The Roseanne Show
October 1, 1998

The Roseanne Show episode with Tori was aired on Thursday, October 1 in the United States. She had taped the program back on Wednesday afternoon, September 23, 1998. (Toriphiles in the U.K. were able to see this program on October 19, 1998 and January 18, 1999 on Channel 5 TV, although part of Tori's interview was cut during the January 18th showing since the one hour program was shortened to 30 minutes.) Tori performed Jackie's Strength and Me and a Gun. The show was really powerful and dealt with RAINN, the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network. There were survivors on the show sharing their stories. Tori also talked about several things, including how she came about writing "Father Lucifer". The Roseanne Show is syndicated, so networks and times varied from city to city. Below you can find photos from The Roseanne Show and read more about it, including details from people who were at a taping of the show, including a nicely detailed on from Kim H., and comments from people who watched the TV program.

Speaking for myself, this was a powerful show. It was hard not to cry while you were hearing the various stories the survivors told. There was a sense of outrage that people could do this and get away with it. There was also a sense of triumph to see how these women survived. Seeing Tori hug the 18 year old girl before the commercial break was very affecting. Roseanne did a good job with this. Also, Tori's performance of Jackie's Strength was done solo at the piano. (Previous TV performances of this included her band.) Me and a Gun was done at the very end, and the shows credits started to roll before Tori was finished. I was particularly impressed by the amount of time Tori's segment received, roughly 36 minutes.

You can see video from this appearance at the Force Of Tori Amos web site.

None of the photos below include the survivors who were on the show. It seemed wrong for me to place their images on my site without permission...

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Here is some information from Scotto about the drug that Tori mentioned on the program called ayahuasca:

Here are some thoughts from Danny Segura, who was at the taping of the show:

Here are some thoughts from Heather Parsons, who watched the show and posted this to the Precious-Things mailing list. It is posted here with permission.

Here are some thoughts from Tracy, who watched the show on TV:

Some thoughts from sara mackey, who watched the show on TV:

Here is a private email from Richard Handal that he sent out to a few friends giving his thoughts about The Roseanne Show. It is reprinted here with permission:

Here is a detail report from Kim H., who was at the taping:

Here is a report from Beth Winegarner, who was at the taping of the show:

Here is a report from GloGahan, who was at the taping of the show and posted this to the newsgroup:

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