WBCN & WFNX Radio Interviews (Boston, MA)
November 17, 1998

Tori did interviews on 2 local radio stations in the Boston, MA area on Tuesday, November 17 (The day of her concert in Lowell, MA.) She did an interview at radio station WBCN 104.1FM. Tori also did an interview with WFNX 101.7FM. I have reports about both these interviews below, including a complete transcript from the WBCN interview courtesy of EWF Meghan. If anyone has a transcript from the WFNX interview, or more information, please email me.

Interview With WBCN 104.1FM

A Complete Transcript From Meghan The Misquoter

(Let's hope her name is not too relevant in this situation!)

From Lisa Street

From Meghan The Misquoter

From Antigone (marla)

Interview With WFNX 101.7FM

From Antigone (marla)

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