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Sightings reported from April 12, 1999 through November 17, 1999

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Tori On MTV's Music, Myths, and Mysteries

(November 17, 1999) - Ears With Feet Danny, Michelle Stone, Sarah McGee, and Eric Wilcox report:

On Tuesday, November 16, 1999 at 5:00PM ET, Tori was featured on the MTV show "Music, Myths, and Mysteries". The show will be rebroadcast on Wednesday, November 17 at 2:30PM, Thursday, November 18 at 12:00PM, Friday, November 19 at 7:00PM, and Saturday, November 20 at 9:30AM. Here are some of the reports of this sighting:


    "it was a special on the new tim burton movie sleepy hollow and talked about music myths... tori and trent were featured on the show.... it discussed how tori mentioned pretty hate machine in caught a lite sneeze and how tori recorded in the old barn for boys for pele and trent recorded in the sharon tate house and how tori visited him there... they didn't tell the story of the uncooked chicken though... they also showed similarites between some of their videos and told that they both had a fondness for pigs.

Michelle Stone:

    Tori and Trent were mentioned today 11/16/99 on MTV's Music Myths and Mysteries. It talks about the similarities with Trent and Tori.... CALS(the lyric pretty hate machine), their love/like for pigs, and they also showed Trent from the video Closer floating and moving in a circle, like Tori does in the CALS video. They mentioned that both Tori and Trent released double cd's on the same day. At the end of this segment she stated that there has even been rumors that Tori and Trent are related, and then it shows Trent responding to a question about and Tori, and he says "Tori Amos is just someone that I met and is a friend and I've always respected her work." They also *tried* to use the comparison about recording in similar type places and their liking to chanel the spirits while recording... they said that BFP was recorded in a 150 year old haunted house in Ireland, which was actually a church.... and that Trent recorded Further Down the Spiral in the house that the Manson murders took place.


    The coincidences they listed were:

    1. Released double albums on the same day (venus / the fragile)

    2. Have fixations for pigs (Pele booklet / the NIN song Piggy and the pig heads in the video that i cant remember right now)

    3. Recorded albums in spooky places (in a haunted house in Ireland, though I thought it was a church. but they can be creepy sometimes, I guess / in Sharon Tate's house)

    4. Reportedly had a one-night stand (which I have never heard before, but MTV knows all, so you know it's gotta be true)

    5. Pretty Hate Machine reference from "Caught A Lite Sneeze" (though they failed to mention the one from "Precious Things")

Tori Mentioned in Chat with Sophie B. Hawkins

(November 17, 1999) - Ears With Feet Sebastian Marsky reports:

    On November 11, 1999 there was an online chat at with Sophie B. Hawkins. She mentioned Tori:

    [rnsimon] Gary Watson: What do you think of Tori Amos?
    [Sophie] its not so much what I think, its what I feel when I listen to her
    music, she has inspired me to push myself further as a musician and thank
    god she's out there
    [rnmerc] Are you in a relationship right now?
    [Sophie] I want to ask the person who asked about Tori Amos, what about Kate
    Bush? She's the beginning
    [rnsimon] Boo: I LOVE Kate Bush - member of her fan club, etc.
    [Sophie] I dont even tell my mother about my personal life

Ice Dancing To Tori

(November 17, 1999) - Ears With Feet Chansamone Anoutheung reports:

    I just wanted to report to you that the young U.S. ice dancing team of Jamie Silverstein and Justin Pekarek skated to a Tori medley at Skate America in Colorado for their Original Dance. The first section of their dance was "Finn" from the Great Expectation soundtrack. Then it quickly changed to "iieee" and then it goes back to "Finn". And it finally ends with "Siren". They're a wonderful up and coming ice dancing team. Should be exciting to see this program develop.

Tori Mentioned At The Humor Site Brunching Shuttlecocks

(November 17, 1999) - Ears With Feet Jeanette reports:

    There is a mention of Tori Amos on the humor site Brunching Shuttlecocks. At the site they "consulted a panel of imaginary experts who determined the fair market value of various song lyrics," One of the items listed said, "The Transcribed Moans of Tori Amos, Volumes 1-3 - $10.50".

"Bells For Her" Quoted In Recent Francesca Lia Block Book

(November 17, 1999) - Ears With Feet Andrea reports:

    "bells for her" is quoted in the new francesca lia block book, "violet and claire." i haven't read the book yet but it's about two girls, like light and dark sisters, making a movie in los angelos. typical francesca lia fare, but i read the part with the quote and it's quite touching.

The Dawson Creek Music Guide Web Site

(November 17, 1999) - Ears With Feet Bryan E. Sampieri reports:

    There is a quote by Katie Holmes on the lower right side of the Dawson Creek Music Guide web site:

    "My favorite music I would have to say....I have kind of eclectic tastes but right now I'm into Train's new CD and Tori Amos." --- Katie Holmes from a recent Talk City Chat session.

Tori On Fox's Tv Show "Get Real"

(November 17, 1999) - Ears With Feet Danielle reports:

    on fox's "get real" wednesday nights at 9 pm est

    Kenny said to his friend in refernce to his soon to be step mom = "She's cool in a kinda freaky Tori Amos way."

Focus On The Family Says Tori Peddles Perverted Theology

(November 9, 1999) - Ears With Feet Mike reports:

    Focus On The Family is a conservative group who say they are "Dedicated to the Preservation of the Home." In other words, they want to turn back the clock and place women back into the home where they belong so we can all enjoy a Leave It To Beaver world once again. (Yes, I feel rather strongly about them!) Anyway, they have a section of their web site called Parents Place where they inform Mom and Dad how to raise their children. There is an article in the teen area called "Bad Theology Tops The Charts." The articles talks about the negative influence many musicians have today on young people. The part that mentions Tori states:

      It's not just hard rockers and rappers who attack Christianity and peddle perverted theology through their lyrics. Discussing her song "Father Lucifer" in Spin magazine, folk/rock balladeer Tori Amos said, "I wanted to marry Lucifer even though I had a crush on Jesus.... On some of my darkest days, [Lucifer's] the one that comes and gives me an ice cream."

    Thanks to Lyra for pointing this out to me. Bad Tori...Naughty Tori! ;)

Tori Part of

(November 4, 1999) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy reports:

    The web site is "the only place on the Internet where you can dedicate a song to someone you love, hate, admire, congratulate or whatever." Tori is one of the artists who has songs on the site that you can dedicate to someone. Check it out!

Matt Chamberlain Seen On MTV's Spankin' Live with Fiona Apple

(November 4, 1999) - Ears With Feet Sporty & Riff and Tod report:

    I just thought we'd tell you that on MTV's Spankin' Live tonight [October 3, 1999], Fiona Apple performed new material, and the drummer was none other than Matt Chamberlain.

Tori Mentioned On "The List" On VH1

(November 4, 1999) - Ears With Feet Nithya Rajendran, Jessica Acker-Burke, Rebecca, Kristy, Shawn Delahanty, and Becky Wallreport:

    i just thought you should know that on the new VH1 show, The List, Gloria Reuben of "ER" picked Tori as her #3 pick for Sexiest Female Artist. She supported that answer with something like: Tori's not conventionally sexy, but she's a person who is not just beautiful but one who has so much talent to back it up -so, that makes her sexy(I couldn't agree more ;) They showed a clip from last year's Storytellers while Gloria explained Tori as her pick. She got quite a bit of applause for it. Also, the host that night, NewsRadio's kickass Joe Rogan, agreed saying something along the lines of "yeah, Tori's got that freaky sexy thing going. Excellent choice."

    Later in the show when they had to eliminate some of the guest's choices to help make the final List, MeatLoaf (hereafter known as the Jackass Known as Meatball or Pot Roast or some dumbass name...) eliminated Tori saying, "I know one thing: I'm sexier than Tori Amos." I'm glad the audience and Joe Rogan booed The Jackass Known as Meat Balls comment. (I know, I know I should respect others' opinions. But please. Meat Roast sexier than Tori? Judge for yourself.)

    Anyway, the final list the audience voted for was pretty good anyway (none of Jackass's picks were chosen...)

    3) Vanessa Williams 2) Madonna 1) Tina Turner (another Gloria pick. That chick rules.)


    I was watching VH1 the other day and I saw a commercial for a show called "The List". On one of the snippets of an episode of the show, the topic was "Sexiest woman". One of the guests said, "Tori Amos..." Meatloaf was also there and he said, "I am a sexier woman than Tori Amos".

Tori Mentioned In Mick Foley's Autobiography

(November 4, 1999) - Ears With Feet space_cakes and Gabriel Ayala report:

    i have a tori sighting. i'm not sure if you're familiar with the wwf (world wrestling federation), but there's this wrestler named Mick Foley, aka Mankind. He just recently released his autobiography and referenced tori! in preparation for one of his most important matches of his life, Mick Foley writes:

    "As the [barbed] wire went up, I listened to a song called 'Winter' by Tori Amos, which is, in my mind, the most beautiful thing I've ever heard...As the song played, I became more and more intense. As the beautiful images in her song peaked, so did my ability to see brutal images in my mind. I was practically flying on adrenaline,..."

    this is so exciting for me! i would have never thought that my love of tori and preoccupation with wrestling would have ever merged! the book is called "Have a Nice Day! A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks" by Mick Foley. the reference is found on pg 306. just thought you'd like to know!

Tori Mentioned In Articles On Celebrities and Stock Options

(October 29, 1999) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy reports:

    Tori is mentioned in a couple of articles dealing with celebrities and stock options. There was an article posted to the MSNBC web site on October 15, 1999 called, "Celebs do lunch with Net start-ups: The glitterati look to trade star power for stock options." The article states, "Cash-poor startups offer stock and options to high-profiles celebrities in exchange for brand-name cachet. It's a chance for the rich and famous, such as "Star Trek's" William Shatner, to get a piece of the next big thing." Tori is mentioned in this part of the article:

      Meanwhile, for cash-strapped Internet start-ups, the deals offer a way to recruit the kind of big-name talent they might not otherwise be able to afford.

      The talent agency behind singers Tori Amos and Alanis Morisette, for example, struck a deal last summer with online music site (MPPP) to sponsor the singers' concert tour in exchange for nearly 700,000 shares of MP3 stock, now worth nearly $30 million. Both singers got some of those shares, and Amos struck a separate deal for MP3 stock worth more than $1 million.

    There was another article posted to Wired Online on October 21, 1999 called "Rockers Like Their Options". This article says, "Online music companies are aggressively competing to capture mind share in what will likely become one of the Net's biggest businesses. But in order to attract an audience to a new music Web site, technology, or service, these companies need to offer up some tempting bait." The part of the article that mentions Tori says:

      Alanis Morissette and Tori Amos were two of the first musicians to cash in on the online music frenzy when they agreed to let promote their current tour. In the deal, Amos received 22,500 shares of stock, while Morissette's management company, Atlas/Third Rail, got 658,653 shares. At Wednesday's [October 20, 1999] valuation of US$37 per share, that amounts to about $800,000 and $24 million, respectively.

      In return for their stock offers, Net companies expect the artists to plug their sites so they can create a mutually beneficial promotional engine.

Brian and Wendy Froud Chat

(October 29, 1999) - Ears With Feet Bland H. Garrett, IV reports:

    Tori was mentioned on a Brian and Wendy Froud Chat at tonight. [October 28, 1999] The Frouds said that they would love to work with Tori and that Tori told them she is given about 6 copies of their books a week.

    Here are the chat questions where Tori came up:

    Moderator: : Hello Brian an Wendy! My friend Keom and I send you
    wishes and I have a question: are you planning on ever working with the
    henson company again? and have you ever thought about working with tony
    diterlizzi, neil gaiman or tori amos? thank you for doing what you do and
    please keep it up!!!
    Wendy-BrianF: We'd love to work with Tori
    Wendy-BrianF: She said she gets given about six copies of our books every
    Wendy-BrianF: It would be great fun to work with her, or with Hensen again!

    Moderator: : Wendy. Are you familiar with the Tori Amos dolls made
    by Pat Kochie and do you have any comments about them?
    Wendy-BrianF: Yes. Pat is my great friend
    Wendy-BrianF: I admire the dolls very much!

Mademoiselle Article

(July 9, 1999) - Ears With Feet Amanda *Sparkly Girl* Keller reports:

    In the July 1999 issue of Mademoiselle magazine (with Heather Graham on the cover), Tori's name is mentioned in an article titled, "Is It Love?" The sentence at the beginning of the paragraph on page 109 reads:

    "Naturally, tastes vary in these matters, so be sure to include the stuff that matters to you and only you--for instance, would you like him to be tolerant of Tori Amos?"

Tori promoting Tattoos?

(July 9, 1999) - Ears With Feet Rich Green III reports:

    I was in my local art store, Pearl Art and Craft (a chain mostly on the East Coast), and spotted a picture of Tori on a display for these fake tattoos. From what I remember, she was dressed in a black tank top w/ black pants with a tattoo of a cross on her left shoulder/chest region. I did not catch the name of the tattoo company, but that picture was either Tori or a drop dead look a like.

"Starfuckers, Inc." On New NIN Album "The Fragile"

(Updated July 9, 1999) - Ears With Feet Audrey, Tiffany Myers, Alicia Peterson, Jason, Luke, Nick Kreager, Richie Stracke and Riff Raff all had info or comments on a new NIN b-side called "Starfuckers, Inc."

    In the July 8-22, 1999 issue of Rolling Stone magazine, there is an exclusive article with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails about his new album The Fragile set to release in September 1999. In the article, Reznor names some of the new songs, one of which is "Starfuckers, Inc". (Jason says this song is the B-side to the new NIN single "The Day The World Went Away" which is being released on July 20, 1999. It will likely NOTappear on the album itself.) Audrey posted this tidbit of information on her website, in the hope that someone else out there might know if this a response to Tori's Professional Widow, whose lyrics are "starfucker just like my daddy."

Since I first reported on this, several people have sent me their ideas and opinions. In reality, we simply don't the story behind this song yet. And I have decided to not speculate too much about how the song could relate to Trent personally unless he later tells us himself.

Richie Stracke says:

    Hi, I had been wondering if the new NIN b-side was a response to Professional Widow also. The lyrics to the song were posted in a shockwave file at They are really hard to read but some one posted them on a nine inch nails newsgroup. Here are the lyrics:

    Starfuckers, inc.

    my god is in the back of the limousine
    my god comes in a wrapper of cellophane
    my god is a shallow little bitch trying to make a scene
    i have arrived and this time you should believe the hype
    i listened to everyone now i know that everyone was right
    i'll be there for you as long as it works for me
    i play a game it's called insincerity
    i am every fucking thing and just a little more
    i sold my soul but don't you dare call me a whore
    and when i suck you off not a drop not a drop will go to waste
    it's really not so bad you know once you get past the
    (asskisser) taste, yeah
    starfuckers, inc.
    all our pain
    how did we ever get by without you?
    i bet you think this song is about you
    don't you?
    now i belong, i'm one of the chosen ones
    now i belong, i'm one of the beautiful ones

Riff Raff adds:

    Here are the lyrics to the 1973 Rolling Stones album Goat's Head Soup. Song 5 is "Angie". Song 10 is "Star Star". Note the obvious repetition of the word Starfucker...As much as we all would like to believe that Trent Reznor has included a Tori reference, let's at least take this into consideration. Even though he has admitted feeling betrayed by Marilyn Manson, it seems very unlikely this song has anything to do with a reference to Tori OR Manson, so much as it has to do with the Stone's original intent.....Groupies...

Tori on VH1 Road Games

(July 6, 1999) - Ears With Feet Michelle Stone and Chrissy report:

    I don't know if anyone has already sent this, but yesterday [July 2, 1999] VH1 had a show called Road Games. This one was in Memphis, TN. In one part they were showing high school yearbook pictures and the person had to guess who it was. The first one shown was Tori. It took like two ppl before the 3rd girl got it right. Then they showed a lil bit about her from VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars, I thought it was pretty nifty, especially since it was in Memphis.

Chrissy reported the following to the Precious Things mailing list:

    Tori was on this VH1 across america tori thing.... They had a picture and it was this "before they were stars" game and it was a picture of tori from high school and they had to guess who it was. so the first person looks and says "um..... alanis morisette?" and the guy says "ooohh so close" (i dont see how they are "so close" at all, but we wont get into that) then another person comes up and he gives the cule "she has red hair and plays the piano" the girl says sarah mag(i cant spell her name) and then he says "nope" then they bring on the last girl and he says "okay, this is harder than we thought, we brought her up since she says she knows" and then she says "Tori Amos" and she got this bag and they showed a few tori clips and said how she was homecoming queen and best all around... and a clip of the parents from before they were stars...

Tori Mentioned twice in XY Mag

(July 6, 1999) - Ears With Feet Eric and Joshua Wagoner report:

    There are a few mentions of Tori in the July 1999 issue of XY Magazine. The first one is in an interview with Nick Dothee who is a Gay 17 y.o. TV reporter who is doing great things. He talks about how he is also into singing at weddings, and he calls it the Tori Amos influence.

    "'It's the Tori Amos influence.' He says, referring to Tori's history of playing Weddings before she made it big."

    Also, on page 76, there is a poem written by a Gay Toriphile, Shane Frey with obvious Tori references:

    wishes by Shane Frey

    I pretended
    so I would feel wanted
    I said I love you
    When I didn't know what it meant to feel
    I cried to patch the hole
    I was a whore an it felt good to be wanted
    I've sat confused an watched everyone leave in disgust
    I've listened to her piano all too many times when I was falling apart
    I've waied three months for my life to start but it was just a dream
    I've always thought of myself as nothing
    and I still do
    I've always been searching and look where it's brought me
    I want a boy who loves her as I do
    Isn't afraid to argue
    who doesn't smoke his life away
    won't make promises he can't keep
    and never says I love you
    Give me life, as Tori says
    give me peace
    give me myself again

    Bio on poet: Shane Frey, 18, lives in Phoenix. He has been writing poetry for five years and is also a photographer.

    Just thought you might want to post this on the site. XY often mentions Tori, and I recommend the magazine highly to any guys out there that need it.

Sarah & Limp Bizkit Mention Tori In Spin Magazine

(July 6, 1999) - Ears With Feet BrUjA reports:

    In the new issue of Spin magazine (the one with Limp Bizkit on the cover), Tori is mentioned in an interview article with Sarah McLachlan called 'Live! Shrewd! Girls!' It reads:

    Is there anyone you regret not having on the tour? [Lilith Fair]

    "I would've loved to have Tori Amos, Alanis, Joni Mitchell, Annie Lennox, TLC."

    and in another part, it mentions how when she comes out with a single..'they'd say "We can't add you. We added Tori this week."

Tracy Streimish reports

    Friday I got the August '99 issue of Spin Magazine which contains an interview with the members of Limp Bizkit and in it one of them mentions Tori:

    'Meanwhile, Borland [Wes, 24, the one with the black eyes] is listing the music he's been listening to lately. "Dead Can Dance, Tori Amos, Portishead. I like whatever is the most opposite from us."'

Gen X Trivia Game

(July 6, 1999) - Ears With Feet Malyson reports:

    I was playing a Gen X trivia game with my sister and one of the questions was "What vocalists CDs include "Under the Pink" and "Little Earthquakes"? And the answer of course was Tori.

Review Of Sixpence None the Richer

(June 23, 1999) - Ears With Feet Tiffany Myers reports:

    On a different email chat group someone mentioned that he read the latest issue of Melody Maker [May 19, 1999] and there's a review of Sixpence None the Richer. In the review, the writer makes a statement to the effect of this: Instead of taking Sheryl Crow as a credible artist; one to be considered in the ranks of real female icons such as Tori Amos and Natalie Merchant, Leigh Nash of Sixpence None the Richer should have her picture hanging between Tori and Natalie on the women's wall of fame.

Article On Sally Taylor

(June 23, 1999) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy reports:

    There was an article about musician Sally Taylor (who is the daughter of James Taylor and Carly Simon) at the Philadelphia Daily News web site. Here is the part of the article that mentions Tori:

      Appropriately, Sally's writing style seems much more attuned to the abstracted words-as-feelings approach of a Tori Amos or Alanis Morissette, finding kinship in the artists and emotions of her generation. Sometimes one hears her lyrics questioning whether she will really find approval on her own terms, fearing out loud that she's being embraced for the wrong reasons. But if you were Sally Taylor, wouldn't you, too?

The Tori Amos Of DJ's

(June 17, 1999) - Ears With Feet Germaine Cahoon reports:

    You may have heard of a new artist called DJ Rap. She's a female DJ from England who has recently released a pop album stateside called "Learning Curve." I first heard her on a CMJ magazine sampler CD, and liked the song "Good to be Alive" very much. It was fairly simple, but I felt the music was very creatively done, and pleasing to the ears. I went to check out her webpage (I am already planning to buy the CD) and imagine my amusement when I saw the following at "JANE -- 'On Rap's debut album she's the Tori Amos of DJ's, with soft vocals and painful lyrics peppering her break-beat mixes.' " A high recommendation in my book (well, if you enjoy electronic music)!

"What We Keep" by Elizabeth Berg

(June 17, 1999) - Ears With Feet Megan (SlytBlue) reports:

    I was at the book store today trying to decide if should buy either Goodnight Nebraska by Tom McNeal or What We Keep by Elizabeth Berg. Torn between both books, I opened What We Keep thinking maybe the first page could help me make up my mind. I opened it right to the page which contained this quote:

    Decorates our table
    Funny how the cracks don't
    Seem to show

    You're right next to me
    But I need an airplane
    I can feel the distance
    Getting close
    -From "China" By Tori Amos

    Suffice to say my decision was made. I'm starting the book today.

Tori In Girl Goddess #9

(June 17, 1999) - Ears With Feet Carl reports:

    In Francesca Lia Block's book called Girl Goddess #9, in the books title story called "girl goddess #9", one of the characters named Alabaster Duchess lists tori amos in her favorite music section along with Sarah Mclachlan and cocteau is on page 96...

Tori In A French Internet Magazine

(June 17, 1999) - Ears With Feet Michel Jabbour reports:

    Tori is featured in the French Internet magazine "Web Magazine" which is in French. There is an long article about music on the web and the most cited artists. Double page for Celine Dion, then Alanis Morrissette and Madonna, and finally on the last page, Sheryl Crow and.... Tori Amos Ladies and Gentlemen!!! The small article about her says how dedicated she is to the cause of women and rape in the world. RAINN is not mentionned though :( Really rubbish article! Anyway,there are 2 site addresses, and another on in not the Dent, which proves (unfortunately) that the article was not very serious.

A Bosey In Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

(June 15, 1999) - Many Many Ears With Feet report:

    About 25 Ears With Feet wrote to tell me that during the recently release movie "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me," you can see the character of Dr. Evil (Mike Meyers) playing the Joan Osborne song "One Of Us" On a Bosey!

Top 500 Most Collectible Artists

(June 15, 1999) - Ears With Feet Miss Kim reports:

    In the May 1999 issue of record collectors magazine, they have a section of the top 500 most collectible artists. This year tori was 79, compared to last years 58. the magazine is made in the uk, so it may still be available here in the U.S. It's new to the newstand here, but then again, I am in Wyoming!

"Silent All These Years" In Cantonese

(June 15, 1999) - Ears With Feet Meredith Moseley reports:

    I was sitting in Little Hunan, a Chinese restaurant in Burke, Virginia, listening to Chinese pop music. Then I heard the bumblebee tinkle beginning of "Silent All These Years" and told my friend "This is Tori Amos!" But when the verse came in, the voice was not Tori's, and it was not in English. It turned out to be a Chinese remake of "Silent"--the whole song was exactly like Tori's original but with a new singer doing the Chinese lyrics. It was like Tori in another dimension!

    Note From Mikewhy: This was a cover of Silent done by Faye Wong, and artist from Hong Kong. The song was called "Cold War" and sung in Cantonese. It uses the melody and music from "Silent All These Years". The lyrics are different. You can read all about this cover on my Asian Covers Page.

Tori On HBO's "The Soprano's"

(June 15, 1999) - Ears With Feet Tracy Streimish and Tiffany report:

    I was watching "The Soprano's" that HBO series, when it was first aired not in the reruns now, and I saw a huge poster of Tori up in the daughter's room. It was the one where Tori has her back up against the wall and she's sitting on a sort of bed thing and her name's in all small letters at the bottom. I only thing it's a cool thing to tell you because I have that exact same poster up in my room.

    I just wanted to mention that HBO is rerunning the entire season of "The Sopranos" this summer to gear up for the second season beginning in January. Anyway, in the show, there is a teen-aged daughter in the family. On the very first episode she is in her bedroom laying on her bed and upon the wall is a Tori poster. I have seen the poster before and I may even have it but I can't remember exactly what it looks like. It is a photo of Tori sitting on a bed with her hand by her mouth and she's leaning up against a wall with her knees bent outward and wearing brown boots with white fur-like trim at the top. That's the best I can do! I just thought it was kinda cool. There's a long shot of the poster on the wall so it's definitely Tori!

Tori On VH1 Mixology

(June 15, 1999) - Ears With Feet rachel and steph startz report:

    I was just watching VH1's Mixology, where they mix bits of videos into each other to make one big 15 minute song. On this particular mix, they were mixing originals and covers of songs for instance Guns and Roses "sweet Child of Mine" was mixed with Sheryl Crows recent version of the song. Anyway, about 10 minutes into it, I start wondering about Tori covers...and the second I started to think about it they showed the Nirvana video "Smells like teen Spirit" and then guess what they mixed it with!?!?!?!....Tori (I'm guessing at some concert) singing it!!!! I was so excited. I didn't think they would put her in because she doesn't have a video for any of her covers. So I was pleasantly suprised!

Tori Played On Princess Cruises

(June 9, 1999) - Ears With Feet Michael York reports:

    I wanted to let you know that I just returned from a cruise in Alaska. Well, I went to the "Disco" one night and what did they play, "Profressional widow"! I did request that they play any Tori Amos, but I was still very surprised ( I request tori all the time here in Tampa and they never play her). I was sailing on the Sun Princess.

Tori And Buffy the Vampire Slayer

(June 7, 1999) - Ears With Feet Chrysta reports:

    In the Adult Buffy the Vampire Slayer novel Book 2 of the Gatehouse Trilogy: Ghost Roads Spike, the vampire version of Sid Vicious, listens to Tori Amos. Imagine my surprise when my two main obsessions came together in one place!!! Tori and Buffy are both strong, inspiring women often misunderstood and not generally accepted by people who don't understand them.

Atlantic Records Executive Jason Flom

(June 6, 1999) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy reports:

    On June 1, 1999 an article appeared on the Business Wire about Atlantic Records Executive Jason Flom. This article mentions that Flom has "signed a new, long-term contract with the company...Flom will continue as both President of the company's highly successful Lava label, which he founded four years ago, as well as a Senior Vice President of Atlantic Records. This July, Flom will celebrate his 20th Anniversary with Atlantic."

    Why is this related to Tori? Because the article later states, "Joining Atlantic's A&R department in 1983, Flom proceeded to sign a string of multi-million selling rock bands, including Twisted Sister, Skid Row, and White Lion. By the late -'80s, he had begun to expand the musical scope of his signings most notably with the inking of Tori Amos, who became one of the most influential and popular artists of the 90's."

MTV Real World Marathon

(June 5, 1999) - Ears With Feet BTEE14 and Susan report:

    I just wanted to say that i am watching the real world marathon on MTV and they are just showing from the 2nd season when Pedro began to get really sick from complications of AIDS and they played a little piece of Tori's Wiinter, Pedro has since died and it was very emotional part of the show the the Tori clip tipped it off, it was very sad....

    i just wanted to let you know that i have another tori sighting for you. i was watching a rerun of the real world from san francisco, and they played the intro. and part of the chorus from winter.

Express Clothing Store

(June 4, 1999) - Ears With Feet Julie Thomas reports:

    I just started working at the Express clothing store at my mall again, and we usually have to listen to this horrible techno and Hip-hop music. Much to my surprise, they added Tori's "Jackie's Strength (Wedding Cake Edit)" to the tape for Spring/Summer 1999. So no there's at least one song on there that I like, and I get paid to listen to it!

"In the Springtime of His Voodoo" At Pargo's

(June 4, 1999) - Ears With Feet Cristina M reports:

    Last Sunday I was eating at Pargo's (a typical corporate restaurant with the typical boring food). Anyway, as I was buttering my bread I heard Tori's unmistakable voice playing from the rafters. They were playing one of the dance mixes of "In the Springtime of His Voodoo." What is so funny is that there was a family of 4 sitting across from us totally oblivious that Tori was singing about her "angry snatch" and how she tames it with a vibrator at "warp speed." Of course, this is all after she's sung that infamous "we're recovering christians" line! Mike, it was hysterical! I couldn't believe they were playing this in a "family" restaurant and NO ONE noticed. Everyone in there was totally oblivious to the music, but I couldn't help but sing along between bites of chicken fingers.

God Sometimes You Just Require Fertility Treatments

(June 4, 1999) - Ears With Feet Kat, Elysia and Jason Corff report:

    Yesterday, I was half-watching the television when a commercial for Frontline (this PBS news program) came on. They will be doing a segment called "Making Babies" and it's about infertility and the medical advancements and fertility treatments used to deal with the problem. What music did they choose to use for the commercial? "God" of course. They mainly used just the "ooh hoo" part, and the wicked guitar sounds.

Ginger Spice A Toriphile?

(June 4, 1999) - Ears With Feet Steve Williams, Nathan Chastain and Tiffany Myers report:

    All right, so she's not Ginger Spice anymore...but in the Q&A Feature of Rolling Stone #815 (page 32), Geri Halliwell DOES mention Tori. The question was asked by Mim Udovitch (Rolling Stone editor):

    Q: What women in music do you think are sexy?

    A: The ones with the sexiest minds. Tori Amos is quite sexy; she's provocative in a very sensual way, and she's pushing buttons. I quite like that.

    She goes on to mention Natalie Imbruglia, Alanis Morissette ("Alanis Morissette is sexy. She's grown, and I like that."), and Madonna. Since Geri's so fond of Tori AND Alanis, maybe she could join them for the 5 1/2 Weeks Tour! *grin* This issue of Rolling Stone has Jar Jar Binks From Star Wars on the cover.

Warner Bros. Studio Stores Playing Tori

(June 4, 1999) - Ears With Feet DriedRaven reports:

    Mike I would like to report that the Warner Bros. Studio Stores is playing on there video wall ta da........................Tori's Jackie's Strength! ( Wedding Cake Edit ). How wonderful it was to see Tori on the big screen. So send those ewf to WB and dance:)

Madeleine Southorn mentions Tori In "Personal Vampires"

(May 26, 1999) - Ears With Feet Tracy Streimish reports:

    I have this English 'zine called "Personal Vampires", a 'zine to promote new female singer/songwriters. It's named after a Madeleine Southorn song. She is an amazing English singer. In an interview, Southorn mentions Tori. I've enclosed only the part of the interview that mentions Tori:

    Madeleine Southorn interviewed by Ian Murphy:

    Murphy: So many performers are, to be honest, fairly dull in concert. Who excites you live and how have they influenced you? Southorn: I think Tori Amos is very good - even though it's just her and the piano she mesmerizes people, she seems to have this great presence. When I saw her in concert I was amazed that nobody spoke or made and sound at all while she was singing, she had complete command of their attention, even though she didn't really move around or do much. You have to have real magnetism to do that. Murphy: Was Tori a defining influence, then? Southorn: She was in terms of the piano, because I'd never really thought about the piano before as a creative instrument. I tried to write songs before but they were always a little naff and then somebody played me a few songs of hers and I thought, "Wow! This is what a person can do in terms of just a piano and voice." I found that inspiring, it made me realize that I would actually make a go of things with just me and the piano if I just approached things in a different way and became more adventurous.

"Book of Shadows" by Phyllis Curott

(May 25, 1999) - Ears With Feet Rebecca McGee aka Roaring Bravado reports:

    i recently picked up a copy of Book of Shadows, by Phyllis Curott. it is a true story of the author's experiences and learning of Wicca. she is a young talented attorney who is introduced to Witchcraft, joins a coven and is initiated, and eventually becomes a priestess herself. but in the acknowledgements of this book, she states: 'And I especially mention the following notable individuals who have bravely let their convictions and recognition be publicly known: Tori Amos, Deepak Chopra, Olympia Dukakis, Erica Jong, and Cybill Shepherd. i was caught by this mention, and a little curious. although i have read and heard Tori state that she sees God as neither a she or he, but as an energy (i think i'm getting this right), i don't recall her talking about the Goddess. hmm. clarification anyone? i'm wondering what it was that prompted Ms. Currott to add Tori's name to the list. perhaps her anti-patriarchy views?

Tori In "You Don't Know Jack (Version Three)"

(May 25, 1999) - Ears With Feet Jennifer Zenith reports:

    I was playing my computer game "You Don't Know Jack (Version Three,)" and a question came up that was the following:

    (Voiceover) Imagine that several popular musicians decide to get together and form a band, even though they have nothing in common musically.

    (Text) If Tori Amos, Marky Mark, Paul Simon and John Popper cut an album. What would the record company call the band in order to group them together appropriately?

    A.Nude Magazine Kids on the Block
    B.Bible Bumping Buddies
    C.The Juliard Drop Outs Club
    D.I Was a Teenage Actor

    The answer of course is B., because "Amos, "Mark, "Paul" and "John" are all names that appear in the Bible frequently. After the question is over a "male rapper" voice comes in and starts rapping "Cornflake Girl" - "Never *HUH!* Was a *HUH!* Cornflake *HUH!HUH!HUH!* Girl!" It was really funny!

"Jackie's Strength" #1 At The Badlands

(May 25, 1999) - Ears With Feet Jennifer Zenith reports:

    In "MW", or "Metro Weekly," a weekly magazine in Washington, D.C., "Jackie's Strength" has been reported as the #1 played song at D.C.'s more popular club, Badlands, for the past two weeks.

Carson Daly Quote Page

(May 25, 1999) - Ears With Feet Meghan reports:

    As embarrassing as it is to admit this, I was looking at a Carson Daly page of quotes and I found this cute one about the time that Tori and Jesse Camp were on his show together:

    "We were rolling in something, and the 2 of them (Tori Amos and Jesse) were on the couch, in their own time zone, just decided to sing 'Dream On'. They were the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It's just one of those moments I could never have."

Boston Globe Compares Shelby Starner To Tori

(May 25, 1999) - Ears With Feet Marla reports:

    This is from the Boston Globe, Friday May 21.

    "Caught Around Town"

    Shelby Starner at Scullers: A star of the future, Starner is a strikingly mature 15-year-old from Stroudsburg, Pa. She is a high-level priority for Warner Bros., which just released her debut CD, ''From the Shadows.''

    At Scullers, Starner was reminiscent of a young, piano-based version of Jewel. She bewitched the crowd with songs of independence such as ''You'' and ''Don't Let Them,'' then finished with a dramatic, Tori Amos-like reworking of Tom Petty's ''American Girl.''

Tori Mentioned On MTV's House of Style

(May 23, 1999) - Ears With Feet Emily reports:

    I was watching MTV's House of Style swimsuit special on Friday, May 21, and model James King was giving a tour of her hometown in Omaha, Nebraska. She went inside this theatre and mentioned it was where she used to perform ballet, plus where she has seen concerts from Tori Amos and Fiona Apple. I thought it was spiffy James is a Toriphile :)

Dew Drop Inn In England

(May 23, 1999) - Ears With Feet Beth Hasbrouck reports:

    I have been living in England for the past 5 months and I saw a very cool thing the other night. I was eating dinner in a restaurant in Hanley, a little town in Staffordshire (the midlands of England) and I looked out the window and saw a pub across the street called the Dew Drop Inn! I was so excited and I had my camera with me, so I got a photo of the place. I seriously doubt Tori got her inspiration from this little place in the middle of nowhere, but it was cool nonetheless!

Tori's Music On Homicide: Life on the Street

(May 20, 1999) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy reports:

    The APB Web Site: The Source For Police and Crime News, Information and Entertainment contained an interview with Recording Engineer and Music Supervisor Chris Tergesen, who works on the TV show Homicide: Life on the Street. The interview was called "HOMICIDE'S MUSIC MASTER: Music Supervisor Chris Tergesen Keeps the Homicide Beat Harmonious." It is by Keith Loria and was posted on May 14, 1999. Here are segments of the article/interview, which mentions that music from Tori has been used on the show:

    When Homicide: Life on the Street executive producer Tom Fontana needed a music master to score the closing montage for the second-season episode "Black and Blue," he turned to an old friend, recording engineer Chris Tergesen. Until then, music hadn't been a primary component of the gritty, meditative cop show. Dialogue rather than score provided the rhythm of the story.

    But Tergesen soon convinced Fontana that the NBC series' fast imagery and long segments would profit from a soundtrack, and before long he was creating at least one musical montage for almost every episode, adding a pulsating new tempo to a show already acclaimed for its throbbing dramatic elements.

    Now the show's musical supervisor, Tergesen uses an eclectic mix of songs, including work from such diverse artists as Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, The Bee Gees, Nine Inch Nails, James Brown, Seal and Tori Amos.

    His choices have gained so much popularity with Homicide viewers that NBC's Web site ( contains a directory of songs and performers. Net users can even see the performers' album covers and order them right there.

MTV's Cool Crap

(May 20, 1999) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy reports:

    I did not notice this until it was almost over, so I thought I would document it here. MTV opened up the music vault for an online eBay auction to raise money for anti-violence charities. From a "Road Rules" RV to a "Beavis & Butthead" animation cell to items from artists including Madonna and Eminem, MTV viewers and the eBay community had the chance to bid online for music memorabilia. This event marked the first-ever live simultaneous on-air/online auction.

    The online bidding began on Saturday, May 15th and could be accessed via MTV Online at or at eBay at The bidding culminated on Saturday, May 22nd with "MTV's Cool Crap" when MTV went live on both coasts for two hours at 2 PM (ET) and 11 AM (PT). In addition to seeing what the highest bid was for the online auction, MTV viewers had the chance to win cool memorabilia during the show. One item was an autographed lithograph of the Jackie Strength single. (Thanks Christian Nicolau.)

    In addition to the online eBay auction, MTV viewers who checked out "MTV's Cool Crap," hosted by MTV's Dave Holmes, Matt Pinfield, Thalia DaCosta and hip hop artist Rahzel, on Saturday, May 22nd had the opportunity to win items from the MTV Music Vault. Callers could have won prizes like an autographed Kid Rock guitar, a drum head autographed by Sugar Ray, a trip to Jesse Camp's next video shoot and autographed items from Jewel, Janet, Mariah Carey and Tori Amos.

Cosmo Interview With Matthew Perry

(May 17, 1999) - Ears With Feet ARaisinGrl reports:

    Cosmopolitan May 1999 issue
    Interview with "Friends" star Matthew Perry

    "So for now, Perry is still single, still looking, and still hoping he can find a woman who likes his sense of music.

    'If you're a woman and you're in any kind of emotional duress and you write a song about it, I will buy your album and listen to it over and over. Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan I love. And if you're a lesbian, I'll buy it twice.'"

Salon Article On Alanis

(May 17, 1999) - Ears With Feet Anne (RedheadDancingGirl) reports on an article on Alanis Morissette that I think is very important:

    There's a rather interesting opinion-piece article on Alanis at the Salon Web Site. No pertinent tour information or anything and although Tori is mentioned in an offhand way, the context makes me wonder how much attention the author has actually paid to Tori's music (you'll see what I mean). But it's a good read, and I thought some people might enjoy it.

Piano For Dummies Book

(May 17, 1999) - Ears With Feet Laura S. reports:

    i don't know i fyou know this already but tori is mention in the piano for dummies book. near the back they have different sections of pianists. she's under the section with billy joel and someone else as modern pop pianists or something like that. there's a short biography of her included.

Christine Lavin Essay On Online Access To Music

(May 17, 1999) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy reports:

    Folk singer Christine Lavin wrote a very interesting essay about online access to music that includes references to both MP3s and the upcoming Tori/Alanis tour. You can read part of the article below, but the entire essay is worth reading. It was recently published in Billboard Magazine (I am not sure which issue) and is now available online at the Washington Post web site.

    It's no coincidence that stories about Alanis Morissette and Tori Amos teaming with were on the front pages of Billboard, USA Today and other publications recently. And it's no coincidence that artists, not record labels, are the first to embrace this technology.

    For the first time, there could be a major leveling of the playing field in the music business. It is commonplace for artists to receive only a small piece of the profits their albums generate through traditional selling methods, if they receive any money at all. For many artists, these royalties are but a small fraction of what they earn in a year, since concert performing is their main source of income.

    ....MP3 allows your work to be available to a much larger audience. If your work is good, it will generate more interest in your live concerts, and that's where you will make way more money anyway. Music available through MP3 is a boost not only to niche artists who have trouble getting discs on store shelves, but ultimately to all worthy artists working today. Tori and Alanis know this.

    Yes, the record companies should be worried. The music business as we have known it is over. That's not a bad thing; change is good. The technology is here. Like cloning, we had better figure out how to make it work for us, or we are all in trouble.

Article On Australian Michelle Tumes

(May 17, 1999) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy reports:

    An article at the Jam! Music web site on Australian artist Michelle Tumes mentions Tori, though I don't agree with the comment:

    Tumes believes in God and sings about her faith with pleasantly subdued spirit, kind of like Enya meeting Tori Amos, but without Amos's lashing need to punish those around her.

Tori In Cement

(May 16, 1999) - Ears With Feet Stuart LaRosa reports:

    Hey Mike, I have what may qualify as the most bizarre Tori sighting ever. The other day, I went to a Baskin Robbins by my house in Tallahassee, FL. The Baskin Robbins has been there since before I was born, but there have been some renovations to it. I got my ice cream and was sitting outside, and when I finished and looked down on the cement patio, I noticed that there was a patch of fresher cement there (it had to have been there for at least several years, by the look of it), and in that cement was written "TORI AMOS" and beneath that, "SG". That's all that was in it. Weird, huh?

Tori Mentioned In Julia Darling Article

(May 16, 1999) - Ears With Feet Marla Antigone reports:

    This is from an article in the Boston Globe's Calendar Magazine a few weeks ago about Julia Darling, "22, fresh from New Zealand...and anticipating the release of her debut album."

    "Others have compared her to Tori Amos -- though she won't be in this space. (Amos is just too self-absorbed and precious.) 'Great,' says Darling. 'I am a big Kate Bush fan. So, it bothers me that Tori Amos is so similar to Kate Bush.'"

RAINN Mentioned On Beverly Hills, 90210

(May 14, 1999) - A LARGE number of Ears With Feet report:

    Ms. Spelling was not the only Tori referenced on last night's [May 12, 1999] Beverly Hills, 90210 - well, indirectly, anyway. Last week, Jennie Garth's character (Kelly) was unfortunately raped. This week's episode opened with her being examined, and a counselor advised her to call 1-800-656-HOPE and explained that it was the RAINN national hotline. Later in the episode, Kelly did call RAINN and we heard a bit of her conversation with the counselor. Finally, at the end of the show, Jennie did sort of a PSA for RAINN. It was really pretty good and I was happy to see such a positive portrayal of RAINN. It's really become something.

Tori Mentioned In Review Of Cree Summer

(May 13, 1999) - Ears With Feet Marla Antigone reports:

    On May 13, 1999 in the Boston Globe there is a review of Cree Summer's new album and it says "Hints of everything from pow-wow music to the mystical side of Stevie Nicks and the progressive slant of Tori Amos appear on this album..."

Lip Gloss Boost

(May 13, 1999) - Ears With Feet Ashley Gaskell reports:

    I am a Canadian Ears With Feet and hard-core lip gloss addict. I found an article in the Toronto Sun which may be of some interest to other EWF:

    The Toronto Sun, Tuesday May 11, 1999
    Gloss boosts cancer fund
    Woodland Hills, Calif (AP) - From May 1999 to April 2000, Sebastian International will donate 100% of its profits from the sale of Berry Bazaar, a new Trucco Divinyls lip gloss, to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to the research of preventive, diagnostic and treatment programs for ovarian cancer. The product was developed with the help of Elizabeth Tilberis, editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar magazine, who died recently after battling ovarian cancer. The name and colour of the product - an iridescent rose-mauve - were selected by Tiberis. The lip gloss is priced at about $11 at select beauty salons.

Tori Helps High School's Flag Corps Team Win World Competition

(April 14, 1999) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy reports:

    I found an interesting Tori reference in an article that appeared online at the web site on May 1, 1999:

    Nease flag corps team flying high

    Squad captures first place in world competition

    By Mary Maraghy
    Staff writer

    Members of Nease High School's varsity flag corps team say they still have goose bumps.

    On April 16, the team placed first at the Winterguard world championship competition in Dayton, Ohio, sponsored by Winterguard International, which is like the NFL of Winterguard. The team won the Scholastic A division - the largest class, consisting of 90 school-based Winterguard units.

    The team will celebrate its victory at its annual awards banquet May 8.

    Winterguard involves choreographed dance with flags, rifles and sabres and elaborate sets, costumes and makeup.

    ''It's kind of like a big drama performance,'' said senior Andrea Adams, captain of the sabre squad.

    The team picks a song and routine in the summer, then perfects it, practicing it over and over for long hours.

    ''It's like a full-time job,'' said Adams, who added the team practiced 40 hours over Christmas break.

    ''It's a major part of our life,'' Nease junior Jay Owen said of the rifle squad.

    Nease's world-winning routine is a drama about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis - her younger years, her crush on David Cassidy and the death of her husband, John Kennedy. It was performed to the song Jackie's Strength by Tori Amos.

    ''Our show is really emotional,'' said Adams. ''Many in the audience were brought to tears. Especially the older generation. It touched everybody in a certain place.''

    Competition organizers said Nease's first-place finish was quite a feat.

    ''It's the ultimate in Winterguard,'' said Jackie Davis of Winterguard International, based in Denver. ''It's pretty impressive.''

    As winners were being announced April 16, some of Nease's 21 team members began to cry when they realized they placed in the top five.

    ''It was amazing,'' said Owen.''We were bawling. We would have settled for third place any day.''

    The victory is also a Cinderella story, team members said. Nease's Winterguard program got off to a floundering start four years ago with no strong leadership, said students.

    However, 21-year-old Jill Moser and two other young enthusiastic directors - Robby DuFresne and Chris Savoy - came along and whipped the team into shape, said students, who refer to them as ''heroes.''

    ''We were called the Dream Team because we came out of nowhere,'' said Moser, of Ponte Vedra. ''It's pretty overwhelming. They're world champs. They go down in history.''

Tori & Space Ghost

(May 12, 1999) - Ears With Feet Mike-I-Am & steph startz report:

    This made me laugh for a good five minutes. It's from Brak's home page at the Space Ghost web site.

    Brak's Special Moment With a Fan

    Here's something that happened to me one time:

    I was eating at this place where they let you eat sometimes. At the police station. And when I started to burp onions, the officers made me go outside cause I was making the prisoners uncomfortable.

    Out on the street I was just standing there, quietly burping, when this man came up and said, "Brak!! Brak!!! It's Brak!!!" And I said, "Yes, I'm Brak. (burp) Sorry!" And then he hugged me and said, "You're Brak! You're great!" And then petted my ear. And then he laughed and hugged me and I laughed and then he laughed some more and then I laughed and then he laughed louder and then I started to think maybe I need a bodyguard when I go outdoors.

    Is this what Tori Amos feels like?

Tori Mention In Vonda Shepard Album Review

(May 12, 1999) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy reports:

    There is a review of the new album by Vonda Shepard called "By 7:30" in the Orange County Register. Tori is mentioned in it:

    Well, what do you know -- there's talent in that "Ally McBeal" barfly singer after all.

    Die-hard fans knew that all along -- "By 7:30" is, after all, Vonda Shepard's fourth album -- but most only know the singer-songwriter from her songbird role on the hit dramedy. Here, stepping away from her heavy-on-covers alter-ego and enlisting the help of one of the craftiest producers around (Mitchell Froom, of Latin Playboys fame), Shepard emerges with a strong set of songs that proves there are depths to her talent that have barely been touched upon.

    Interestingly, though Froom is known for bringing a clattering, faux-industrial sound to almost any project he's involved in -- and he does so here, as well -- this isn't nearly the garbage-can rattling affair you might expect. It's more Tori Amos' "Under the Pink" than Suzanne Vega's "99.9 F," and that goes double for the songwriting, all squarely focused on the trauma of love and the difficulty of giving unconditionally of oneself.

    Shepard's vocal style, markedly improved from earlier efforts, even echoes Amos' excitable but floating ethereality, though with a twinge more earthiness than most female performers operating in this vein will allow.

    As such, by the end of the disc, and sweet-and-sour songs such as "You and Me" and "Venus is Breaking" have glided past, Shepard appears as her own woman for the first time -- indebted to her heroes but not entirely emulating them anymore. And that's a noteworthy achievement.

    You might enjoy if you like: Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Suzanne Vega, Carole King, Laura Nyro


Tori Desktop Theme Is Popular

(May 11, 1999) - Ears With Feet jonathan lockwood reports:

    Tori is #20 under top music-related desktop themes at Themes are ways that Windows users can change their desktop with various pictures and sounds from Tori.

Tori Heard On Sunset Beach

(May 11, 1999) - Ears With Feet Becca & Alyssa White report:

    so I'm sitting on my couch, innocently watching Sunset Beach to kill time before I go take my last final, and suddenly my ears perk up. The music they're playing in the background is really familiar. It's really faint, and I can't quite place it. Then it hits me- it's Jackie's Strength! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Tori being played in the background of a soap opera- I'm not quite sure whether to laugh or cry.

Tori Found In The Book "HTML 4.0 - No Experience Required" by E. Stephen Mack and Janan Platt

(May 11, 1999) - Ears With Feet Paladin reports:

    Here's a wierd Tori sighting for you. I just bought one of those mega-size computer books on HTML because I was getting tired of everyone knowing more about it than me. To be more specific, the book is "HTML 4.0 - No Experience Required" by E. Stephen Mack and Janan Platt. On page 117 the authors include a tip on HTML filenames and, lo and behold, guess who's name popped up?: "While you're at it, remember to avoid putting spaces and special characters in your HTML filenames. Short, lowercase names are best because they're easiest to remember and type. So homepage.html, tori.html, poems.htem and index.html are good names. But HomePage.html, MyFabulousToriPage.Html, and PoEmS.HTML are bad names, because they're hard to type and remember. My Tori Page!.html is an illegal filename-because you can't have spaces or exclamation points in filenames on the Web." I don't know if the authors made their references to Tori because they're fans or because of the size of Tori's Web presence, but it a small example of Tori's growing impact on culture.

    Just a follow up to my Tori sighting, Mike. I've been reading more of my HTML book and the authors have made at least two more references to Tori, mentioning Tori Amos by name, as well as using WWW.Tori.Com as an example. So I guess it's obvious they're fans, after all. Just wanted you to have the whole story...

Tori Mention In "Cunt, A Declaration Of Independence"

(May 11, 1999) - Ears With Feet Marla reports:

    In the book Cunt, a declaration of independence, by Inga Muscio (it is a FABULOUS and very empowering book! Part of it is about taking back the title word...), the author discusses Marjorie Merriweather Post, who took over the Post cereal company. She says..."It's doubtful that Marjorie would have employed only women, provided child-care, self-protection courses, profit sharing, investment groups and generous retirement plans for her employeeds. Neither would she have played Tori, Nina Simone, Me'Shell, Shonen Knife, Sinead, and Yma Sumac over the factory loudspeakers to boost morale, meanwhile revolutionizing the advertising industry's image of women and children with her sheer buying power..."

Rock Candy on VH1

(May 11, 1999) - Ears With Feet Margaret, Melissa Blackburn, Wayan! & Mara report:

    I was watching Rock Candy on VH1 and they had a segment on some guy who paints portraits of female singer-songwriters, and sure enough he had a few Tori paintings. A painting of her on the cover of Rolling Stone and another of a picture I didn't recognize (He had funny proportions, it was kind of wierd)

    They showed this guy giving a painting of Natalie Merchant to her in concert...

    vh1 has a show called rock candy it was on pretty late but they had this guy whose name was greg williams... i think that was his name... and he does paintings of female musicians and he did two of tori one looked like a rendition of the rolling stone dragonfly cover and the other was her sitting at the piano playing .. i.e. concert ....

    I'm not sure all my info on this is correct, since I've been out of the general fumbler loop for quite a while, but the Rock Candy story on the painter I believe was on Gregg Wagener, a member of Sarah McLachlan's fte list. He does paintings mostly of Sarah, but also of Paula Cole, Natalie Merchant, Tori Amos, and some other musicians too...

Article On Shelby Starner In Interview Magazine

(May 11, 1999) - Ears With Feet Doug Smeath reports:

    Here's a Tori mention that you might want for your Tori Sightings page. It's from the April 1999 issue of Interview Magazine (which, oddly, arrived after the May 1999 issue :-)). It's from an article about "This Month's Big Discovery," 15-year-old Shelby Starner. (I heard some of her music on, and she really DOES sound a little like Tori!)

    "On Shelby Starner's Warner Bros. debut, *In From the Shadows*, you can hear hints of Fiona Apple's honesty and inspirations from the Tori Amos school of floaty vocalizing. But what's strikingly original is the emotional depth of this talented fifteen-year-old, who hails from the sleepy Poconos town of East Stroudsburg, Penn."

Tori Mention In Letters Section Of Entertainment Weekly

(May 11, 1999) - Ears With Feet Kristen reports:

    I was at work the other day, a little bored while on break, and I was looking thru Entertainment Weekly magazine. I was looking at the reactions of some people from EW putting 'N Sync and Britney Spears on the cover. This is one of the responses:

    "With you cover on teen pop ("Bubblegum Blows Up"), you have correctly identified and exposed exactly what is wrong with today's music: singers who are more robotic models than artists, more marketing ploys than musicians. These groups are given undeserved credibility and popularity, while artists like Tori Amos, Bjork, and Robert Miles seem to be relegated to underground stations." --Paul Harmeyer, Minn., MN

    I just found that interesting. =) In case you're curious, it's in the March 24, 1999 issue, #478.

Alanis Comments On Tori Amos

(April 19, 1999) - Ears With Feet Jonathan Beatty reports that the March 1999 issue of Q Magazine includes an interview with Alanis Morissette. Readers sent in their own questions and one of them addresses the comment Tori made last year about Jagged Little Pill making a dog's ears hurt:

    Tori Amos said Jagged Little Pill would make a dog's ears hurt. Is that a crushing disappointment since she was your saviour? (Jamie Richards, Burnley)

    "I didn't really consider her my saviour, but I was very inspired by her. inspired by her empowerment through her vunerability. I'm still a fan of hers, I'll always be a fan. Everyone has their opinion. Whether they love my record or hate it, i just think being in the public eye and sharing music is an amazing way for people to define themselves and we define ourselves in accordance. We define who we are by what we love and what we hate. People loving it or hating it, i just take it in the same way. Other people's relationship to what I do doesn't really affect me that much, although I love inspiring people or (laughs) repulsing them"

(April 19, 1999) - Ears With Feet Kerry reports that in the April 11, 1999 edition of the California newspaper the Orange County Register, there was an article called "Musicians' choice: Concert stars pick their favorites" and it asks various artists to reveal their favorite concerts. Alanis said:

    "It was probably Tori Amos, when I saw her a couple of years ago at Jones Beach (Ampitheatre) in New York. I just bawled my eyes out."

For other comments that Tori and Alanis have made about each other over the years click here.

POW In Serbia Listens To Tori

(April 14, 1999) - Ears With Feet Soraya Quiroga reports:

    The April 19, 1999 issue of People Magazine (with The Brat Pack on the cover.) mentions Tori on page 72, in a story about POW Christopher Stone who was for several weeks a prisoner of war in Serbia. The exact quote is "Once a rap devotee, he now listens to the softer fare of Paula Cole, Tori Amos, and Fiona Apple." The Dent is glad he and the other 2 POWs were released.

Tori Music On The Fox Files

(April 14, 1999) - Tori's music has been played on at least 2 different episodes of The Fox Files. Ears With Feet Patrick, Zippy995, Spence, Devon and Robert (Rob1Tori) report:

    On January 21, 1999, The Fox Files, an inside edition type show, was doing a segment on a religious cult group called the I.C.C. Church who prey on college students and practically brainwash them. During one part they played about 15 seconds of the instrumental introduction to "God" and during another part they played Bells for Her. (Sadly, the reports of the Tori songs heard during this episode vary...some people say they heard Cornflake Girl and Icicle instead. Does anyone know for sure?)

EWF Marie and Bruja report:

    On March 17, 1999 the Fox Files played "Precious Things" as in introduction to a segment on college students getting drunk and having sex. They were discussing STD's and rape.

Tori Music Used In MTV BioRhythm Featuring Jewel.

(April 14, 1999) - Ears With Feet Nick Hudak, Dustin and Mike report:

    The intro music to "Precious Things" is used on the episode of MTV BioRhythm featuring Jewel. The episode also shows clips of the videos for "Winter" and "Hey Jupiter" (without the music).

Tori in a Hamlet Production

(April 14, 1999) - Ears With Feet Matt & Josh report:

    I was at a greatly updated production of Hamlet to day at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (AMAZING production!!) by Mockingbird Public Theater Group. Anyway, I kept hearing this faint piano playing and immediately recognized it as the beginning of Bells For Her. The intro plays repeatedly whenever Ophelia and Hamlet's relationship is discussed. Towards the end when Ophelia dies, the played the part where Tori sings, "Bells and footfalls and soldiers and dolls, brother and lovers....." followed by the chorus. It was the single most dramatic point in the show, and it totally made the production.

    I attended a modernized rendition of the play "Hamlet" on Thursday (April 8, 1999)at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville (where Tori performed on the DDI tour). Nearly 75% of the music used in the play was by Nine Inch Nails. However, the piano intro to Bells For Her was played numerous times throughout the play. During the burial of Ophelia, the first minute or so of Bells For Her was played. The theatre was silent as Tori's voice rang throughout the auditorium. I could barely hear people in certain parts of the audience quietly singing along.

Episode Of Dawson Creek Includes "Northern Lad"

(April 14, 1999) - Ears With Feet SeaGull reports:

    During the WB hit show Dawson's Creek there was a scene in which the background music (which was heard quite loudly and was a main part of the scene setting - as it is always with music in this show) was "Northen Lad" ! At the scene one of the heros (Pacey) - had to say GoodBye to his ex-lover (which was also his ex-teacher) . it was truely a "Northen Lad" scene - and it was nice that the music editors knew nicely how to integrate a tori piece in their show. and here is the song list from that episode from - the offical site:

    Episode #204

    "Harvest Moon" - Donna Lewis
    "Breathe" - Colony
    "Half as Good" - Zoe
    "Northern Lad" - Tori Amos
    "And On A Rainy Day" - Shawn Mullins
    "Each Little Mystery" - Seven Mary Three

Tori Mentioned in May Issue of "JANE"

(April 14, 1999) - Ears With Feet Roxie reports:

    Tori has a brief mention on pg. 40 in the May1999 issue of "JANE". They are talking abour a female DJ in London called DJ Rap. She has just put our her first album and the author says, "On Rap's debut album, Learning Curve, she's the Tori Amos of DJs, with soft vocals and painful lyrics peppering her break-beat moves."

Tori Mentioned In "The Passionate Eye: The Collected Writing of Suzanne Vega"

(April 12, 1999) - Ears With Feet Erin Gilreath and Patrick and report:

    Singer Suzanne Vega has a new book out called "The Passionate Eye: The Collected Writing of Suzanne Vega." The book includes some short stories, and in one called "On Being Photographed", Suzanne relates her experiences at a photo session with David Bailey, where Vega also meets Tori Amos. The shoot was for a UK ELLE magazine piece "The Eighteen Biggest Women In Rock" that appeared in the August 1997 issue. You can read more about the book at the Wall Of Sound web site. The sections of the book that mention Tori are below. They show how wrong some people are about Tori...

    Oh, by the way they wanted to know if I'd have my picture taken with Tori Amos? This Made me very nervous. 'Tori Amos? Did you see her last album package?' I asked [publicist Andy B]. 'She is sickling a pig at her naked breast. What if she wants to bring a pig to the session?' ' there will be no pigs and the session' Andy Reassures me. "Yes, but how do you know? What if this is the concept she wants to develop? I don't think this is such a good idea..."

    ...Tori Amos is the first one here. Oh, no! I am dismayed. There she is, engrossing with [photographer] David Bailey. He looks a bit rotound, with bright twinkling eyes. He looks over and winks at me. I look at Andy in Helpless panic. 'I thought we were having our pictures taken seperately?' I hiss. 'You are,' he says. 'I thought I was the first because of this show in Derby I have to do later today?' 'You are!' he says under his breath, squinting and exhaling his cigarette. Tori turns to me and extends her hand. 'Hi Suzanne, it's so nice to meet you,' she says. I stop hissing and straighten up and behave myself. 'Oh, very nice to meet you too, I've read so much about you,' I say. 'Is it true you just had a baby?' she asks. 'Well yes- a couple of years ago, anyway' I say. We continue talking, and she suddenly reveals to me a tragedy she had experienced recently, which takes me aback with its intimacy. She is forthright, and sincere, and mesmerizing, and I find myself drawn into her private world almost against my will. Unconsciously I notice her skin is more olive that in her photos, where she is chalk white; her cheekbones and mouth are so prominent she appears almost American Indian. She has an otherworldly, almost elfin presence.

    I kiss everyone good-bye, and I feel as though we will all continue meeting like this now for years to come. It's an illusion, of course. But I wish Tori Amos the best, as they set up for her shoot.

    [When the magazine comes out here is what she says about Tori's picture] The picture of Tori Amos is last--she looks ethereal, like a fairy with a tiara of flowers, dressed in tulle. Her expression is not as poised as I've seen her in the past, as she has a 'you-have-to-be-kidding-me' look in her eyes, which I can't recall seeing before in any of her photographs.

    [In the end Suzanne says:] I understand why younger female artists coming up now not only write their own lyrics and play their own instruments, but manufacture their own images, having a photographer on their team that they work with exclusively.....

    [When she proposes the question to herself about why some female artists would want to be represented, photographically, in certain ways she says] Because she doesn't want to be judged from the outside; she wants to be looked at from the inside out.

Latest Darkness On Disc: Tori & Joan Osborne Are Evil!

(April 12, 1999) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy reports (and thanks Valerie Forst and the readers of my forum for alerting me to this.)

    The Light Warrior Home Page is a legalistic christian web site with a mission "To open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light..." Basically this site spews the same old tired and narrow-minded hellfire and damnation message that is the staple of conservative christianity. What is interesting about the site is that they have a critique of Boys For Pele where they show how anti-christian Tori is! Read it and repent my brothers and sisters! ;) They also condemn Joan Osborne as well.

Tori on "Jesse Camp Year In Review"

(April 12, 1999) - Ears With Feet Kim H., Stacy Delmonte, Hunter Chris and Lecy report:

    I was watching a little thing on MTV today called "MTV's Wanna Be A VJ: A Year In The Life Of Jesse Camp" and within the first 5 minutes I heard they talk about Tori. I ran into the living room and they had Jesse Camp talking about how his knees go weak when he met Tori and stuff, and Carson tells how special Tori is and everything.. they show a little clip of Jesse and Tori singing Dream On.. It was really cool. I saw it on April 10th, 1999 @3 pm EST. It is only a half an hour show, but if you see it catch it if you can.. They will likely repeat it.

Tori Song Played During MTV's BioRhythm

(April 12, 1999) - Ears With Feet Nicole Richarson, Bryan E. Sampieri, Katie, Amy Vanpatten, Elysia, Rachel, Nick Raafe, Laura S., Elizabeth A. Kubly and Pepperpot report:

    Tori's version of "Losing My Religion" was used on the episode of MTV BioRhythm dedicated to rapper Busta Rhymes. This episode has been aired several times in late 1998 and early 1999, including November 3, 1998, January 12, 1999 and March 26, 1999. When they got to the part about Busta's first son, they played Tori's version of "Losing My Religion". It was quite effective for the story - You see, Busta lost his first son only 3 hours after he was born (he was born premature). They mentioned before that Busta was in Higher Learning, so maybe this is a reason why they picked this song, since it was on the soundtrack.

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