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Tori may have two songs on the Soundtrack to Mona Lisa Smile: "You Belong To Me" and "Murder, He Says"

Updated Mon, Oct 13, 2003 - 4:46pm ET

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I earlier reported that Tori has a song on the upcoming Soundtrack to the film Mona Lisa Smile called You Belong To Me. (Thanks to eef, who saw the song on a Sony Music Advance Sampler!) Another anonymous source from a film distribution company tells me that Tori will have two songs on the soundtrack. The songs are You Belong To Me and Murder, He Says. This source also reveals that other artists on the soundtrack include Seal, Macy Gray, Celine Dion, Chris Isaak and Barbara Streisand. The soundtrack consists of new recordings of songs from the time period by contemporary artists. (The film takes place in the 50's.) Since I do not have a second source for the Murder, He Says song title, I must stress that it is not completely official yet. But this source seems very reliable to me, and I wanted to share the news with you. The soundtrack is due in the U.S. on November 25, 2003 on Epic/Sony Music Soundtrax. Tori's vocals on the soundtrack are reportedly husky and very different from anything she's ever done. The Dent's Mona Lisa Smile Page has all known details about the movie and this soundtrack. The movie Mona Lisa Smile opens in theatres December 19, 2003. Tori has a cameo part in the film.

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