TV & Radio Appearances - November 1998

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WBCN & WFNX Radio Interviews (Boston, MA)
November 17, 1998

    Tori was interviewed on Tuesday afternoon, November 17, 1998 at 2 radio stations in Boston, MA. She interviewed with WBCN 104.1FM and WFNX 101.7FM I have reports on the interviews, including a complete transcript from the WBCN interview.

WEND 106.5FM Radio Interview
November 16, 1998
    Toriphile Eva informs me that Tori did a phone interview for radio station WEND 106.5FM The End in Charlotte, NC on Monday morning, November 16, 1998. Tori talked about her North Carolina roots, Mr. Hanky of South Park, MTV Revue, and her new video collection.

    Read a full transcript of this interview.

Sessions At West 54th
November 14, 1998 (Taping Of The Show)

MTV Revue
November 4, 1998

Later (With Greg Kinnear)
November 11, 1998 (rerun from '95)
    NBC reran a 1995 Tori appearance on Later at 1:35AM Tuesday night, November 10. Tori was interviewed for 30 minutes by host Greg Kinnear. (This was actually on Wednesday morning, November 11.) It was a good half hour interview which included Tori singing "Cloud On My Tongue."

KDGE (94.5) The Edge Radio Interview (Dallas, TX)
November 4, 1998

105.1 The Edge Radio Interview (Detroit, MI)
November 4, 1998

    Tori did several radio interviews by phone on November 4, 1998. One was at 105.1 The Edge in Detroit, MI. I have a summary of this interview from Toriphile Becca:

    The Detroit radio station 105.1 (The Edge) did a phone interview with Tori (I understand their Dallas station did one too). She talked to them for about ten minutes. She told a really moving story about her great great grandmother that I had never heard before, and I meant to write it down along with the rest of the interview, but MY TAPE THAT I TAPED IT ON GOT EATEN BY MY STEREO AT THE END OF THE INTERVIEW!!!!!! Grrr..... . It was about her great grandmother working on someone's plantation and...I can't remember the whole thing. Hopefully someone else has sent/will send you the interview. Anyway, they asked her the usual "do the internet fans scare you" question, and she gave her usual "I don't have a computer, and like I tell them, that's their forum" answer. She said that not having a computer is probably the smartest decision she ever made. She was like "I wouldn't want to read ' she looks like she's put on few inches around the middle.' " Silly Tori :-). It was so cute, one of the dj's that did the interview is a fan, and she was so thrilled about doing it. Tori says she's happy about ending in Michigan and that Michigan has "been good to her." Yay :-).

    She also talked about doing Revue and how it was scary for her. She said that she saw L.L. Cool J's Revue, and she thought it was really good, and that she couldn't do as well at it as he did, because being a rapper he's used to talking about his experiences, and she's used to putting hers into songs.

WHFS Radio Interview (Washington, D.C.)
November 4, 1998

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