TV & Radio Appearances - October 1998

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CNN NewsStand
October 29, 1998
    Tori was indeed featured on CNN NewsStand on Thursday, October 29. I now have several screen captures and a link to a CNN article called "Tori Amos singing from her spiritual roots" which was uploaded on October 30, 1998 and is almost like a transcript to this program. While the story covered ground familiar to most Toriphiles, it was still a solid story and included great concert footage.

VH1 Storytellers (Taping)
October 24, 1998

Tori On Halloween Jam VII
October 24, 1998
    On Saturday, October 24, Tori's performance at the Glastonbury Festival from June 27, 1998 was featured as part of the ABC special Halloween Jam VII in the U.S. EWF Kelli tells me that they showed Tori performing Cornflake Girl, Raspberry Swirl, and Crucify.

The Roseanne Show
Taped September 23, 1998
Aired October 1, 1998
    The Roseanne Show episode with Tori was aired on Thursday, October 1. She had taped the program back on Wednesday afternoon, September 23, 1998. Tori performed Jackie's Strength and Me and a Gun. The show was really powerful and dealt with RAINN, the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network. There were survivors on the show sharing their stories. Tori also talked about several things, including how she came about writing "Father Lucifer". The Roseanne Show is syndicated, so networks and times varied from city to city.

    Read more about The Roseanne Show, including photos from the program and reports from people who were at the taping.

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