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The "Scarlet Sessions" episode of "Trio On Tour": Details and commentary from a Trio Director
May 5, 2003

Updated Fri, May 16, 2003 - 10:52am ET

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The U.S. cable channel Trio broadcast the Tori episode of their program "Trio On Tour" for the first time on Monday, May 5, 2003 at 9:00am ET and 3:00pm ET. The episode had the title "Scarlet Sessions" and was an hour long. The program featured live footage from the DVD taping that Tori did on November 14, 2002. Click the details link for complete details about this program, and a special message from Lena Chen, Director of Programming & Operations at TRIO Network/Universal Television. The "Scarlet Sessions" episode of "Trio On Tour" will be broadcast again many times in the future.

More Details

The Trio broadcast appears to have been the exact same thing as the "Music Choice Concert Series with Tori Amos" that various U.S. cable systems broadcast for the first time back in February/March 2003. (Thanks Karolyn.) Since the live footage shown on this program is also the same as what they showed on VH1 in December 2002 (except for one song), you can see photos of Tori's performance here.

Trio is available on digital cable and satellite services (On channel 102 in NYC).

Here is a special message from Lena Chen, Director of Programming & Operations at TRIO Network/Universal Television:

    Lena Chen here, Supervising Producer from TRIO on the show, which basically means I worked with the Fantastic team at Sony/Automatic and Epic to get this show on the Network and consulted on content arrangement.

    First let me say I adore Tori.

    So glad Tori fans tuned into TRIO and enjoyed the our choices in the use of the DVD footage combined with the concert songs. Her journey was a fascinating one to me as all of her journeys are.

    Tori is a beautiful, insighful and inspiring artist who will get much play on my network as she does in my home. To my friends at Epic and Sony/Automatic thanks so much for the hard work in helping make this happen so quickly and beautifully.

    And to Tori Amos... Thanks for the inspiration and the music. Never stop.

    Lena Chen
    Director- Programming & Operations
    TRIO Network/Universal Television

Here are details about this episode of "Trio On Tour":

From Kristy:
    This special was the same special that was shown on VH1 a little while back, but it was different in that the VH1 special was only a half an hour whereas this special must have been the full taping because it was an hour long.†

    When the show started, Tori sashayed out to the stage did a little piano seducing and then started playing "A Sorta Fairytale." She was wearing a long, flowy gown that she always wears when she performs with her capri jeans and the gown was pink. Her hair was straight and it had pretty ribbons in it.

    Right after "A Sorta Fairytale," Tori went straight into "Take to the Sky" and did the whole hitting the side of the piano with her hand. I love that part!

    After "Take to the Sky" there was a commercial but after the commercial the intro from the Scarlet's Walk special edition dvd was shown. For those of you who have not seen that special edition dvd, go get another copy of Scarlet's Walk because it is very informative and interesting! Here is a rundown though: it is Tori basically in a montage of shots walking around a small town with a voiceover of her talking about what the album and songs mean to her and how the whole concept came about. In this first one she talks about the man in the white shirt and cowboy hat that are in some of her pictures on the album. He is a descendant of Koches, sorry Tori I don't know if I spelled that right. Anyway, he was telling Tori the stories of his people and showed her some important parts of America. Tori says it was a very emotional time for her and they talked about her grandfather and his grandfather. She mentions she couldn't have found those places without him, and that she couldn't have seen America without the songs and at the same time couldn't have written he songs without America, so it was a circle. The songs are also like a thread that move through both Scarlet and Tori as one.

    The show went back to Tori and the band and Tori said a little something to the audience:
    Tori: So, um, we are really happy you all came to be a part of this. It's like a little living room for us (motions with her hands). And, um, you guys get to see the spitting up close which is a little embarrassing, but you know you get to see us sort of unmasked. Anyway, thank you for coming.

    Then she introduced Jon Evans and Matt Chamberlain. Then Tori and the band go into "Cornflake Girl." Next another commercial, but after that there is the second intro form the Scarlet's Walk special edition dvd. In this one Tori explains the significance of "Gold Dust." She explains that looking at old photographs you can remember exactly what happened that day. "Gold Dust" is about feeling how other people felt and how you felt. The frames are written on your body and have made you who you are, they are your body map. She said that the Scarlet's Walk project has been about finding her body map. Tori says if you are going to write a work about America and who she is, then you have to go see her. You have to see everything good and bad. You have to experience her. Tori explains that in "Gold Dust" the story ends in the nations capitol for historic and personal reasons becuase so many decisions and transgressions have been made there. Becuase America as a soul needs to be held sacred there. She said it's like holding a child sacred, so here is where it all comes together historically and personally for her.†

    Then the show goes back to Tori and the band and they play "Crucify." Then another commercial. After the commercial Tori is seen coming back onstage and she and the band play "Tear in Your Hand." A really beautiful version. Then she and the band play "Taxi Ride" as the ending song to the program.

    Overall, the program was done very beautifully and put together so well using the intros from the special edition dvd. Tori played beautifully like always, and they showed a lot of close ups of her hands hitting the piano keys and a lot of close ups of her face as she was singing. Her voice was also flawless like usual, and she had a wonderful, charismatic stage presence. She looked very comfortable in front of the camera the whole time and had lots of smiles and moved around on the piano bench a lot. It was a really great show with some amazing performances! All of the songs were done so well! Truly very gorgeous! Tori never ceases to amaze me!

From Penny:
    Here's what was shown on the Scarlet's Sessions shown on the cable channel Trio today.

    a sorta fairytale
    Take To The Sky
    (little talk & introduces band)
    Cornflake Girl
    (long clip about the album)
    Tear In Your hand
    Taxi Ride

    Other info:
    * They're showing a lot of the promo clips that were seen on and some I've never
    seen (before and after song performances)
    * She also talks about the old man in all the promo shots, etc. Very interesting!
    * Talks about the photographer and the promo shots
    * Tori talks over the promo clips of her in Montana
    * Talks about Gold Dust & "frames" & finding her own body map
    * Talks about why the album ends in DC

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