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On Scarlet's Walk Tour
New York, NY
Private Concert at Sony Studios
Thu, November 14, 2002

Updated November 23, 2002

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Tori performed in New York, NY on Thursday, November 14, 2002 at a private concert at Sony Studios. It was a small crowd. There were some fans who got in because of various contests and such. The performance was taped in surround sound for a future DVD release! The taping began around 8:19PM and ended at 10:30. There was no opening act of course.

Set List

Thanks to Tylendel and miao for making it possible for me to get this set list quickly!

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Take To The Sky
Cornflake Girl
Mrs. Jesus

Band leaves


Band returns

Amber Waves
Sweet Sangria
I Can't See New York
Spring Haze

1st Encore

Tear In Your Hand
Taxi Ride (twice)
Pancake (again)
Amber Waves (again twice)
Hey Jupiter


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From Craig:

Craig called me after the show with a report. This show was recorded with 6 cameras and microphones that were placed everywhere. The audience was advised to be as quiet as possible since the DVD was being recorded in surround sound. As you can see in the set list, there were several songs that Tori performed again (sometimes more than once) toward the end. They also had a makeup lady come on stage and touch up Tori on at least 3 occasions. The performances were really wonderful, and this should make for a fantastic DVD!

Before China, the makeup lady came on stage for the second time to touch up Tori. Tori was talking like crazy to the audience all during this. She asked the crowd if they were hungry and talked about her addiction to Cinnamon bars. She said she carries like 17 of them with her at all times. Then she talked about airplane food and said if anyone there sees her on a plane to come up to her because "I'll have food for you" or something like that. She introduced the audience to her makeup lady and said that she had just gotten married to one of the animators on The Simpsons. Tori wondered what she would look like animated on The Simpsons. Then before China she did an improv with lyrics like, "Lets get serious now, time to get serious now" which led seemlessly into China.

Tori did her usual improv before Mrs. Jesus that she had been doing the entire tour. She also did a wonderful improv before Amber Waves with lyrics like, "Ballerina, want to be a ballerina". When she redid Amber Waves at the end of the taping, she once again included that improv.

Everyone was thrilled to get Taxi Ride, which had not been done on the Scarlet's Walk tour yet. Tori did it the first time and then said that they were going to do it again because she had a brain fart. She dedicated the song to Kevyn Aucoin, "Wherever you are."

The makeup person once again touched her up before redoing Pancake toward the end. Tori was also talking to people off stage about various things, saying that she could go off stage to talk about it but she was too lazy. She also saw some guy in a flourescent pink shirt and raved about it, saying she wanted to "rip if off his body."

Tori redid Amber Waves twice. The first time she messed up and laughed hysterically. Then she did an improv about screwing up before performing Amber Waves again.

At the end, Tori did Hey Jupiter (Dakota version). But she stopped right at the beginning and complained about a sound she kept hearing. She said something like, "I never heard that before" and then asked where it came from. Finally Matt did a sound to which Tori replied, "That's it." She then said something like "You learn new stuff all the time on this tour" and then performed Hey Jupiter. Tori then hugged some people at the front and left the stage.

From Bill:

It was a wonderful show...I would guesstimate 300 people all around her. I unfortunately was right behind the bass player and watched his back most of the time. Whenever she played the bosey, i could see her hands and the back of her head, when she was on the keyboards, she was right there for me to enjoy. I realized I was quite lucky to be able to watch her hands so closely. They move beautifully, effortlessly. I think her thumbs are rather large and flat seeming? Anyway, it was a joy to see her left hand play all night, as its not something easily seen from a normal concert set-up.

A nice set list, shorter than other shows reported here. They stopped it a few times to re-apply makeup to Tori who was very chatty during these make-up sessions...talking about bad plane food and how she always carried 17 oat bars with her, and if ever we see her on a plane, we were covered for food.

They repeated a couple of tracks...Pancake, which she refered to as Flapjack and Amber Waves, which began with a Ballerina intro...she screwed up the second take of amber and did a nice improv and went back into Amber.

She seemed to realize there was an odd sound in the drum loop of Hey Jupiter and she was quite astonished to realize it was part of the song? I may be wrong about this, but thats what she seemed to be implying, like she was hearing it for the first time...On this topic, the sound in the was quite was a 6 channel set up and her voice was coming from everywhere, a unique sound spectrum. I was able to hear the drums live and through the monitors and the piano the same way, mixed with the surround sound, the music swirled everywhere. A once in a lifetime sound mix to say the least.


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From Polly Keogan:

I just had to clarify that Tori was not complaining
about the noise during Hey Jupiter. She did say that she had never noticed it before but found it rather "cool." She asked Matt if he had ever done it before and he said "yes." That is when she laughed and said that she finds out about new things all the time. :)

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