it at the Collegian web site. You can also see a photo of Chris here. The caption of the photo reads, "Chris Reeves, junior in history, is recovering from injuries he received when three people attacked him on the night of January 23 in City Park. Reeves credits musician Tori Amos for much of his recovery. As and avid fan of hers, he received support from other Amos fans all over the world."

Is Sabrina the Teenage Witch a Toriphile?

(April 25) - Ears With Feet Tim Ponce and Rebecca report:

Tim says:

    hmm...i was watching Entertainment Tonight, and they interviewed that Melissa Joan Hart girl at the end of the show. She had a dalmation, and she said it's name was Pele....interesting. Is Sabrina the Teenage Witch a Toriphile?

Rebecca adds:

    I was reading the TV Guide, and they had an article on TV stars and their pets. That girl from that Sabrina the witch has a dalmation named.... Pele! She didn't mention if the inspiration came for Tori or not , though....

More Tori Questions On VH1's My Generation

(April 24) - Ears With Feet Kelly Stitzel and Shawn report:

    Just quickly wanted to let you know that Tori was once again on VH1's My Generation. I was watching the other night and they had a category in which you had to guess who's internet address this was. One of the questions was It was 1985 against 1995 and 1985 got it right. I thought it was quite humourous that they would have Tori be a part of a category about the internet.

shawn.the.little.masochist adds:

    Just letting you know. I was watching My Generation on VH1 tonite (April 3, 1998) and in the lightning round, two artists were given and the contestants had to tell what country they were from. One of the pairs: Tori Amos and Stray Cats. The answer was, of course, America.

Raven adds:

    I saw Tori on My Generation yesterday (April 15,1998): They wanted to know what instrument these two people were known for, one of them being Tori Amos. They got the answer correct too. :)

"Cornflake Girl" on MTV's True Life

(April 23) - Ears With Feet marie reports:

    i heard "cornflake girl" playing in the backround of TRUE LIFE (an MTV show). it was about a girl who was raped and never told her parents and decided to tell them. ok...thats all i wanted to say-i didnt see it listed on the sitings page so since no one else has told u i thought i would. ;D

Ears With Feet Manda Peters commented on this appearance:

    Someone mentioned earlier this week that they heard "Cornflake Girl" on MTV's True Life. The song was actually "God" and it was played during the video of the young woman who was telling her parents about being raped when she was 14. After the clip was over, the VJ (I forget her name but she used to be on Channel One) gave the 800 number for RAINN (1-800-656-HOPE) and told people that they could call the hotline if they needed help.

Even More Tori On VH1's My Generation

(April 12) - Ears With Feet Patrick, AmosLover1, and Ben-David report:

    VH1's My generation made reference to Tori again. They asked the question which of these songs by women made it to #1. They then showed a clip of Tori's video for God. The part where she's shaving her legs. Then they showed a clip of Celine Dion's "The Power Of Love", and Melissa Ethridge's "I'm The Only One." The answer was Celine Dion.

    On the VH1 gameshow, My Generation, Tori pops up almost every week. I saw another one awhile ago where they had to tell where certain artist are from. Tori was one, and the contestants got it right. They must really like her at that show!

Tori Heard During The TV Show ER

(April 10) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy, emily field, and Derek report:

    "Crucify" was heard during the TV show ER on April 9, 1998. I [Mikewhy] knew about it in advance because I had received an email from Linda, who is a writer on the TV show ER. She had gotten permission to use Tori's "Crucify" to play in the background during a "girl's night" scene between three of the female leads (they're drinking Cosmopolitans and discussing men). They played quite a bit of the song, although it was really quiet.

VH1's My Generation mentioned Tori again

(April 10) - Ears With Feet shawn.the.masochist reports:

    VH1's My Generation mentioned Tori again!!! In the final round, a person's name pops up and the contestant has to give clues to their partner about the name. TORI AMOS popped up for 1993 and the clue that was given by the contestant: "Peter Gabriel's girlfriend." WHAT?!?!?! Oh well.

Tori Part Of April Fools Joke On 99X

(April 2) - Ears With Feet Lindsey Williams reports:

    Just thought I would tell you that, first off, I love your page. I go to it daily and it really keeps me up to date. Second, this is my little tidbit of Tori news. Today, April Fool's, 99X in Atlanta, began the morning by saying that if you were the specific caller you would win a chance to have Blues Traveller come and play at your house the night before their concert in April. They later extended the joke to include Tori, since her concert is the same day. You won't believe the number of people that called in. Anyway, just thought I would share that with you. I got a kick out of it.

Tori Mentioned In Accounting Book

(March 31) - Ears With Feet Samuel Wayne Shamburger reports:

    My roommate who is a business major here at Texas A&M University told me today that he was doing a practice problem in his accounting book which likes to use celebrity names as fake accounting firms for their practice problems. The book, "Intermediate Accounting, 9th ed." by Kieso & Weygandt, had a problem that said:

    "Tori Amos corporation began operation in December 1, 1998"

Tori In "Siren" Magazine

(March 31) - Ears With Feet Kristin reports:

    So I was at a bookstore the other day, looking for magazines that weren't based completely and trends and style. Low and behold, I found one. Of all ironic names, it is called "Siren," and it is a very realistic, feminist-power read. In the section of "Womanifesto," they were talking about how the big business companies have falsely promoted the girl image, and it mentioned Tori:

    "The industry still views women as novelties...Even experience songwriters like Tori Amos, Bjork, and PJ Harvey are treated like whacked out, one-hit wonders."

    I don't have time to type out the whole paragraph, but if you read the article, they meant that in a positive way! Just a little bit of trivia there for you, I know you like to get all the info you can. I just thouht it was so funny that it was called Siren...that is originally why I picked it out was because it reminded me of Tori's song, but as I was flipping through pages, it actully seemed cool...

Very Special Action League Now Special

(March 31) - Ears With Feet TraV aka Mr.Zebra-Petals and Jeri Braun report:

    TraV was watching "Very Special Action League Now Special" on the U.S. cable channel Nickolodean. It was about how certain pop stars were getting bumped off. They flashed a list and there a bunch of parodied Names and songs in the "Top 10" or however many it was, with names like Crewel and Blandi and in the number 4 slot was the name Tori Almost.

Willy Porter Mentions Tori In Article

(March 29) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy reports:

    An article on Willy Porter appeared on the Madison.Com web site (as in Madison, Wisconsin.) The article is a preview of an upcoming concert he was to perform there. The article mentions Tori in one place:

    Saturday's show will be recorded for possible inclusion on the live album, he says. Porter has also taped 20 of his 130 opening appearances on Tori Amos' 1996 U.S. tour.

    Porter's association with Amos continues. He recently returned from a week at her studio in Cornwall, England, where he played guitar on four tracks for her upcoming record. Amos recorded 35 songs ("she way overtracks," he says) so fewer than half will make it on the album.

    "I might be on the editing floor," Porter jokes.

CMJ New Music Monthly Article On Armand Van Helden

(March 29) - Ears With Feet Brian reports:

    I just picked up the April '98 issue of CMJ New Music Monthly and in it was an article on Armand Van Helden .. it makes a brief mention to Tori and Professional Widow :) Here's the part ..

    "..None of which would be worth splitting etymological hairs over if it weren't for the fact that Van Helden's name is among those nominated in the Grammy's newest category -- yes, remixer. Of course, 'remixing' is precisely how Van Helden has been credited for his funked-up work on Tori Amos's 'Professional Widow,' Daft Punk's 'Around the World' and Sneaker Pimps' 'Spin Spin Sugar.'"

    Armand was talking about how he prefers "reanimator" or "recreationist" or "reproducer" to "remixer."

Kylie Minogue mentions Tori In Melody Maker

(March 29) - Ears With Feet Nicholas reports:

    In the 28 March 1998 issue of Melody Maker, Kylie Minogue (Australian singer, aka Impossible Princess - her new album's title) mentioned Tori Amos & Bjork in an interview:

    (Kylie's) said so herself, confessing to a certain amount of envy for the likes of the Manics and Tori Amos who seem to be totally immersed in their work, while she flits around, collaborating with both dance bigwigs and the likes of James Dean Bradfield, but also still hankering to make a name as an actress.

    "I feel that sometimes, yes," she admits. "There are people who feel that their work is their sacred domain. Someone like Bjork or Tori Amos, they just live and breathe music and would probably fail to function if they didn't have that music and that career. I am envious of that, it's wonderful to see that in anyone's career, if it's their true driving passion. I love what I do, but I do different things and if I had to choose one of them... I'd have a really hard time."

Emma Townsend compared To Tori

(March 29) - Ears With Feet Mark Weidman and Jim Gourd report:

    There is a review of the new album "Winterland" by Emma Townsend, who happens to be Pete Townsend's daughter. The review says, "On her sleeky over-produced debut, Pete Townshend's daughter slots a bit too comfortably into the crowed intense-woman-child-with-a-piano subgenre. 'Groundswell' boasts ambitiously crafty melodies, and 'Wish Finger' manifests an impressively austere prettiness. More typical, however, are 'Walk at Night' and 'The Ladder,' which embody the same pompous preciousness that makes Tori Amos so insufferable." [Note from Mikewhy: Since I appear to enjoy "insufferable" music, I will have to check Emma out!]

Tori Is Going To Heaven

(March 29) - Ears With Feet Jason reports:

    Theres this site called "The Bastard Son of the Lord Home Page" , it's pretty much a parody of many religious figures, and is NOT for the very religious to see...but what's interesting is the link to "Who's Going To Heaven", there's 2 sections, "The Special Treatment List" and "The Low Rent Heaven List" and of the only 6 people on the Special Treatment list Tori Amos is one of them...

Tori Mentioned During Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update

(March 29) - Ears With Feet Kim H. and Lilim report:

    Tori was mentioned on SNL [March 28, 1998].... during the Weekend Update. Ana Geystayer was playing the character of Cinder Calhoun (the lady who sang that song with Sarah McLachlan on SNL back in Nov. about killing turkeys) was saying how she was hired to be the opening comic for Lilith Fair (also that she cracked Tracy Chapman up by saying, while Tracy was driving them somewhere, 'you have a fast car').

    She then said, (among other things) "I was backstage with Tori Amos at Rage Against Incest ? And she is really, really funny. Fiona Apple walked up with some iced tea and i said, 'what are you, Fiona Snapple ?' And that's how i came to be hired as the opening act for Lilith." Then she played a song on the guitar and sang it, called, "Sausage of Pain", against meat eating. [Note from Mikewhy: This sounds like a rerun of the show that first aired September 27, 1997.]

Flying Dutchman Reference

(March 29) - Ears With Feet Elizabeth Boyne reports:

    i thought you might be interested to know that i recently saw a reference to the flying dutchman. i was reading a play by Eugene O'Neill called "The Hairy Ape." In it, one of the character talks about the flying dutchman, a man who was condemned to sail the seas without touching port until judgement day. This was punishment for something horrible he did (what this was, i don't know). anyway, it kind of fits with the song, and i thought it was an interesting little myth.

Imani Coppola Album Review

(March 29) - Ears With Feet Tori Hutton reports:

    In who weekly magazine (which is the aussie version of people) there was a album review of chupacabra the album by Imani Coppola. In it the reviewer Barry Divola wrote 'Only at the end,on an unlisted track where she sounds like the spirit of tiny tim inhabiting the body of Tori amos,will you need to rip that cd from your player with extreme vengeance."

Tori Song Heard On MTV Road Rules

(March 29) - Ears With Feet Lilim reports:

    on MTV's Road Rules at Midnight CST...Caught A Lite Sneeze was being played in the background while the people were camping out...

Tori an answer on VH1's game show My Generation

(March 24) - Ears With Feet Ben-David and Jim Gourd report:

    On VH1's new gameshow, My Generation, Tori was the answer to the question. The players had to tell the artist when given three album titles. Hers were given. The class from 1980 missed it, but the class of 1992 got it. Pretty cool...

Trent Reznor Mentions Tori In 1996 Spin Interview

(March 19) - Ears With Feet Nick Raafe reports:

    The following comes from the Feb. 1996 issue of SPIN magazine and an interview with Trent Reznor... I'm not sure if you've seen this before... but the interviewer asks Trent about musicians whom he considers friends...:

    "Tori would be another example. She called me to do this vocal track. It wasn't that big a deal. Her first album was permanently in my car's CD changer. It really struck me as well written, in a similar vein to what I was doing-from a different point of view, but the same kind of addicting, pouring out, gushing, baring, naked kind of song. Other people put their fingers in the pie, and they kind of messed up a friendship. We're not that close now. Some malicious meddling on the part of Courtney Love. But I still feel the same feelings for Tori."

Tori plugs WBER in Rochester NY

(Updated March 18) - Ears With Feet Sue I Kelly reports:

    Sunday [March 8, 1998] i was driving to work at my Dad's Deli...listening to the radio.....((i do not have the luxury of a tape deck to play all my tori tapes)) when i heard a strangely all to familiar voice fill my ears.....

    "Hi...this is Tori Amos...and you're listening to the only station that matters.....WBER...90.5"

    ...and then Siren plays.... It made my day...i'll tell ya!!

Toriphile Wendy Goldsmith adds:

    that plug was recorded in '94 when tori was in rochester for the Under The Pink tour at Kodak's Theatre on the Ridge... WBER is a non-commercial station.. and does not play that plug often (except those who actually look at the listing of artist drops...) but that artist plug has been there for years :P (my boyfriend works at WBER and i have him trained to play the plug whenever he plays tori..:) ) Another clue that this is an old plug is WBER's new motto is "The Best in Alternative Music", previous to this it was "The Best In Modern Rock" and BEFORE that.. it was "The Only Station That Matters..."

Toriphile Nancee adds:

    I would just like to add to the Tori plug on WBER Tori sighting. You may want to put a link up to the radio station. It's at

    At their website you can find a photo gallery of artists who have visited the studio, including the one of Tori. You can also listen to them live via Real Audio. (They're always playing Tori) I remember when I heard Tori for the first time on that station. They were playing "God". It changed my life forever. It is an excellent, excellent station. They air the Indie Rock show as well as Universal Buzz Radio and a countdown every Sunday from London. They're always introducing artists that don't normally get a lot of air play like Ani Difranco and Bjork. So with Real Audio, I think that other Toriphiles should experience this station and let it be an example to all radio stations.

Sarah McLachlan Concert Review

(March 14) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy reports:

    There is a Sarah McLachlan concert review that appears in the March 9, 1998 issue of the The Sacramento Bee by J. Freedom du Lac. At one point in the review the critic says, "Later, in 'Do What You Have to Do,' a dramatic, naked solo piano ballad that recalled a less-complex Kate Bush or a less-eccentric Tori Amos, McLachlan was yearning for a lover she just couldn't have anymore."

At the time this was posted, you could read the review online.

Alanis Morissette's New Single Compared To Tori's Work

(March 14) - Ears With Feet Richard Handal pointed the following out to me:

    There was a news item on the WFHS RockNews.Com site on March 11, 1998 that said:

    Uninvited Leaks

    Alanis Morissette's new single -- "Uninvited," from the City of Angels soundtrack, due March 31 -- was leaked to a Los Angeles radio station last week, and has since popped up on the Net. One writer describes the song as a "slow, moody ballad whose opening piano intro is reminiscent of some of Tori Amos' work."

Tori reference on MST on the Sci Fi Channel

(March 14) - Ears With Feet Cynthia Glass reported to the Precious-Things mailing list:

    Just got through watching the first episode of the new season of MST3K, and guess who finally got a mention?

    They were showing this movie called "The Projected Man", a sci fi "B" movie if I ever saw one, and there was this scene where this woman lab assistant was carrying a monkey over to the experiment table or whatever, and she was holding it close to her bosom like a baby and Crow said "What is she breast feeding him all of a sudden? Who is she, Tori Amos?"

    They're reruning the episode on the Sci Fi Channel at 10 PM CST if anyone's interested.

CBA Basketball Players In Tori Videos?

(March 14) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy reports:

    I found the following small article online. It appeared in the Detroit Free Press on March 13, 1998 in the sports section. It sounds a little bizarre to me, but here it is. The CBA stands for the The Continental Basketball Association., which is the official developmental league of the NBA, or National Basketball Association, in the U.S.

    CBA players will start showing up on music videos, playing basketball -- part of the league's new image via its partnership with The Atlantic Group and New Line Television.

    The CBA game footage will be woven into Atlantic-produced music videos by a number of the label's performers, including Jewel, All 4 One, Sugar Ray and Tori Amos. Each franchise will get its own theme song, produced by Atlantic Records.

Buffy Likes Tori

(March 14) - Ears With Feet Liquid Diamond reports:

    I got my April 2, 1998 Rolling Stone today (3.9.98) with Buffy The Vampire Slayer's Sarah Michelle Gellar on the cover, and was reading thru the interview with her, and a certain name caught my eye. At the bottom of the second column on page 42 lies this lil tidbit here:

    "Her musical tastes are of the Lilith variety (Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, Lisa Loeb)."

    After reading that, I thought about another interview I read with Gellar, in the February 98 issue of Seventeen. There is a remark she made about Valentine's Day that was indirectly Tori related. And here is the excerpt containing the quote:

    "Yes everyone misses having a boyfriend, but I'm 20 years old and right now, my career comes first." Sounds convincing, but she launches into a vehement venting session when February 14 is mentioned. "Valentine's Day is a masochistic holiday," she fumes. If you're in a relationship, then this is the one day you're supposed to say I love you and send gifts to ensure that it means more than the other 364 days of the year; and if you're single, you feel miserable."

    That somehow reminded me of Hey Jupiter, and led me to wonder if she liked Tori, and now we know she does. Oh well, I found it cool.

"The Last Dance at the Dew Drop Inn"

(March 14) - Ears With Feet Travers Dow reports:

    Yesterday while looking up books by my favorite illustrotor, Trina Shart Hyman (The Tori Amos of illustration), I came upon a horror book she had done. One of the tales was "The Last Dance at the Dew Drop Inn"!!! The story is about a rotting corpse of a husband returning from the grave for one last dance with his wife before he retires for the afterlife. Interesting huh? I wonder if Hungarian Wedding song is somehow connected? The book is called "Huants: Five Scary Tales".

Cornflake Girl Heard During Another World

(March 14) - Ears With Feet Anne Conway & Calypso the Dryad report:

    A snippet of Cornflake Girl was played during the NBC soap Another World in the U.S. on March 11, 1998.

Akron Beacon Journal Article Mentions Tori

(March 14) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy reports:

    A article appeared in the Akron Beacon Journal on March 6, 1998. It was called "Newer music does have the potential to live through ages" and was written by critic Kevin Johnson. He is basically backpedaling from an earlier article he wrote called "Today's Music Just Isn't the Same -- Some Say Modern Tunes Can't Compare to Messages of Yesterday.'' He says he realizes now that some songs from the '90s do have the potential to be classics, and Tori is one of the examples he gives! The part of the article that mentions Tori states:

    Sure, some of today's music is disposable and forgettable, but so was lots of yesterday's music.

    The fact is, it takes years for a classic to build its reputation and work its way into the public's consciousness. That wasn't properly acknowledged.

    There has been plenty of music released during the '90s that has the makings of classics. That point wasn't made strongly enough.

    Lest we forget, songs such as Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit, Tori Amos' Me and a Gun, Pearl Jam's Jeremy, 2Pac's Dear Mama, and just about anything by Public Enemy will likely live through the ages and might even find their places in music history next to those older favorites.

Chantal Kreviazuk Reviews Mentions Tori

(Updated March 14) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy reports:

    There is a review in the Washington Post on Friday, March 6, 1998 of the album "Under These Rocks and Stones" by singer/songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk. At one point the review states, "Still, after listening to "Under These Rocks and Stones," the 24-year-old's impressive debut album, one could just as easily draw comparisons to other female singer-songwriters -- Tori Amos, Rickie Lee Jones, Joan Osborne and Sinead O'Connor, among others. Truth is, Chantal, as she's become widely known, seems inspired by a lot of pop and rock artists who feel they have something urgent to say or confess. In Chantal's case, she often expresses her pent-up emotions with a disarming mixture of indignation and self-recrimination."

At the time I posted this you could read this review online.

Toriphile Heather made me aware the August 23, 1997 issue of Billboard Magazine reviewed the Chantal single 'Surrounded', which appears on the "Under These Rocks and Stones" album. Billboard says:

    "Musically, the song will appeal to those who never get enough of Tori Amos and Alanis Morrissette. But there's so much more to this song than mild comparisons and the only way to get it is to listen. Be prepared for the wave of tears that may come as Kreviazuk wails into the song's intensely cathartic climax."

Tori A Clue At CNN Crossword Puzzle

(March 8, 1998) - Ears With Feet John Higdon posted this information to the newsgroup:

    The Daily Crossword puzzle at the CNN web site, which requires a java capable broswer, contains the following clue for 48 Down: "Pop Singer Tori".

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