CNN NewsStand
October 29, 1998

On Thursday, October 29, 1998, Tori was one of the stories featured on the show CNN NewsStand. NewsStand is a one hour TV show on CNN where they join forces with a magazine to bring you various stories. On Thursdays, Entertainment Weekly was that magazine. A CNN crew filmed footage for this show at Tori's recent concerts in Denver and Salt Lake City. Toriphiles Jason & Ursula reported that they taped footage from the show and audience in Denver and the meet & greet in Salt Lake City. EWF Spence also reports that the CNN crew was interviewing Tori backstage in Denver. While the story covered ground familiar to most Toriphiles, it was still a solid story and included great concert footage (certainly better than the concert footage MTV showed during Ultrasound, with that god-awful MTV editing.) However, I certainly could have done without that "High Priestess Of Pop" nonsense! This story was shown a week earlier than expected and that caused some Toriphiles to miss it. I have no idea if it will be shown again.

You can now link to and read a CNN article called "Tori Amos singing from her spiritual roots" which was uploaded on October 30, 1998 and is almost like a transcript to this program. Below you will find various screen captures from the show.

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