KDGE (94.5) The Edge Radio Interview (Dallas, TX)
November 4, 1998

Tori did several radio interviews by phone on November 4, 1998. One was at KDGE (94.5) The Edge in Dallas, TX. I have a full transcript of the interview below sent to me by Tammy Hudgins. Special thanks to Josh Heibel who also told me about the interview.

Jagger, Ryan, and Michelle are the morning edge crew:

Jagger: We will be talking to Tori Amos, who's got a video compliation coming out in stores on November 17, its gonna be one of those long form videos that has all her - I think it has 10-15 songs on here including Silent all these years, Cornflake Girl (european version), and some other things, and shes got a special on MTV tonite and shes on the phone right now with us...

Jagger: Tori, good morning

Tori: Hi guys

Jagger: how are you, its Tori Amos, (they all clap and say yay)

Jagger: Good morning, good to hear from you.....

Tori: hey

Jagger: how are you?

Tori: Im fine

Jagger: That's good... she's always so laid back and sort of spiritual

Tori: Well I've only had one cup of coffee, so

Jagger: So you'll be okay in a little bit then I guess

Tori: In a little bit, I usually don't perk up until about 6:00 at night, thats when we start going, im up all night, we stay up pretty much -- all night, i dont get to bed until about 4-5 in the morning..

Jagger: Have you always been like that? just kind of a night owl?

Tori: Believe it or not, when I'm not on the road, um, Im usually falling asleep during the 7:00 news, but when im on the road, uh, it becomes like the extreme, you uh, all your energy is really, you don't start pumping until about 9:15 at night, and then you can't come down for hours and hours, its like you had 30 espressos when you do a show..

Jagger: You get all the adrenaline going... now you were here this summer, at the end of summer, and your still out on the road?

Tori: Yeah, still out till December 3rd.

Jagger: Then its home for the holidays

Tori: well you won't believe this, but for the holidays, im, im gonna travel.{laughs} ..i just um, i love to travel, but i want travel without having to be somewhere at a certain time if you know what i mean.

Jagger: Oh sure..absolutely.. where you gonna go, somewhere exotic?

Tori: Well, i think were gonna go to Italy..

Ryan: Now your saying we, is this the husband?

Tori: My new husband..

Ryan: Your new husband....whats that like? Whats the big difference being married?

Jagger: She has a husband!

Ryan: Well no kidding, I mean you know (Jagger is laughing at Ryan) well I mean earlier you know, earlier shes saying, you know,(Michelle: oh god with a little laugh) i mean you know, im a night owl and everything, has any of this stuff changed since you've gotten married?

Tori: No, he's a sound engineer, thats how we met, so um, he's up later than I am really, and um it's kinda good, that we don't have to explain things to each other in that way, hes on the technical side.

Michelle: So since you husbands more technical, and I was just wondering if that had any influence with you deciding to tour with a full band rather than just doing the solo thing, what influenced you to do that?

Tori: well, how it did affect me is that he recorded this album, um, he and his partner, and i was looking at all these nobs in the studio and i said do they do stuff, and he turns around and said, yeah they do stuff...and so, i kinda went well, I think its time that I wanted to make stuff part of part of um the arrangement, so the effects really do take another instrument.

Jagger: Well tell us about the thing thats going to be on MTV tonite Tori... this new show they call Revue

Tori: Its called Tori Pees in her pants, {she laughs and morning show guys laugh}

Ryan: is that one of your early cds

Tori: oh god, its uh.... this thing, ive never done anything like it... I've been really honest with them, I've never done a show where you really feel like your under a microscope and there is no audience, its not like when you talk about something and you get laughs back, or you get some kind of... your having a one-way conversation with yourself, I don't know about you guys, but I only do that in the bathroom. you know when you trying, you know, when your in the shower and your trying to go, i dont know if I'm rehearsing trying to say something, like um, i dont know, explaining to my father why at 35, I want to be able to choose my own, i dont know whatever, you know, I rehearse these things in the bathroom and then I go have it out, but um, you seem like your doing it publically with the cameras on..

Michelle: Since this is a new show, I don't exactly understand, is this the type of thing where you talk about whatever, they give you certain questions to answer?

Tori: They kinda um, shout stuff from the side, so they will give you a heading and you have to kinda do a monologue with it...

Ryan: Will they like dealve back into your early past, like in the old days of Y Kant Tori type stuff

Tori: Oh yeah

Ryan: Can you explain to these guys, I dont think everybody believes me, you kinda had a big hair look back in the 80's

Tori: Yeah I had a very Big Hair look, you know the Aqua Net white cap... {yeah} that was the one...

Jagger: you went through alot of that stuff did you?

Tori: oh yeah

Ryan: But the music... a little Vixenesce?

Tori: Well I think that, you know, I was trying to channel Lita Ford, and it didn't turn out very well...

{they all laugh}

Jagger: We can all be happy about that...

Tori: But i have done have a cover of Love is a Battlefield, I was um, we were, something was going on in the studio when we were recording choirgirl and Johnny makes these red little drinks with S??? and so the band was there and we're not usually overly lush, but there is this, too many storms, too many problems, and some how, these little red drinks were going around, and I end up doing this cover of Like a virgin, which is just um, vulgar...and love is a battlefield, and um I threatened divorce if these tapes came out.

Jagger: The hidden Tori tapes, one day they will be out....

Michelle: The loopy tori

Tori: yeah

Ryan: as opposed to...

Tori: yeah..... I dont think they will be out... thats what happens when you sleep with the engineer..

Jagger: Gotcha! Just a couple things...i know you have to move along here, I know you have to cover alot of bases this morning, Could you imagine you doing this forever?

Tori: No.. i cant, although my friends are convinced that I'm gonna be a granny you know touring when I'm 70..

Michelle: do you see yourself doing anything in particuliar?

Tori: To be honest with you, no i really dont, its hard to tell what your gonna do, because um were recording a live album now, and i dont look too far down the road, i really focus when im doing something.

Jagger: Okay Tori, one last thing we do with our guest, that would be the big sack of questions... there's 15 different questions, whatever pops into your mind, just uh, shout out an answer... Its the Tori Amos big sack of questions here on the morning edge

J: question number one... Whats your favorite non carbonated beverage?

T: water

J: Did you dress up as anybody for halloween?

T: Uh- a person with a lot of masks

J: Okay... can you name the four presidents on the face of mount rushmore?

T: No

J: Tori, whats your favorite internet site?

T: I dont have a computer

J: Question 5... can you do any celebrity impressions for us?

T: Hidyho... (a great & cute Mr. Hanky impression from South Park.)

J&M: Mr. Hanky {laughs} that works

J: Tori, whats your favorite body part?

T: My toenails

J: Have you ever seen a UFO?

T: I live with them

J: whats the first thing you do when you get up?

T: Put on my lipgloss

J: Whats the longest you gone without changing your underwear?

T: 10 minutes

J: Tori, what would you do for a Klondike bar?

T: Absolutely nothing

J: What tv show do you really love?

T: ?? Brookside, its this British show that I'm obsessed with, its a soap opera, with people killing each other, it really blows my mind, its the most depressing thing I've ever seen.

J: Alright, what was your favorite cartoon character growing up?

T: Scooby Doo

J: scooby doo, alright, if you had to sleep with another woman, who would you choose?

T: um... my best friend

J: One last question, if you could have one magic power what would it be?

T: Um... turning wine into water....

{all clap}

J: Allright, Tori Amos with the big sack of questions...thank you so much, and we look forward to seeing you on the special tonight on MTV

T: Okay guys...

J: Thanks

T: Bye

Then it goes straight into Spark playing.....

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