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Sightings reported from January 2, 1998 through February 26, 1998

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Tori Mentioned In New York Times Article On Armand Van Helden

(February 26, 1998) - Ears With Feet Matt Siegel and Michael Solomon were the first to report on this:

    Tori is mentioned in an article in the New York Times (February 25, 1998) on Armand van Helden (nominee for Grammy's first Remixer of the Year. [He lost to Frankie Knuckles...Mikewhy]):

      "If there's anything Van Helden does not need, it's offers to remix more songs. Since he turned Tori Amos' "Professional Widow" into a house anthem constructed out of two bites of Ms. Amos' vocals, he has been deluged with offers from everyone from Janet Jackson to the Rolling Stones. "

    The article is online, but registration may be required.

Australian Tori References

(February 26) - Ears With Feet David-Anthony Phoebe reports:

    There is an Australian band called You Am I, they have a song called Tuesday and it includes the lines "Tori Amos says she sure, she's gonna get herself a gun."Ý Also another refernce I remember is that with an interview with Ben Folds Five on JJJ radio, the singer guy (Ben?) was asked if he was doing a thing like Tori Amos and the piano, in response he said "No, I think Tori Amos is more for the geeks."

Rinat Gabai Covers A Tori Song In Hebrew!

(February 23) - Ears With Feet Marky reports:

    I'm Marky , formerly knows as Jewpiter, webmaster of the soon-to-die-and-be-resurrected-under-a-new-title site 'The Tori VALVE'... anywho, i live in israel and we've got a big tori sensation going on - a new singer has covered Tori's 'Sweet Dreams' in Hebrew ! I'm sending you an article from Today's tv guide ( about this singer and her connection to Tori... the hebrew version of the article is on their site (just press on her photo on the main page.)

Read this article in English and see the photo in my Articles Section.

Ben Folds Five Mention Tori on Muchmusic

(February 20) - Ears With Feet Georgia Bleichner reports:

    I was just watching an interview with Ben Folds Five on Muchmusic from Canada and they mentioned Tori! The interviewer asked them something about pianists in today's music industry and their answer something like, "There are a lot more pianists out there now. Tori Amos and Fiona Apple and people like that have done a lot for the piano. They are great piano players."

The serious talents of Lennon Murphy

(February 20) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy reports:

    An article appeared in the Nashville Scene on February 16, 1998 talking about singer Lennon Murphy. The article says, "As leader of The Lennon Murphy Band, the dusky-voiced singer purposely packs her sprawling, piano-based pop songs with brooding emotions and mature themes. Dark, serious, and complex in both arrangements and subject matter, her songs don't sound as if they could come from a shy, 15-year-old honor student at Hendersonville High School." The article later states, "Because of her age and her chosen instrument, and because she writes frankly about adult subjects, Murphy is likely to be compared to the young rock phenom Fiona Apple. But her music has as much in common with that of Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos, two other females who play piano and write epic songs full of rich textures and personal subject matter." You can read this article online.

Tori Heard During Educational Video About Politics and Euthanasia

(February 20) - Ears With Feet Dennis Snelders reports:

    Today I was watching an educational video at school about politics and euthanasia when I suddenly heard the first 15 secs or so of 'blood roses' in the background and later a tiny piece of 'little amsterdam'! I wonder why they would choose to play Tori in the background of such a subject...

More On Tori and the Winter Olympics in Nagano

(Updated Feb 20) - Ears With Feet Shanna Johnting, Heather, Ben-David, Jesikaka, FCW, Jessica and MELISSA H report:

    Today (February 8, 1998) the beginning of Cornflake Girl was used during a part of the CBS Winter Olympics broadcast concerning Men's Downhill Skiing. They were going to the mountain where the skiers were to show how the weather was holding things up and as the camera was panning in for the story, they played "Cornflake Girl."


    I was watching the freestyle aerial ski portion of the Olympics last night and they played a it a short one, of Tori's Cornflake girl. I was so excited! Just had to share!

Heather adds:

    I was watching the CBS evening news (February 6 , 1998) and mark phillips was doing a preview of olympians to watch. they showed michelle kwan-- and it was the winter routine! i mean, it was just a small clip, but you could definitely know that it was tori who was singing... and hey-- the cbs evening news, right?

Jesikaka adds:

    There was a tiny, tiny bit of cornflake girl played right before they announced that the downhill skiing was canceled. i mean we're talking four seconds worth. nevertheless, i thought it was worth mentioning. i guess it was around 9:45 on wed night Feb 12, 1998.

Jessica adds:

    The olympics do seem to have a thing for tori. she popped up a few years ago (1996) at the summer games during a recap of kerri strug's famous ankle incident. i thought it was kinda funny because it was precious things just before the "turned my ankle" line.

FCW adds:

    They played a really small portion of Tori Amos' Cornflake Girl on the Olympic Broadcast in Nagano on CBS. IT was for the luge race.

Tori On MTV Road Rules

(February 13) - Ears With Feet Christina reports:

    MTV Road Rules is having re-runs and in a commercial for the next road rules, they used a snippet of radiohead's "high and dry" and tori's "caught a lite sneeze"

Tori On MTV Real World

(February 12) - Ears With Feet Nick Raafe reports:

    I was watching a re-run of THE REAL WORLD on MTV earlier tonight and it was the series that took place in London a few years ago. At one point, they were playing "God" in the background. They just kept repeating the guitar loop with Tori's little "wooh-hooh" harmonies and then they looped it to the end of the song so that it went to commercial right when the songs ends and Tori gets "Uuuuh-huuum."

Tiny Mention In The Boston Globe

(February 12) - Ears With Feet Dave Louie reports:

    There was a teeny tiny Tori mention in an article in this Sunday's Boston Globe. The article was about Movie Soundtracks and they said artists sometimes contribute to soundtracks to keep their name in circulation when they were between albums. They used Tori and the GE soundtrack as examples...

Rolling Stone Online At AOL

(February 11) - Ears With Feet Sara Eisenhart reports:

    I don't know if this appears anywhere in this month's Rolling Stone magazine,but I was looking around Rolling Stone Online on America Online when I saw this:


    Tori Amos + (x) - Madonna = Fiona Apple

    Define (x).
    a. Laura Nyro
    b. Gwen Stefani
    c. Blondie

    The correct answer was a.

Tori mentioned in Frank magazine

(February 4) - Ears With Feet Ruth reports:

    There is a new magazine in the UK entitled Frank. In their February 1998 issue they reviewed the forthcoming cd 'Winterland' by Emma Townshend.

    Here are the bits that pertain to Tori:

    She mentions Orton for other reasons too: she is the first British woman this decade to take stark, emotional 'folk' into the Top 20.

    This is Emma's domain, albeit with emphasis on Tori Amos-syle piano spookery (bordering on Les Dawson's comedy chaotics), with lyrical subjects, such as a man she once read about who synthesised heroin and sold it because (cough) he could see inside molecules. Such is the concern of the profoundly atmospheric Ghost Kitchen, in which the narrator fits into 'ice gardens, through glass', a superb, lucious, piano 'n' electro-doodle paean to poison- very Tori, very Bjork.

Tori mentioned in articles at RiotGrrl

(February 3) - Ears With Feet Amanda Walters reports:

    In the January 19, 1998 (#25) issue of RiotGrrl webzine, there are 2 articles that briefly mention Tori's name.

    The first article is called "Tiny Divas" by Leslie Harpold. At one point, the article talks about Lilith Fair, saying that Tori was part of the tour. "From folky Indigo Girls and Tracy Chapman to Lisa Loeb's - whatever it is that she does to Tori Amos, Letters to Cleo, and the baddest genuine Diva ever Emmylou Harris - there was room for everyone." A little research goes a long way Riotgrrl. (Tori was of course not part of Lilith Fair in 1997.)

    The second article is called "Bite the Apple" by Leslie Harpold. (This one may have first appeared in an earlier issue of the webzine.) The article is about Fiona Apple.

    I say this - you want a pop record by a teeny little girl with a good voice, check it out. You want to explore the poor little Xenophile's world, dive in. You want real pure soulful artistry? Check out someone with a little more going on. Like Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Emmylou Harris, Tracy Thorn (of Everything but the Girl) or Gillian Welch. Someone who music matters to.

"Electronica Party Mix" & Professional Widow

(February 3) - Ears With Feet Marlantigone reports:

    I was at Strawberries (a record store in Cambridge) with Michelle (Mlle. Raisingirl on RDTRN) and we spotted the "Electronica Party Mix" CD by "DJ Drew." "Professional Widow (It's Gotta Be Big)" was on it. No big deal, right? Well, other CDs he had put together were at a listening station, so we listened to them - the songs were all RERECORDED with OTHER SINGERS! (You should've heard the horrific "Justify My Love"!) Unfortunately we didn't get to hear the Tori song, but we both thought it was hysterical that someone had covered the remix! I was tempted to buy it just to hear it, but didn't. (In small print on the back of these CDs was the statement "All new recordings and digital remastering" but overall the CDs APPEARED to be the original versions, which bothered us.)

I'll be wearing your tattoo... Jessen Murillo

(Updated February 3) - Ears With Feet Devan Jones and Derek report:

    On the front cover of the March 98 issue of Skin and Ink a guy named Jessen Murillo had two Tori tattoos on his chest. The tattoo artist name was Alfredo.

Ears with Feet Jason Silver adds:

    Don't let his tattoos scare you, he's a true Toriphile. Back in February 1996, at the Los Angeles KROQ "Breakfast with Tori Amos," Jessen was brought up on stage to show Tori his tattoos. Also, in December in 1996, when Tori was on Kevin and Bean on KROQ, she mentioned Dor (OpentheDor) and, of course, Jessen: "A lot of them, you know, on the tours, there would be people that would, um, come for about 30 or 40 shows, you know, you have your regulars; you say 'Hey Dorothy, how's it going?' Then there's the guy with the steel-tipped boots and the tattoos and the faery-wings, you know him...Jess is his name? know you just you start to get to know some of them..."

Nine Inch Nails : Self-Destruct

(January 28) - Ears With Feet Thidwick1 reports:

    Tori is mentioned in the new (1997) book about Trent Reznor called nine inch nails: self destruct chapter 11 word for word:

    Another visitor to the house was L.A.-based singer/songwriter Tori Amos, who during some of the project's darker stages would visit and offer encouragement to the depressed Reznor. On one occasion, according to Reznor , Tori attempted to cook him a chicken dinner but apparently the house's restless spirts had other ideas. Trent claims that even after six hours in the oven the chicken was still bloody and raw. Reznor and Amos became friends through a mutual admiration for each others work. She later invited Trent to contribute aguest vocal to the song "past the mission' on her 94 album Under The Pink. We met on a friendship level; it was not like some mutual ass-kissing thing' he told Axcess. I really liked her first album, which is not the kind of thing I'd normally listen to. Someone had given it to me and said it sounded like Sinead O'Conner, so I ignored it. Then I saw the video for Silent All These Years and it struck me in a way where I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. But it was interesting. Iwas pleasantly surprised to find someone who was taking chances. Not playing it safe, and also writing good songs, melodies and really good lyrics....I relate to her work a lot, on some level... She approaches things with a totally different aesthetic than I do, but it's good'

Tori Heard on Oz Open

(January 27) - Ears With Feet Julie Cesario and Daniel report:

    While watching the coverage of the Australian Open Tennis on the Seven network Australia I have heard a couple of times playing out to commercial breaks the intro to Cornflake Girl (the guitar bit)...very cool, I also remember hearing it during last years coverage of the NSW Open as well as last years Oz Open in Melbourne.

Tori In San Jose Mercury News Article

(January 23) - Ears With Feet Rebecca (ELF109) reports:

    Yet another Tori sighting. This was in the San Jose Mercury News on Wed, 1/21/98. There was an article called, "BIG TIME BANDS GO AFTER SMALL-TIME ARTIST" about artist Mark Arminski. He's a local artist who makes music posters for local concerts, to advertise on phone poles, store windows, ect..... He's drawn posters for everybody from Jimi Hendix to Iggy Pop to B.B King. Anyways, Dave Matthews Band and Phish are both suing this guy because they claim that he's making money off of them. The Tori connection is that he did a poster for her show here in 96. And the newspaper printed that poster! It was really cool! I'd like to make it absolutely clear that Tori is NOT one of the people suing this man. But her poster was featured in the article as an example of his work. The whole article is really interesting. Apparently, this man lost his right hand when he was 17 and had to learn to draw with his left. The majority of the article explains why he's getin sued and how ridiculous the whole thing is. Both bands are suing for $50,000 (each!) for damages.

Tori & "Lovin' Whiskey"

(January 23) - Ears With Feet Dennis Snelders reports:

    A Dutch singer named Anouk appeared on Dutch TV and performed a song called "Lovin' Whiskey". What is interesting about it was the fact that a Dutch newspaper ('Brabants Dagblad') claimed this was a Tori composition! In reality, this was a Rory Block song from about 1992. Rory is an American blues/folk/country singer.

Tori, Jenny Jones, and Marilyn Manson

(January 22) - Ears With Feet Rebecca (ELF109) reports:

    First of all, I don't normally watch Jenny Jones. That settled, I was home sick with the flu when she came on. Too weak to change the channel, I decided to watch it. I think the topic was something like "Marilyn Manson is Turning My Teen Evil" or something like that. Anyways, they were showing this one guy's shrine to Marilyn, but amongst the MANY pictures of him was one of Tori. Interesting, huh?

Tori Mentioned Twice In The Chicago Tribune

(January 19) - Ears With Feet Nicole Russell reports:

    I did find two (related) tori mentions in the Arts & Entertainment section of the Sunday Chicago Tribune (1/18/98). There was an article entitled "Piano Man: Lee Feldman's new album extends an obscure but noble tradition" (by Greg Kot). Within the article Tori was briefly mentioned:

    "And Tori Amos and Fiona Apple have caused a few ripples in the rock world with their edgy piano tunes."

    And there was a inserted square (a sort of offshoot of the main article) that was entitled "Key figures of acoustic piano." Tori was one of the 10 musicians noted:

    "TORI AMOS: Her solo piano concerts are among rock's most passionate."

    Always nice to hear positive referals to tori's music, instead of people getting hung up on their own negativity.

Laurel covers "Me And A Gun"

(January 18) - Ears With Feet Matt Presidente reports:

    Received a report from Ears With Feet Matt Presidente, who recently attended the 4th annual ROCK FOR CHOICE concert in Vancouver on January 17, 1998. It is a benefit for a women's health clinic. Matt says, "The first act was a little folk singer/songwriter that went by LAUREL... for her last song, she said she was going to do a cover, and people in the audience were all like "WHAT? LED ZEPPELIN?" and she's like "no...." then she went right into ME AND A GUN a cappella... she sang it really well... she did tori's song justice although she did change the tune around a bit... it was chilling though..."

"Siren" on 99X CD countdown

(January 18) - Ears With Feet Andrew Smith reports:

    They just played Siren on Atlanta's WNNX (99X). Every Saturday they do a "CD countdown" of all the CD sales in Atlanta, and they play two songs from the album in position 13. Great Expectations was number 13 this week, and they played the song from Chris Cornell and "Siren".

'Really Deep Thoughts' Makes Blockbuster Video's List Of Top Web Sites

(January 16) - Ears With Feet dki reports:

    I was browsing the blockbuster video web page a few days ago and they have their favorite websites on there, so i took a peek and even though tori sites didn't make the overall list, the really deep thoughts site made the list under music personalities. They were number thirteen.

"Little Earthquakes" A Landmark Album For BMG

(January 16) - Ears With Feet dki reports:

    i just got my bmg music stuff today in the mail and one of the booklets was called landmark albums. on the last page, there was a "future landmarks" section and who was there but tori herself with little earthquakes, which i thought was pretty cool. in the little blurb they included about the album, they say, "Marked by an intense intimacy that makes the listener a participant rather than an observer, here is the work that introduced the public to the powerhouse that is Tori Amos." nifty :)

Tori's Music Heard During Special On Figure Skating

(January 15) - Ears With Feet The Mermaid reports:

    I was watching a figure skating special about a week or so ago (I'm fairly sure it was the weekend of the 3rd-4th), and they were doing a story on one of the pairs (I think it was ice dancing; they've been skating for years, used to be married, but now divorced ... I can't remember the couples name, though :\), and during the piece, they played snippits from Cornflake Girl, Winter, and Icicle.

Tori Mentioned In Article On Rock Photographer Mick Rock

(January 13) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy reports:

    Addicted To Noise contained in their Music News Of The World section on January 10, 1998 an article on famed rock photographer Mick Rock. and an exhibit of his work that was appearing at the Soho gallery in New York. The exhibit is called "Drawn to The Flame of Rock and Roll: 50 Photographs by Mick Rock." The articles states, "'Drawn to The Flame' covers three decades of Rock's photography: from his earliest photos of Barrett, to his shots of Bowie and Reed, to his most recent work with Tori Amos, Spacehog and D Generation."

Tori In the Boston Phoenix's Erosphere

(January 11) - Ears With Feet marlantigone reports:

    Here's a rather strange Tori sighting... In the Boston Phoenix's "Adult" section, Erosphere, (which I think is hysterical) they printed the results of a "Fetish Fleamarket Poll." One of the questions was "What is your favorite sexy music?" In the list of answers is "Cornflake Girl" by Tori. I personally wouldn't have picked that song, but I thought it was funny.

Tori in a Dan Bern Song

(January 9) - Ears With Feet Nicole Russell

    There is a singer-songwriter named Dan Bern. I only have one of his albums, but the guy is amazing, he is crazy and has wild lyrics and plays the guitar great. Anyways, i was stumbling over some web pages and though i havent heard this song on the album i own, i was reading the lyrics when i came across Tori's name. And though its just a small mention i thought it was worth noting for your Tori Sitings page. Here's a portion of the lyrics to the song "Chick Singers":

    Well, this bald-headed girl I know
    Sent me a tape of Bjork and Courtney Love
    And PJ Harvey
    Called it "Brilliant Women"
    I put it in my car
    Heard it all the way down to the coast
    Normally, if left to my own devices
    I don't hear chick singers much
    I guess itĖs guys I hear the most
    Sometimes these days
    DonĖt it seem like itĖs enough
    For girls to love a girl
    Or use the F word prominently
    Masturbate in public
    Or learn guitar tied up to a post
    I thought of all this hearing Bjork and Courtney Love and PJ Harvey
    In my car driving to the coast

    Tori Amos,
    Liz Phair,
    Sinead O'Connor,
    Suzanne Vega,
    Jill Sobule,
    Melissa Etheridge,
    Tracy Chapman,
    ani difranco,
    Michelle Shocked,

    Every one of them
    Has something kinda special that I like
    But every now and then
    While listening to them
    I feel like when we were kids
    I pulled their hair or stole their bike
    These days, it seems like
    There's a lot of girls who sing
    And some of them are good
    And some of them are not
    But it's always kinda cool
    That moment when they first step to the mike
    If I was a girl
    I could sing real high
    And, also, then
    I'd know what having breasts would be like

    Chick singers!!!!!!!!!!
    Chick singers!!!!!!!!!!
    Chick singers!!!!!!!!!!

Tori Mentioned On The Why Christians Suck Page

(January 9) - Ears With Feet MartyC reports:

    Here's an interesting internet mention of Tori I spotted on the "Why Christians Suck" page. It starts by classifying various artists:

    Nine Inch Nails: Poorly recovering Christian
    Ministry: Also Poorly recovering Christian
    Tori Amos: Successfully recovering Christian, but not fully recovered
    XTC: Also successfully recovering Christian, not fully recovered but better than Tori.
    The Fixx: Fully recovered atheists.

    The page then posts song lyrics from each of these artists. For Tori they have the lyrcis to "God" with the intro "and now for something a little more sane...."...

NOTE FROM MIKEWHY: Please don't email me and say how offended you were at the site! I just report the news, I don't make it ;)

Professional Widow On Hitlist UK's top 40 of 1997

(January 9) - Ears With Feet Katja Laitinen

    I was reading MTV Europe's text-tv the other day and I noticed that Tori's Professional Widow was number 40 at Hitlist UK's top 40 of 1997. I don't know whether the show (Which is -suprpise- called hitlist UK) showed this video or not 'cause I seldom watch the channel.

Tori Mentioned In The Book "She Bop"

(January 9) - Ears With Feet Shawn.the.little.masochist

    I was in Barnes and Nobles tonite flipping through a book called _She Bop_ by Lucy O'Brien and noticed that it mentioned Tori. Out of the whole book, I was sad to see that the only part she is mentioned is talking about "Lips. Hips. Tits. Power." on Q magazine with Bjork and Polly Harvey, where she is called "America's answer to Kate Bush..."

This book was published in 1996 and has an ISBN number of 0140251553. The full title is She Bop : The Definitive History of Women in Rock, Pop and Soul A synopsis at the Amazon web site has this to say about it:

    The first truly comprehensive history of women in popular music, She Bop tells it like it is--on stage, on camera, and working behind the scenes in a male-dominated industry. Divided into four parts, the book traces the different stages of women's progress in the music industry, from the early years of ragtime and the Jazz Age to the present.

Armand Van Helden Nominated For Remixer Of The Year For The 40th Grammy Awards

(January 6) - Ears With Feet Jason, Davey, Dustin S. Hillman, and Kelly Stitzel report:

    On January 6, 1998, nominations for the 40th Annual Grammy Awards were announced. Tori was not active in 1997 and was not nominated of course, however remixer Armand Van Helden was nominated for Remixer Of The Year. [He later lost the Grammy to Frankie Knuckles.] Armand was the one who remixed Tori's Preofessional Widow in 1996. Armand is not nominated as a result of that work, but for other things he did, such as work with the Sneaker Pimps. I must also add that 3 artists I really love were nominated for multiple things: Sarah McLachlan, Paula Cole, and Fiona Apple. Check out all the nominations at the Official Grammy web site.

"God" Heard During MTV News Unfiltered

(January 6) - Ears With Feet Janell T. and BaconToGo report:

    I was watching MTV this evening, and the program MTV News Unfiltered came on. A piece ran about a girl confronting her parents' views on rape (she was a victim/survivor). All of the sudden I heard "God" by our beloved Tori playing in the background. At the end of the segment they gave out the RAINN number. It was definitely a pleasant surprise and subtle recognition of Tori's work.

Air Canada Entertainment Tape Includes Tori

(January 6) - Ears With Feet Ken Tough reports:

    On the Air Canada entertainment tape for Dec 1997, the soundtrack featured Caught A Lite Sneeze, and I was quite pleased to see Winter as one of the four or five music videos on their mix; quite fitting for a trip to the land of winter.

Boston area TAB newspaper Mentions Tori

(January 4) - Ears With Feet David Louie reports:

    There's an article in the music section of the January 1-7 issue called "Some Wishes for 1998" by Ken Capobianco (it lists him as CNC arts writer, not sure what that is). One of the wishes is: "A Wish For Tori Amos: A ticket back to Earth" This is followed by "A Wish for Fiona Apple: A ticket to back to wherever she came from."

Tori in WIZARDS Top Ten Friendly Songs List

(January 2, 1998) - Ears With Feet Tripp Gwyn reports:

    In the Febuary 1998 issue of Wizard (#78), Tori is included in a top ten comic friendly song list. Wizard is a magazine about comics, and they LOVE Neil Gaiman. Tori's Tear In Your Hand is NUMBER FIVE. Here's what it says

    Neil Gaiman, SANDMAN (the Dream King) "Tear In Your Hand" by Tori Amos from Little Earthquakes.

Glimpse Of Tori On MTV Live

(January 2, 1998) - Ears With Feet Andy Miladin reports:

    on mtv live the hosts showed moments wiith big stars and it showed tori waving to the people. she was so cute!

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